How to Become Pro in Disney Mirrorverse Beginner’s Guide 2022?

Are you all around the internet looking for the perfect Disney Mirrorverse Beginner’s Guide for yourself? Look no further because this article is going to give you all the details that you need to know in order to start playing this game.

You must be new to the game and a proper guide about the objective and the way to reach it, must be a good start. 

Disney Mirrorverse Guide for all the keen people that are willing to play this game is given in the article below.

After you have completed reading this article, you would know a lot of things more than a normal beginner.

This is the reason why it is recommended to check out the guide and not miss a single point out of it.

I am a blogger who’s interested in writing about games. The experience that I have in doing so is worthy enough, which is the reason why you can trust this article whole-heartedly.

This is not only researched properly from Google, but as a keen gamer, I tried this game out and gave myself the live experience in order to know things that a beginner must know.

It includes Tricks & Strategies to save the Mirrroverse, Melee and so on

Disney Mirrorverse: The New RPG game

Disney mirrorverse is one of the new games available for Android and IOS that is also creating a lot of hype.

Featuring a lot of Disney characters in the game, it became a sensation among the very widespread fandom.

To term it under a category, it can be called an action RPG game but a lot of strategy is also required in order to excel in the game.

Many people have already downloaded this but a lot of people are unaware about the Disney Mirrorverse Beginner’s Guide.

Learn the battle mechanics before starting off because that is indeed one of the most important things that you need to know.

Here is the proper guide which will make you not have any difficulties trying to begin playing this game.

Disney Mirrorverse Guide: All Things You Need to Know

This mobile game is a new one but it already has a lot of downloads since the Disney fandom absolutely adored the game.

It is not only enjoyable to play but the graphics you get represents the style of Disney and also has its characters, thus making the game an overall extravaganza for the fandom.

Well, in any particular guide for a game, you must understand the objective of the game first.

There is a mirrorverse where a lot of Disney characters exist but, in the game, there is an actual threat that is initiated in order to take that alternate reality away from them.

In this action RPG game, you will get evil threats time and again and the whole purpose of the game is to save the Mirrorverse.

Now, there are different tricks & strategies to save the mirrorverse that you must have an idea about.

The basic things that you need to know about the game is the fact that you can only deploy 3 guardians at a particular time for a particular battle.

You can keep your units created in the menu of the game which you can easily swap between.

As already mentioned in the article, to learn the battle mechanics is to learn the most that you need to learn about the game.

There are the things you must learn about the battle system.

When you are in the middle of a battle, you will be given a virtual joystick which will help you move your character in certain angles and to certain distances.

This is available on the left side of the screen.

Towards the right however, you will find the buttons that are supposed to be clicked in order to initiate attacks.

Opportunity to perform a light attack is given to you throughout the battle, whereas if you use special abilities, different ones of them have different cooldown timers.

This basically means that once the special ability is used, you can only use it again after a few seconds.

The basic attack button, which is supposed to throw light attacks at the opponent, can be pressed and held in order to transform it to heavy attacks.

Another thing to mention is the fact that special abilities can be used of any character at a time because the buttons to do so will be available on the screen, regardless of which particular character’s point of view you’re seeing at that moment.

It’s a team of 3 always, which is the reason why you will get three buttons that trigger special abilities.

Dashing is very important to escape an attack that is put on by the opponent.

In order to perform this move, you just have to slide your finger from the direction you are in to the direction you want to dash to.

Your character will perform a proper dash, thus confusing the opponent and its attack.

Evil threats come more often than not. Disney mirrorverse is, in fact, a very interesting game to play because of all the great gameplay mechanics.

Lastly, if you have been a gamer, you know that there is no fun in your character being Invincible.

In fact, when there is a health and armor pool that you can refer to and try to defeat the opponents before your health runs out is the actual thrill of any game.

The Disney mirrorverse world also show the health and armour section which keeps decreasing as you take shots from the opponents. 

All You Need to Know About Creating A Team In Disney Mirrorverse

Creating a good team for a battle is one of the most important aspects of the game.

It requires a lot of skill and definitely a little of luck as well.

You have to be able to make a lot of matches and then choose which one actually works for yourself.

There are three major steps in creating a team.

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Character acquisition

Crystals are what basically is required in order to summon new characters.

Once you have that character acquired, you can use them in the battles and that is going to prove beneficial to you.

The orbs that you collect while playing the game can also be converted into crystals and then used to summon on any banner of your choice.


There are four roles: tank, melee, ranged, and support. Melee helps a lot in damage, be it close-ranged or long-ranged.

It is always recommended that when you are creating a team you should have a proper mixture of roles since that is what is going to give you the upper hand in the battle.

Guardians at the beginning

Rapunzel and Merida are the 2 characters that are guaranteed to be given.

You may consider dropping Rapunzel because she is not that beneficial after the early games.

Many people have chosen a melee character instead of Rapunzel.

If examples are what you are looking for, you may very well go for Hercules, Mulan or Aerial.

Level up what you have

Increase the power and statistics of the characters that you like to put in battles.

Shards are a good way to do it and they are accumulated by unlocking extra copies of the same character.

Undoubtedly, to win battles for longer periods of time, you must keep upgrading them without much hassle.


How many characters are available in Disney Mirrorverse?

This is indeed one of the most asked questions around the internet and the main reason behind this is the fact that the game claims to have a lot of different characters that you can play as. To be more precise, there are more than 40 characters that can be transformed into Mirrorverse guardians in the game.

When was the game released?

Disney mirrorverse was officially released on the 23rd June, 2022. It is a collaboration between Disney and Kabam and a lot of people considered this game to be one of the best Disney games of all time, available for smartphones.

Is it free and where to download?

Disney Mirrorverse download can be carried out by going to the Google Play Store or the App Store. This is obviously a free game and you can download it and played for absolutely no cost.


This is one of the most cinematic games created for the smartphone by Disney.

The creativity used in the gameplay mechanics as well as the graphics of the game is what makes it stand out.

If you have been a fan of Disney characters which is a huge possibility, no matter which country you belong from, you would actually love this game, without any doubt.

Enjoy this game and don’t forget to keep upgrading your characters in order to keep winning more and more battles.

That is the objective of the game anyway. Thank you for reading.

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