55+ Top New 3D Model Websites Sites 2023 | Free 3D Models Sites List 23

55+ Best 3d model websites Sites 2023 | Free 3D Models Sites List: 3D models work on illustrating the 3D objects with the help of a compilation of levels in 3D space which is bound to plenty of geometric elements.

A 3D model when attained for free can certainly help you save on a few bucks as well as the deadline.

Generally, a modeler helps to save more than a couple of hours of the modeling task if they could obtain a 3D model for free.

In today’s times, 3D models are being used across a wide range of sectors.

They are used as characters and subjects in both real-time motions as well as animation films by the film industry.

They are also used as assets in computers or PCs and video games by the video game enterprise.

Models related to Software Architecture are used by the architectural business to show formulated buildings as well as some landscapes.

Comprehensive models of human body organs are used in the medical profession.

The point here is that it is no surprise that 3D models are highly beneficial in today’s times.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you with as many as 55+ best 3D model websites that you can refer to for downloading free 3D models.

Note: Some of the 3D models mentioned below have only limited rights. What this precisely means is that they are not authorized for commercial use. This is why we request all of you to first take a thorough look at the rights before you go on to use them for commercial purposes.

55+ Best 3d Model Websites Sites List 2023

1. 3D Total

3D Total offers free stuff for 3D models in a variety of categories that include household, human characters, human body parts, weapons, vehicles, alien characters, medieval, architecture, cartoon, star wars, animals, scenes, animals, low-poly as well as mechanoids.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds, mb, dxf, lwo

2. TurboSquid

TurboSquid provides one of the biggest libraries of 3D models or products around the globe. It offers more than 300 3D models that are available for you to download completely free of cost.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds, mb, oth, obj, lwo

3. Great Buildings

The models offered on this website vary in complexity from extremely simple formal massing models of only a few blocks to basic interior or exterior that are sort of spatial walkthrough models, up to comprehensive interior or exterior models that are detailed with landscaping as well as furnishings.

Model formats offered: 3dmf

4. Archive3D.net

This website has more than 15000 free 3D models that users can download with great ease.

It is worth mentioning that registration is not required on this website to be able to download free 3D objects.

Model formats offered: gms, 3ds

5. Google 3D Warehouse

The next platform on our list of free modeling websites is Google 3D Warehouse which is essentially an online repository that consists of high-quality 3D models free download.

Anyone and everyone will be easily able to search as well as download free 3D models, however in case someone wishes to publish their own, then they will be required to sign in with their Google account.

Model formats offered: skp

6. 3Dfindit

3DfindIT.com is the next dimension visual search engine that crawls billions of 3D CAD & BIM models in hundreds of manufacturer catalogs available worldwide.

Model formats offered: 3ds

7. 3DXtras

Users can easily refer to this website for High-Quality 3D Models free download for 3DSMAX, Maya, Lightwave as well as Softimage.

For 3DCars, 3D Home, 3D People, 3D Furniture, and much more!

This website is great for use in any and every of your 3D Animation or multimedia tasks.

Model formats offered: Max, c4d, 3ds, dwg, mb, obj

8. DLegend

A great collection of various files such as 3ds, max, obj as well as prj for the users to utilize in a variety of uses of different 3d programs.

Model formats offered: 3ds, max, obj, prj, mb

9. Artist-3D

Next on our list of free 3 model websites is Artist-3d.com which offers an exchange directory of free royalty-free 3d models, together with 3ds studio max, as well as other models of a similar kind.

Model formats offered: 3ds, pz3, obj, mb, pp2, max

10. NASA 3D Model

3D resources are available for 3D model free download which is rendered by NASA.

Model formats offered: 3ds

11. 3dm3

Highly useful as well as interesting!

Model formats offered: 3ds, obj, max, mb

12. Amazing3D

For creating 2D pictures, print graphics, animations, as well as web graphics.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds

13. 3D Download Blog

Free 3D objects download for a range of purposes such as models, materials, textures, as well as shaders.

Model formats offered: mb, Max, 3ds

14. Dewantoro Network

The primary goal of this site is to obtain tutorials, free content such as free 3d objects, photoshop brush, filters, templates, free software, as well as much more.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds

15. CGI

All free 3d models available on this site are suitable for any kind of usage (c/p).

Model formats offered: 3ds

16. DD-Freebies

Model formats offered: Obj

17. Exchange 3D

Model formats offered: blend, max, 3ds

18. Corporate Media News

If you are looking for some good and free modeling websites for free 3D objects then this one here is an amazing pick. It features a large collection of sizes, styles, themes as well as formats.

Model formats offered: Max, wrl, 3ds, lwo

19. WireCase

Download free 3D models out of a special catalog of high-quality free 3D objects.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf lwo, 3ds, blend, obj, fbx

20. Adobe-Tools

Take advantage of the modern 3d features in the CS3 Extended version of Adobe Photoshop. Download free 3d objects from the Adobe-Tools platform.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds

21. Mr Furniture

More than 5000 3D models are available free of cost for CAD, furniture, and textures, in .max, .3ds as well as .dxf.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds

22. 3D Plants

Every month a unique model out of the large collection of the 3dplants.com website is offered to the users as free samples.

Model formats offered: obj, dxf, 3ds, lwo

23. ShareCG

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds, wire, jas, car, c4d, daz, dwg

24. 3Delicious

Model formats offered: Max, gsm, 3ds, lwo

25. Archibase

3D models CAD are available for the users to download for free.

Model formats offered: 3ds, max, dxf, dwg

26. Top 3D Models

Model formats offered: Max, obj, 3ds

27. CG-Files

Model formats offered: Max, pp2, 3ds, pz2, obj

28. Top3D

Free downloading is available for 3D animation as well as 3D models.

Model formats offered: Max, 3ds, c4d

29. Oyonale

Easily usable for personal as well as commercial 3D animations, graphics, and art.

Model formats offered: POV-Ray, obj, C4D

30. DMI Car 3D Models

3D model free download available especially for vehicles.

Model formats offered: lwo, 3ds, dxf, max, obj, gsm

31. Creative-3D

Huge collection of more than a hundred royalty-free 3D objects that are available for the users to download with great ease.

It is a perfect pick when you are looking to furnish your interior design areas as well as architectural renderings.

Model formats offered: 3ds

32. Infinitee-Designs

Model formats offered: 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Blender, XSI, Softimage, Cinema 4D, Bryce, Terragen, Poser

33. Telias

Incredible collection of textures that users can easily make use of in their favorite modeling as well as rendering program.

Model formats offered: 3ds, md2, poser, lwo

34. Render Light

The next website on our list of free 3D model websites is Render Light which provides their visitors with FREE and large collections of 3D objects that include 3D modeling, textures, shaders, materials, as well as tutorials so that users will be easy to get acquainted with all the protocols to get access to some of the highest quality render images, animations as well as more.

Model formats offered: Max

35. Sci-Fi 3D

The absolute 3D site for Sci-Fi resources.

Model formats offered: Max, fbx, 3ds, lwo

36. Altair Models

Users will be easily able to download more than 1500 high-quality 3d objects completely free of cost.

Model formats offered: Max, Dxf, 3ds, Obj

37. Kit 3D

Kit3dmodels is a great website that offers a considerable collection of 3D lamps, furniture, as well as accessories.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf

38. 3DAllusions

3D models are available in a variety of formats for free.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds, lwo

39. 3d Content Central

3D ContentCentral is essentially a free service to locate, configure, download, as well as request 3D components and assemblies, library features, 2D blocks, together with macros.

Model formats offered: cad, 3ds

40. Klicker

Free 3D Models are available in 3DS especially for interior as well as furniture.

Model formats offered: 3ds

41. 3d Model Sharing

The 3DModelSharing.com website features an incredible display of all the media that is mainly related to CAD.

Model formats offered: CAD

42. 3d Auto Club

Model formats offered: MAX, C4D, 3DS

43. Toucan

Free 3D models are available on this site mainly for fishes, insects as well as flowers.

Model formats offered: 3ds

44. Trekmeshes

Star Trek models as well as 3D objects available for the users to download completely free of cost

Model formats offered: Max, cob, 3ds, lwo

45. Large Geometric Models Archive

The primary goal of this platform is to offer great 3D models to all the researchers working in computer graphics or any other related fields.

Model formats offered: dxf, PLY, VRML, lwo

46. Digital Animators

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds, lwo

47. The 3d Archive

Standardized database of free 3D objects.

Model formats offered: q3o

48. Model3D

A great place for plenty of high-quality 3D models free download.

Model formats offered: Max, arcon, 3ds, o2c

49. Cadalyst

Cadalyst provides its users with the biggest choices in the world of free and high-quality 3D models, textures, plugins, tutorials, as well as updates.

Model formats offered: Max, cad, 3ds, lwo

50. Silver-Wings

3D aircraft models are available for download free of cost in 3ds, lwo, max as well as c4d format.

Model formats offered: Max, c4d, 3ds, lwo

51. PlanIT 3D

All the 3D models or meshes that are available on this 3D models download website can be used completely royalty-free in the respective task of the user if they give reasonable recognition to the PlanIT 3D website.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds, lwo

52. The Singularity

Model formats offered: 3ds, lwo

53. Total-3d

Free 3D models download, especially for amazing interior design.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds, lwo

54. 2001 3D Archive

Model formats offered: Max, cob, 3ds, lwo, lws

55. 3D Valley

Model formats offered: Max, mb, 3ds, cob, obj

56. 3D Gurukul

3D Gurukul provides all the stuff of free 3D models with the goal of the advancing CG Environment.

As one of the most effective 3D model websites, it is a considerable source for 3D Modeling, Designs, Games, Textures, 3D Home, 3D Animations, as well as 3D Graphics.

Model formats offered: Max, dxf, 3ds, lwo

57. 3D Faws

Model formats offered: obj, lha

58. 3DVIA

Last but not least on our list of free modeling websites for 3D models is 3DVIA which is one of the newest names of Dassault Systèmes’ 6.

Their primary goal is to broaden 3D objects creation as well as provide experience to fresh companies and customers to use 3D as the common language.

Model formats offered: 3DXML, kmz

Top 10 Best 3D Model Websites Sites Free Download 2023

  1. Pikbest.
  2. 3D Total
  3. GrabCAD.
  4. Archive3D.net
  5. CGTrader.
  6. Free3D.
  7. Autodesk Online Gallery.
  8. Thingiverse
  9. MyMiniFactory.
  10. 3dsky.org.
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