Why YouTube Comments not loading & How to Fix it 2023?

YouTube is currently one of the most commonly used social platforms on the internet, featuring millions of videos as well as more of them being added constantly with no limitations.

Just by the kind of a Youtube video, the specific audience can easily and almost instantly catch the impression of the respective YouTube Channel all together.

It is a matter of considerable convenience for all the worldwide YouTube Users to grab a few main points of the Youtube Video by just going through the YouTube comments on the video.

However, many users, who even use the application regularly, have recently thrown light on the issue that they come across YouTube comments not loading chrome or on any other websites and they are only able to view the pinned comments for a Youtube channel.

The loading icon on the site keeps rolling, and a lot of users report that the Youtube comment section is seen completely blank.

In case you are one of these users on the YouTube app who has been facing the same issue, then we must tell you that there’s no need to panic.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on all the methods that will teach you how to get rid of the issue of YouTube comments not loading on your device.

What causes the issue of YouTube comments not loading on my device?

Youtube comments not loading & How to Fix it

Unfortunately, no one has been able to get at the exact justification behind the issue of YouTube comments not loading for any device or user, however, there are certainly a few possibilities that we must highlight for you.

First and foremost, you must acknowledge the fact that the issue of Youtube comments not loading is likely to be on your end and it may merely be a poor network connection issue on your WiFi connection or a problem pertinent to any browser extensions. 

Nonetheless, a lot of times, the issue may lie on the end of the Youtube application as well.

Moreover, a few external factors may also impact the comments on the app. Let’s now have a look at all the methods to fix your issue of Youtube comments not loading.

Ways to fix the error of YouTube Comments Not Loading

Now that you are aware of the basic reasons for the error, it’s time to look at some easy methods that will help you in getting rid of the issue.

1. Reloading The Video Page

The first step that you must take as soon as possible is to just try to reload the specific video page. The comments for the video may not be able to properly load because of some momentary issues.

In case reloading the video page doesn’t work for you, you can just try to wait for a few more minutes.

Perhaps the issue is lying on the ends of YouTube. So in that case, you may be required to wait for a little while longer for the video comments to restore.

2. Checking Your Network Connection

Issues with your network connection may also be a crucial reason behind Youtube comments not loading chrome.

To fix the issue, you may try to restart your router or modem. Follow the steps mentioned below to execute the process properly:

  • First and foremost, turn off your device.
  • Next, also switch off the router or modem connected to your computer.
  • After that, you will need to wait for nearly 3 minutes before you can go on to restart both these devices.

3. Disabling Proxy Connections

Just like any other application on your device, YouTube may find itself caught up in an error as well when you try to access it using a proxy network.

Therefore, in case you have a premium subscription plan for a good VPN service turned on your computer, the specific proxy network that this VPN must be using might be resulting in the YouTube comments not loading error.

In case this is the issue, then you must go on to disable all proxies as well as VPN applications on your device for the time being and consequently try to reload the webpage back again.

You must also check then and there if YouTube comments are loading appropriately this time or not.

4. Disabling Misbehaving Extensions

In case the error of YouTube comments not loading has started to come up after you put in an extension, then this extension is most likely to be the factor for this annoying error on your device.

To verify whether the Youtube application is the one misbehaving as the delinquent behind the error of YouTube not loading comments, just try opening the specific video page you were facing trouble on by making use of the Incognito Browsing mode on your device.

To launch an incognito browsing window on your computer, you can try the shortcut on your keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + N in a Google Chrome tab.

Now just try loading the specific YouTube page again but in Incognito mode.

The extensions have now been disabled by default in this mode, and thus, you can make out whether the error of YouTube comments not loading is induced by any broken extension on your device browser, which as we mentioned before, does not come about in the Incognito mode.

Now, also go on to enable the extensions one by one and see if you are now able to see the Youtube comments without a few extensions.

5. Changing Your Layout For YouTube

In case doing all of the above methods didn’t work out for you, you can always try to change your YouTube layout back to its old style.

According to numerous reports by a lot of global users, this specific solution has worked for a lot of them to revive their YouTube comments. To do so, you can follow the instructions mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official homepage of YouTube and there, tap on your profile picture that you will be able to see on the upper right corner. After this, choose the option of YouTube Studio out of the pop-up window.

Step 2: Click on Creator Studio Classic out of the menu on your lower left.

Step 3: Tap on the 3-line menu that you will find on your upper left corner and then click on the Home button. This will now bring you back to the former layout of YouTube. In case this is successful in working for you, you’ll instantly be able to view the video comments back again.

6. Removing Browsing Data

A lot of programs as well as websites that you once launched on your device stock data locally on the browsing devices just to help them load faster the subsequent time you decide to visit any of these sites.

Nonetheless, any kind of distinct cache data and/or missing data may result in all kinds of errors on your device, and YouTube comments not loading error is one of them.

To be able to fix this issue, you will need to clean all your Google Chrome stored data such as cookies as well as cached pictures and files.

To get rid of all the Google Chrome data, you can make use of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete for opening a new tab where you can view the dialog box of Clear browsing data.

Out of the displayed Time range drop-down menu, choose the amount of data you wish to delete. After this, just tap on the button of Clear data.


This specific keyboard shortcut will also work for a lot of other browsers that may be installed on your devices such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge as well.

Make sure that you are very careful when you are choosing what type of data you wish to clear. For example, you may want to protect passwords on your browser.

7. Cleaning up The Windows System

Sometimes YouTube comments may also disappear due to any kind of junk files stored unnecessarily in your system (for instance, any undue system files as well as your browsing history).

Getting rid of these may turn out to be very effective for you and help you in fixing this issue.

You may like to execute this method manually by getting at the exact settings on your device yourself for clearing the junk file.

8. Try waiting for an Official Method by YouTube

While the team of efficient YouTube developers is constantly working to improve the user experience as best as possible on YouTube, there have been numerous reports regarding the issue of the YouTube comments not loading Chrome error and how it is driven by some of the newly introduced features that they have been undertaking.

In case this is the central reason behind the issue of YouTube not loading comments for you, there is not much that you can do to get rid of this issue but to just wait for a few hours or days, upon which the transformations must be reverted to their original settings.

Nonetheless, in case you are seeing the issue of YouTube comments not loading even after lingering for a few days, some other error may be causing this error for you and your device.

Note: Youtube Often Removes Comments As Well

As per statements by Techcrunch, YouTube comments are known to enjoy an awful reputation mainly because it reflects the overall toxic culture that goes on the Youtube app.

The creators on the application are highly likely to get awarded for horrible behaviors such as tormenting or abusing their kids, shooting videos of a suicide victim, encouraging hazardous “miracle cures” or sharing any kind of conspiracies.

Now, the platform is considering a change in design- that is to disguise all the comments for a video by default.  

Wrapping Up

Users on the app often enjoy reading the YouTube comments for a video to attain some additional piece of information regarding a video, and then they can accordingly discuss the mistakes on the specific topic and also talk about their opinions and experiences.

Now you are aware of all the methods to help you in troubleshooting in case you notice YouTube comments not loading on the browser of your device.

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