25+ Best free eBooks Download Websites List 2023

25+ Best free eBooks Websites List : Are you in search of some free eBooks to download? If yes, then you are just at the right place!

While many bookworms still prefer to read books in the physical form, it would be safe to say that eBooks certainly have an upper edge over physical books.

You can easily carry them with you anywhere without feeling any extra weight and there are plenty of ways to source them completely free of cost, especially the ones in the universal domain.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on 25+ websites where you can easily head to download Books for free.

You can simply read these free eBooks PDF for leisure purposes or for learning new things and enhancing your knowledge.

Whatever it may be, you are certainly going to have a great time.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best free eBooks download websites.

25+ Best Free EBooks Download Websites List 2023

Best Free EBooks Download Websites List
Best Free EBooks Download Websites

1. ebooklobby com

First on our list is ebooklobby.com, which features a decent collection of ebooks that are nicely organized into different categories based on their types such as photography, art, fashion, finance, graphic design, entertainment, biographies, computers, and a lot more.

They also offer a separate section on their website that displays the Top 10 ebooks classified into different categories. It is also pretty simple to use and locate.

2. bookspics com

The bookspics com website claims that it features an extensive collection of more than 275 thousand eBooks that are available for everyone to download for free.

They certainly feature a great collection for free eBooks download, however they aren’t categorized on the website which makes it a little hard for the users to identify.

3. Google Playbooks

This one is slightly different from other free eBooks download websites mentioned on this list.

With Google Play Books, you can either choose to read on your Android mobile phone or right on your device’s web browser.

The website also offers a Top Free column where users can go on to easily download hundreds and thousands of free ebooks that are primarily short as well as crisp in their respective subjects.

4. planetpublish com

The next website for eBooks free download is planetpublish com which is essentially a very minimalistic website and features a wonderful compilation of classic eBooks that include The Jungle Book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and many others.

All the books are available in the form of free eBooks PDF ready for you to free book downloads online.

5. Openlibrary.org

Open Library, as the name suggests, is available for users as truly an open library. It is a vast space that offers a large collection of free eBooks online for you to download right away.

This collection includes all the classics as well as plenty of contemporary books.

You can make use of the search fields on the website for searching for books and authors of your choice.

When you wish to read, you can also take advantage of its incredible book design layout that opens directly on your screen where users can go on to read right away.

6. Librivox.org

Librivox is another website that has a great as well as a free collection to offer to the users of plenty of Public Domain Audiobooks.

This one is going to be specifically appreciated by all those people who can’t make time for “reading” books, however, can take some time for listening to books via audiobooks.

All you need to do is tap on the ‘catalog’ available on the website and take a look at hundreds of audiobooks present there, free of cost and ready to download.

You can also choose to filter these based on their Authors, Titles, Genres, or Languages.

However, there’s one crucial thing that you must keep in mind while using this website.

All of the audiobooks available on this site are alleged to be within the Public domain, however, this is truly relevant only in the U.S.A.

So in case you choose to use this website, we suggest that you first verify the copyright report of all the works in your region before you go on to download anything.

In case you do the contrary, remember that you would most likely be violating your country’s copyright laws.

7. free-ebooks.net

This website features a LARGE collection of free eBooks for you to download in PDF format, Kindle format, text, as well as ePub formats.

The downloads are only available after you first register on this website, which is of course FREE of cost. You must certainly check this one out.

8. Onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu

This one is simply a vanilla HTML website however it has an enormous collection of free eBooks to offer to the users.

The website is also organized pretty nicely given the fact that it’s only 1 or 2 people handling and maintaining the website.

9. freetechbooks com

This platform has plenty of online books PDF Free on a variety of subjects such as computer science, engineering, programming, as well as textbooks and lecture notes.

It is important to note that all of these are lawfully as well as freely available for the users over the Internet.

All the free eBooks PDFs mentioned on this website are available free of cost because they are hosted on platforms that belong to book publishers or authors.

In other terms, the website doesn’t host any eBooks that are available on this site but it just provides links to these books in different formats like PDF or HTML that are available at the websites of the specific book authors or publishers.

10. freecomputerbooks com

All the content available on this site is available for the users completely free of cost.

You will find a variety of content to read and download here that includes many books, magazines, lecture notes, white papers, tutorials as well as a lot more!

The FreeComputerBooks com website features an enormous collection of books on various topics such as Mathematics, Computer, Programming, Engineering, together with some Technical Books.

All of these are nicely organized based on their topics, featuring 13 top-level classifications, as well as more than 200 sub-categories.

It also offers search engines for the patterns as well as keywords for the users to locate the books as soon as possible and with great ease.

11. Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle

Most of you would have probably heard of or visited Amazon many times.

However? Not many people are aware of the fact that Amazon also offers plenty of free epub books for you to download without having to pay a single penny!

The website has an incredible list of eBooks to offer which are nicely organized into different categories.

The categories include romance, thriller, horror, mystery, classics, science fiction, and much more! You can either visit the website read.amazon.com or also get a Kindle gadget.

12. gitbook com

Many readers are highly fond of this website right here.

Aims to offer a simple yet modern solution to digital writing, publishing as well as documentation, the gitbook com website is certainly a treat.

You can simply go on to tap on the ‘Explore’ section on the website and then decide on whatever tag suits your preferences.

For instance, one of such tags includes Web development.

So as soon as you click on it, you will be displayed with all the tests associated with the particular tag.

13. knowfree.Tradepub com

Known to be one of the best spots for the latest research as well as publications, the TradePub com website works to publish plenty of curated resources from some of the largest as well as the most significant corporations of the world.

The research library of TradePub com is considered to be the No.1 resource for many specialists to get access to some research, reports, white papers, case studies, magazines, as well as eBooks for free.

Experts will also be able to sign up on this website for a free Membership of TradePub com to take advantage of unconditional access to the resource library of TradePub com which also includes On-the-go entry to all of the website content regardless of your device and browser.

14. feedbooks com

With plenty of categories including romance, fantasy, short stories, fiction, and many others offered on this site, this one is a significant website that you must take a look at.

15. Goodreads

This is not exactly a website to specifically download free eBooks, however, it does offer a curated catalog of data about various books in the public domain.

This treasure is going to be a great help for all those people who are looking to re-publish books with illustration, annotation, as well as translation into KDP by Amazon.

16. ebooks.adelaide.edu.au

This website is funded as well as maintained by an institute in Australia namely The University of Adelaide.

It offers a pretty good collection of eBooks that are organized into a variety of subjects.

While the overall design of the website is not very intuitive or extraordinary, it still offers some neat reading content as well as a great collection of ebooks available for free that are certainly worth digging into.

  • Art
  • Biography
  • Books
  • Economics
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Archaeology
  • Gastronomy
  • History
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Medicine
  • Exploration and travel
  • Fiction
  • Myth and Fable
  • Philosophy
  • Politics

17. LoyalBooks com

Now for the next one, it would be fair to say that this one is certainly a feast for everyone interested in eBooks.

It features a truly amazing collection of eBooks that are organized into a variety of topics.

Apart from that, users can also websites to download free eBooks from this site in several formats including Kindle Mobi, pdf, audiobook, and others.

All in all, the options available on this site are generous and there shouldn’t be any excuse for you to NOT give it a shot.

The website comes off to be truly devoted to making plenty of free eBook download PDF available to their readers via the tremendous catalog of their collections.

That’s also the reason that it doesn’t seem like a surprise to know that loyalbooks com was formerly called booksShouldBeFree com.

18. GRTBooks com

In case you are someone who isn’t just a reader but also a dedicated collector of books, this one may prove to be the ideal fit for you.

Some of the best classics like Upanishads as well as many other sacred and age-old scripts or books are available on this site that dates back to as early as 200 BC.

You will also find some other remarkable texts including Works of Hippocrates, Aristotle, Plato, As well as the Ramayana and the Vedas free ebook downloads.

19. Wikisource

Probably all of you already know about the world-renowned Wikipedia, however, a similar source known as Wikisource is another platform that makes free books for the readers to read.

It is essentially a free library for everyone which is ideal for all those individuals who are searching for ways to publish books in the public domain.

It is worth mentioning that nearly all the eBooks available on this site are presented with the respective publishing years as well.

A lot of these books date back to the 19th century & free ebook download sites without registration.

20. Baen

Baen Books is currently making several titles of its website available in an electronic format and also FREE of cost.

It is named Baen Free Library. One can always choose to read their preferred books online or if they want to save them for later, they can also choose to download them in a variety of formats.

The website doesn’t mention any conditions at all and is essentially a simple website to head to.

There are also some other websites available online that are certainly worth mentioning, however, the copyrights involved for these haven’t been verified as of now.

You can take a quick look at all of them below:

Some more Best Free EBooks Download Websites

Best Free EBooks Download Websites List
Best Free EBooks Download Websites
  1. https://www.bookgoldmine com
  2. https://bygosh com
  3. https://manybooks net/
  4. Kobo – free eBooks
  5. http://www.freebookcentre net
  6. http://www.freebookspot com/Catalogue.aspx
  7. http://ebook3000 info/Default

Special mention

Below, we have mentioned a special platform for you that offers an incredible collection of plenty of topic-wise eBooks for different kinds of readers.

Here’s the bonus website:

https://www.getfreeebooks com/category/top-compilations/

Final Words

As you can see for yourself, websites for free eBooks download are certainly available in abundance in today’s times.

Each one of the above-mentioned websites is unique in its way and offers some of the best collections of free eBooks PDF for its users.

You can go on to head to any of these and give a great start to your reading journey from the comfort of your home and without having to pay a penny for it.


Where can I download ebooks for free?

As you can read we have shared 27 website list for download free Ebook. But our recommendation you can visit Amazon Ebook.

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