Top 3 Best Heroes To Counter Natalia in Mobile Legends 2022

Are you struggling to defeat Natalia in Mobile Legends? Then try out these three amazing heroes and start crushing Natalia now!

How Do You Counter Natalia in Mobile Legends?

Best Heroes To Counter Natalia In Mobile Legends

Natalia is one of the most powerful Mobile Legends heroes! She has the power to turn invisible and gives heroes with poor mobility absolute fits.

Natalia is known for her quickness, and when she unleashes her barrage of attacks, she more often than not kills her opponents.

Her ultimate is called The Hunt and allows her to go stealth while boosting her proceeding attack for three seconds.

While Natalia is a beast, there are some tricks to killing her. She is particularly vulnerable once she runs out of skills.

To ensure you can crush Natalia in your next Mobile Legends, use these 3 amazing heroes, who are designed to explore her weaknesses.

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Hylos was designed to destroy Natalia. The tank hero has an awesome single-target stun, and his Ring of Punishment ensures he can stay glued to Natalia blocking her Assassin Instinct.

If Natalia activates The Hunt, simply use Hylos’ Glorious Pathway, which speeds up allies while slowing down enemies.

We recommend going for Antique Cuirass if your team is winning or Blade Armor if Natalia has racked up some early kills.


Rafaela is the only support hero who can manage the power of Natalia. Rafaela can match Natalia because she possesses the Light of Retribution skill, which will instantly reveal where Natalia is hiding.

As soon as you activate this skill, an exclamation mark pops up on top of her character model that lets you know Natalia is not far away.

By using this skill, you can prevent Natalia from going invisible and blinking. If Natalia tries to kill you, all you need to do is turn on Holy Baptism, which will stun her, allowing you to make a hasty retreat.

Popol and Kupa

Is it your job to take care of the gold lane, but you are worried about Natalia? Then select IPopol and Kupa! Popol can easily spot Natalia by using traps.

Even if Natalia can outsmart your traps, simply use Help to send the Bright Claw flying to knock the Bright Claw airborne.

You can also attack with Bite em’, Kupa! to prevent Natalia from escaping. Natalia won’t be able to withstand this attack, and you will score your team a valuable kill.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to our guide, Natalia will never give you problems in Mobile Legends again! Especially if you use Hylos and use his Glorious Pathway whenever Natalia uses The Hunt.

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