Top 10 MLBB Best Assassin Hero to Reach Mythical Glory

Mlbb best assassin hero: In this article we have described about the top 10 MLBB Best assassin hero and about their attacks and disadvantages.

By this you can fight these heroes and defeat your enemies in the Mobile Legend game. 

Recently MLBB is gaining popularity among the gamers, we therefore decided to give a full guide on the top 10 hero assassin characters of the Mobile Legend game. 

MlBb Top 10 Best Assassin Heroes 2023


Joy was released recently but she is getting banned a lot. This is because of her mobility skills, slow effect, CC immunity and shields which are needed by every assassin. 

She can keep on dashing and get immune to stuns and also has knockbacks, knock up, except suppress and anti-dash skills.

If you know the timing of her second skill beats, you can use it without missing much and therefore we recommend you to use Joy if she is not banned.

She has some of the disadvantage as her ultimate depends on skill 2 but you need to use it five times so as activate the ultimate.

However if you miss it or get suppressed, you have to wait for her skill cd to use ult. 


Lancelot does not get banned much and his effectiveness depends on the player.

He has lot of dash skills and his skill 2 can immune skills which are suppressed if used at the right timing. 

Passive is a good feature if you can use skill one fluently since it adds up extra damage every time he uses it. It can increase a lot of damage.

He can be very effective from the mid-late game and is weak in the early stages and lacks damage. It takes a lot of time to master him. 

He is weak against heroes who have cc effects and also can one shot with it. You can play him as a Jungler and play safe in the early match. 

You can get some kills and after that you are ready to go after 2-3 item builds


Gusion as you know is everybody’s favorite and his getting banned despite the nerf he got in the last update.

The good thing is that there is no direct counter for Gusion and neither many heroes can counter him.

He can also dive in and kill the enemy backlines and leave again. He is good at every part of the match. However his effectiveness depends on the player using him.

You will also need a lot of practice for playing him at his full potential. 

The only bad thing about him is that he can be easily countered by Athena and therefore you should be careful and confirm that your opponent does not have Athena. 

If you messed up your skills you would be easily defeated in the middle of the team fight. For playing style try to kill their backlines in team fights and your job is done. 

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His popularity was very high when he was first released but he is not getting picked much these days. 

But he is still very good and this is because he has a regen effect, extra movement speed and invisibility whenever he uses any of his skills which makes him very good as an assassin.

The disadvantage about him is his ultimate depends on the shards in the ground. Therefore the damage is low if you do not have enough shards. 

Therefore you need to stack up before using his ultimate. 


Saber is easy to use and can one shot squishy heroes which means he can counter every squishy hero in the land of dawn. 

He is a nightmare for all the assassins and mages. He can also defeat one shot fighters and tanks in the early stage of the match. 

However his effectiveness drops in the late game when the enemy has tanky items. 

Therefore you should try to kill enemies with your ultimate in every gank in the early game and try to end the match before enemies build up.


She is ranked as the hero with the highest difficulty level and it will need a long time for mastering her. 

She is the only hero in the game who does not have any slows, stuns or knock up effects. She can dive in, kill the backlines and can fly far away from her enemies.

She is very good in the early stage of the match so you can take advantage of it in the early stage by invading them and wrecking them up. 

Her disadvantage is her CC effects mainly those who can one shot her. 


Natalia who is also known as invisibility queen. She is what every assassin should be and has every quality to be the best assassin. 

She was very popular last season as a roamer but this season she is being played as a Jungler after her latest adjustment.

She can kill squishy heroes without letting them see you and also to run away without anybody seeing you after the kill.

However the most annoying thing is her silence effect. She also has some drawbacks.

When you enemies find out your position in the middle of team fight then you can only have skill 1 to fight and escape.

Since the invisibility can be revealed by the AOE effects, you have to watch out from enemies’ tanks and focus on marking their backlines. Therefore you should not just rush in. 

Ninja Hayabusa

He is very good in 1v1 fight as his ultimate can deal more damage to one but spreads when there are more than one enemies nearby. 

His passive is a good feature since it can increase all his skill damage so make use of it by stacking it up before using ultimate.

If you are out of skill in the middle of the team fight then you are helpless.

Therefore you should participate in a team fight if you are sure that you can kill the enemy. 

You should avoid using Ninja Hayabusa when the enemies are all the tanky. 


Most of the assassins have high difficulties level and same goes for Ling which also means he is also hard to master. 

His effectiveness also depends on the player who is playing him.

His main source of damage is from his skill 2 and you can use it up to 5 times if you collect all the sword dropped after using his ultimate.

Therefore it is necessary to collect all the swords and it would need a lot of practice to collect them perfectly. 

He can jump around the wall and attack the enemy’s backlines at ease and escape again.


She is a hero who depends on how good your prediction is. If you can predict the enemy’s movement then you can defeat the enemy easily. 

We know it is not easy to predict but you can still predict some easily.

You can play her as a mage or as a roam. And also take advantage of her ultimate since it can reset the cooldown all her skills. 

Keep her trap around the map as it can reveal map visions

Final Words

Here we have explained the top 10 assassins with which you can easily defeat your enemies.

If you want to include any other heroes in the top 10 list, please let us know by posting it in the below comment box.

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