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Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on PC

Players in the Animal Crossing franchise have for the longest time been limited solely to Nintendo consoles, including the GameCube where it debuted first, up to the Switch, with the new title in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The success of these games, however, is such that it earned a phone adaptation, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, for Android, and iOS.

Nevertheless, for anyone who wanted to play some of the AC games could do so on consoles and tablets, to the dismay of many gamers the PC crowd was left in the dust.

But then what if we were to tell you that there is a way to play animal crossing bluestacks on a PC?

Perhaps if Pocket Camp could be downloaded and played on your PC rather than your phone, with all the advantages of gambling on your machine and its superior hardware?

This is not only feasible with BlueStacks but also conveniently done with only a few clicks.

We will explain How to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on PC in this post, and also share some tips and tricks to boost your experience while going to play the game on BlueStacks.

Steps on Installing animal crossing bluestacks: Pocket Camp on PC

The installation and play of your favorite mobile games with BlueStacks is made simple and seamless.

You can easily look up for and install your favorite games on your PC with our powerful Android emulator by browsing for them in our App Center, just as you would on your phone.

Download BlueStacks

Animal Crossing

To install animal crossing bluestacks on your Computer, simply start up the new version of BlueStacks and browse for the game by typing its name on the home screen search bar.

Whether you’re in the US or Canada, or some other country where the game is readily accessible, the search results will appear right there.

Go ahead and click on the game to install it, upon which the home screen will find its button. Click this new icon to launch it and enjoy Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your PC.

If you’re outside the US or some other region, don’t sweat it! animal crossing bluestacks can still be mounted on a PC; it will take only a few extra steps.

You simply need to locate the APK file on the internet and update it to BlueStacks by clicking on the “Download APK” button on the home screen to update animal crossing bluestacks on PC from outside the regions where it’s available.

After searching and clicking on your device for the file, BlueStacks will install it like every other game, and produce a home screen icon for it where you can use to access this at any time.

animal crossing pocket camp

How to Enjoy More on Pocket Camp PC using BlueStacks

BlueStacks has many resources in place that can help enhance your gaming experience with this game, if playing Animal Crossing on PC wasn’t enough awesome goodness for you already.

The key mapping tool, in other words, gives you superior controls by allowing you to create control schemes that include your mouse and keyboard.

You can delegate keyboard shortcuts to streamline your Pocket Camp experience instead of walking around by dragging your mouse and clicking on each button to open their respective menus.

animal crossing pocket camp guide

Since Animal Crossing isn’t a game you can “Beat,” it really doesn’t make sense to play it religiously.

This is a title that while you can definitely sit down to play, decorate your campsite or fish and catch bugs for a few hours, you will sooner or later run out of stuff to do in the daytime.

However, if you can’t get enough of the Pocket Camp goodness and want to continue playing far beyond what a single account can provide.

You can use the Instance Manager to create multiple BlueStacks instances and enjoy animal crossing pocket camp bluestacks in separate instances with a unique Google account in each instance.

While you will certainly unlock everything to find on a single account in this game, provided enough time, playing Pocket Camp on multiple instances can significantly increase the excitement you will get from this game in a single day.

animal crossing switch

If you’re a die-hard AC fan, we suggest making four different occurrences of BlueStacks and beginning with a unique campsite theme in each.

It is because some villagers are drawn to those themes. In animal crossing pocket camp bluestacks there were also hundreds of villagers: Pocket Villages, each with its different furniture and theme preferences.

In addition, you want to make friends with as many villagers as you can, because they will give you player experience and access to exclusive furniture and clothing.

You can then cover all your bases by getting one campsite of each theme and attracting the respective villagers.

Last but not least, you can also conveniently share photos and videos of your special animal crossing pocket camp bluestacks campsites and creations: Pocket Camp.

By default the BlueStacks screenshot feature is connected to Ctrl + Shift + S. With this feature, you can capture images from your BlueStacks window without needing any software from third parties.

Correspondingly, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R, the BlueStacks Recorder also helps you to capture videos natively.

Such clips are stored as .mp4 files in a directory of your choice, which you can edit or upload as is. The Recorder is perfect when you want to give your campsite those cool video tours.

isabelle animal crossing

Having to play animal crossing apk pc BlueStacks makes pocket camping easier.

All that it takes is a few clicks and now you’re set to enjoy this social SIM game with your keyboard and mouse on your computer, as well as a large monitor.

Steps on Installing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Android Mobile

As we all know, not everyone does have a computer or laptop. So, these step by step tutorial is for those people who only have their smart phones with them. You can now enjoy playing it!

So just follow these steps for download Animal Crossing on Mobile:

  • Step 1: Open Your Browser and Search “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Apk”.
  • Step 2: Click on Website and Tap It.
  • Step 3: Search for the Download Button and Tap It.
  • Step 4: Then Tap the “APKs”.
  • Step 5: Tap “DOWNLOAD” to start downloading the File, but if it doesn’t start Tap “click here”.
  • Step 6: Go to Downloads In your Browser and Wait for the File to be downloaded.
  • Step 7: Once downloaded, go back to the Website where you downloaded the file and look for this part, then tap “APKMODY Installer”.
animal crossing new leaf
  • Step 8: Then choose between these two. I prefer Choosing “
  • Step 9: Tap “Install”.
animal crossing gamecube
  • Step 10: Once it is done, tap “Open”.
  • Step 11: Then tap “Install” & Allow the app.
  • Step 12: Select the Folder where you put the downloaded file. In this case, I put the downloaded file to “Download folder” so I Tap It.
  • Step 13: Then look for the downloaded file and just Tap It and Tap “Select”
  • Step 14: Then wait for a few seconds or minutes, Then Tap “Settings”.
  • Step 15:  Tap “Allow Apps from This Source”
  • Step 16: Then tap “Install”
  • Step 17: Once it is done, tap “Open” to run the app.
  • Step 18: Congratulations! You can now enjoy playing the App!
animal crossing wild world

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That’s all for this How to Play Animal Crossing guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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