Mobile Legends Zilong Guide | Zilong Best Build 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has captivated millions with its intense MOBA action, and among its diverse cast of heroes, Zilong stands out as a formidable fighter and assassin.

This guide delves into the intricacies of mastering Mobile Legends Zilong, ensuring players can maximize his battlefield potential.

Who is Zilong?

Background and Characteristics

Zilong, known as the Spear of Dragon, is a hero with a rich backstory in the Mobile Legends universe. His dual role as a fighter and assassin makes him a versatile choice for various gameplay strategies.

Role in Gameplay

Zilong excels in quick engagements and is adept at taking down squishy targets. His agility and damage output make him a threat in both laning and team fights.

Zilong’s Abilities and Skills

Understanding Zilong’s skills is crucial for effective gameplay.

Passive: Dragon Flurry

  • After every 3 basic attacks, triggers a flurry, dealing extra damage and healing Zilong.

Skill 1: Spear Flip

  • Flips an enemy over, dealing damage and setting up combos.

Skill 2: Spear Strike

  • Lunges at an enemy, reducing their physical defense and resetting cooldown on kills.

Ultimate: Supreme Warrior

  • Increases speed and attack, enhancing Zilong’s combat and escape capabilities.

Optimal Build for Mobile Legends Zilong

The right items can significantly boost Zilong’s effectiveness.

Rapid BootsIncreases movement speed
WindtalkerEnhances attack speed and wave clearing
Berserker’s FuryBoosts critical damage
Blade of DespairAmplifies overall damage output
Demon Hunter SwordIdeal for sustained fights

Best Emblems and Battle Spells for Zilong


  • Assassin Emblem: Enhances attack and penetration.
  • Fighter Emblem: Increases durability and combat efficiency.

Battle Spells

  • Inspire: Boosts attack speed, ideal for quick takedowns.
  • Flicker: Provides mobility and escape options.

Gameplay Strategy and Tips

Early Game

  • Focus on farming and avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Use Spear Strike for last-hitting minions.


  • Initiate ganks and participate in team fights.
  • Target enemy squishy heroes for quick eliminations.

Late Game

  • Split push to apply pressure on multiple lanes.
  • Be strategic in team fights, targeting key enemy heroes.

Advanced Combos and Techniques

  • Basic Combo: Spear Strike → Basic Attacks → Spear Flip.
  • Advanced Combo: Activate Supreme Warrior → Spear Strike → Basic Attacks → Spear Flip → Continue with Basic Attacks.

Countering Zilong

  • Use heroes with strong crowd control to limit his mobility.
  • Maintain distance and avoid getting flipped by his Spear Flip.

Zilong in Different Team Compositions

  • Works well with heroes that can initiate fights or provide crowd control.
  • Effective in split-push strategies due to his high mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Zilong Good in Mobile Legends?

Zilong is a strong choice in Mobile Legends, particularly for players who favor agility and offensive tactics. His ability to quickly eliminate key targets makes him valuable in various game scenarios.

Who Can Beat Zilong?

Heroes with strong crowd control abilities or superior range can effectively counter Zilong. Characters like Khufra or Eudora, who can stun or immobilize, are particularly effective against him.

Who is Zilong’s Sister?

In the lore of Mobile Legends, Zilong’s sister is not explicitly mentioned. Therefore, as of current knowledge, Zilong does not have a sister within the game’s storyline or character roster.

What is the Role of Zilong?

Zilong’s primary role in Mobile Legends is that of a fighter/assassin. He excels in quick engagements, split pushing, and taking down high-value targets with his swift attack and mobility skills.


Zilong is a dynamic hero in Mobile Legends, capable of turning the tide of battle with his agility and damage.

Mastering his skills and understanding his role in various game phases can make him an invaluable asset to any team.

How to Use Zilong’s Skills

  • Mobile Legends Zilong Passive – Dragon Flurry:
    • After every 3 basic attacks, Zilong gains Dragon Flurry on his basic attack. This allows him to deal 150% of his basic attack damage and restore his HP.
Mobile Legends Zilong Passive – Dragon Flurry
  • Zilong Skill 1 – Spear Flip (CC):
    • Zilong lifts an enemy over his back, dealing physical damage.
  • Zilong Skill 2 – Spear Strike (Blink):
    • He dashes towards the target, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s physical defense for 2 seconds. Afterward, he performs a quick basic attack, and the skill cooldown resets upon eliminating a target.
  • Zilong Ultimate – Supreme Warrior (Speed-up):
    • Zilong gains a 40% movement speed boost, increased attack speed, and immunity to slows for 7.5 seconds. It also removes debuffs upon casting. During this time, Dragon Flurry can be triggered after every 2 basic attacks instead of 3.

Mobile Legends Zilong Best Build 2024

  • Here’s my recommended Zilong build. You can adjust items as needed for team fights.

Best Build for Zilong Damage Build:

  1. Warrior Boots
  2. Scarlet Phantom
  3. Berserker’s Fury
  4. Haas’s Claws
  5. Blade of Despair
  6. Endless Battle
Zilong Damage build

I recommend using this Zilong best build for a savage performance.

Mobile legends Zilong Best Build Crit Build:

  1. Rapid Boots
  2. Blade of the Heptaseas
  3. Windtalker
  4. Scarlet Phantom
  5. Endless Battle
  6. Berserker’s Fury

If the enemy team has many mages or marksmen, consider using this Zilong build.

Zilong Crit build

Best Zilong Build Durable Build:

  1. Rapid Boots
  2. Demon Hunter Sword
  3. Windtalker
  4. Berserker’s Fury
  5. Queen’s Wings
  6. Immortality

This is also an effective Zilong build for durability.

zilong durable build

Mobile Legends Zilong Best Emblem Set

  • The best emblem set for Zilong is the Assassin emblem. You can choose Physical Attack or Critical Chance, along with high Dry options. Alternatively, you can opt for Movement Speed, Physical Penetration, and Killing Spree.
Miya Assassin Emblem

Zilong Emblem Set – Jungle

  • For jungling, consider the Jungle emblem with Retribution, damage to monsters, damage reduction from monsters, and Veteran Hunter.
Jungle Emblem

MLBB Zilong Project Next Setting

  • For aiming methods, go for advanced Aim and select Lowest HP Target Priority. Also, enable hero lock mode.
Mobile Legends Zilong Project Next Setting

Zilong Gameplay Tips

  • When upgrading Zilong’s skills, prioritize Skill 2, then Skill 1, and finally upgrade the ultimate.

ML Zilong Recommended Lane

  • In the new Project Next update, I recommend Zilong for the Experience lane.
ML Zilong Recommended Lane

Zilong Battle Spell

  • The best spell for Zilong is “Inspire.” You can also pick “Execute” for last-hitting when enemies have low HP.

Mobile Legends Zilong Guide

  • Zilong’s first skill is incredibly versatile. You can use it aggressively to engage enemies or defensively to protect your teammates by pulling enemies away from them. Mastering this skill will make you a formidable Zilong player.
  • Zilong is one of the best duelists in the game, capable of winning against most heroes in a 1v1 situation. Use this to your advantage, especially during the laning phase. Consider getting lifesteal to harass your opponent effectively.
  • When activating your ultimate, ensure you’re close enough to your target. The time with this boost is limited, and wasting even a second can be costly.

Mobile Legends Zilong Strong Against

  • Zilong is a significant threat to most marksmen like Bruno, Irithel, Karrie, and Miya. However, you can counter him through kiting, especially when he doesn’t have his ultimate.
  • He is also relatively squishy without proper defense items. To counter Zilong effectively, consider heroes with good damage and some tankiness, such as Balmond, Freya, and Akai.
  • Natalia is also a strong counter to Zilong since she can disrupt his basic attacks and drain his damage with her smoke bomb.


That concludes our guide on how to play Mobile Legends Revamped Zilong. We hope you found this information valuable and enjoyable. If you have any questions or would like more tutorials like this, please leave a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Zilong’s role in Mobile Legends?

Zilong is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends. He excels at dealing damage and mobility, making him a formidable duelist and tower pusher.

How should I use Zilong’s ultimate, Supreme Warrior, effectively?

Zilong’s ultimate provides a significant boost in movement speed and attack speed. Use it to engage or disengage from fights, secure kills, or escape dangerous situations. Remember that Dragon Flurry can be triggered more frequently while the ultimate is active.

Which emblem set is best for Zilong, and why?

The Assassin emblem set is recommended for Zilong. You can choose Physical Attack or Critical Chance to enhance his damage output. Alternatively, Movement Speed, Physical Penetration, and Killing Spree can also work well, depending on your playstyle.

What’s the optimal skill leveling order for Zilong?

Prioritize upgrading Zilong’s Skill 2 (Spear Strike) first, followed by Skill 1 (Spear Flip), and then his ultimate. This skill order maximizes his damage and crowd control potential.

How can I counter Zilong when facing him in the game?

Countering Zilong requires crowd control abilities and kiting. Heroes with stuns, silences, or immobilizing effects can disrupt his attacks. Also, consider building defensive items against physical damage if you’re squishy.

Can Zilong be played effectively in ranked games?

Yes, Zilong can be a strong pick in ranked games, especially if you are skilled with him. Communication with your team and map awareness are vital for success.

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