Top 10 WOW Best Race Class Combo Secret Guide & Tips 2023

WOW Best Race Class Combo: World of Warcrafts is one of the most desired game in all of gaming world.

As a multiplayer online game, it gained a lot of popularity because at one point of time, there were not many online multiplayer games that were as good as World For Warcrafts.

Later in the gaming world, there were many games that came with the same concept and even on different platforms.

The world of Warcraft universe is really wide and to find the WOW best race class combo, you will have to go through a lot of these combos.

Interacting with the non-character players in the game is one of the most amazing things that you can do.

Not only that unique, the major expansions that the world of Warcraft has gone through brought a lot of changes and most of them in a good way. 

Since the debut of World Of Warcraft happened, it have had been the standard for all the online fantasy games that has ever come in the market of games.

Unending battlefields make people hooked to this game and those ancient forest are things that gamers will never forget about the World of Warcraft.

A list of WOW race class combos is given in this article below.

Picking a class is definitely difficult which is why checking the list of Wow race class combos would be a good idea for you.

Once you have chosen your class, you would not be able to change it until you reach level 60.

This is the reason why there are so many articles around the internet about what is the wow best race class combo according to everybody’s own perspectives.

Best/Good/Bad is for the player to decide.

This is just a list of Wow best race class combo that will help you a lot in order to choose the first class.

It totally depends on any person’s playstyle, when it comes to choosing the best class for themselves.

As a casual player or a player that will stick with the game for as long as he can think, calling the class before you get into the game is really important. 

10 WOW Best Race Class Combo

Top 10 WOW Best Race Class Combo Secret Guide
Top 10 WOW Best Race Class Combo Secret Guide

1. Druid

In World Of Warcraft classic, druids are very few in options.

This does not mean that this class is not respected by gamers all around the world.

This class is very flexible and everybody loves it because of that.

What they do not like is the fact that the race department is not that good when it comes to the druid class. 

Tauren and Night elves are two WOW best race class combo.

If you are given the choice between these two, you should definitely choose Taurens over Night elves.

The differences are just fine lines which is why choosing this becomes so difficult.

For every PVP game, it would be better that you choose night elves.

Just you have to choose according to what you are going to play most.

Taurens include +5% when it comes to the health and war stomps.

This is what is really ideal for tanking and many people choose Taurens. 

2. Hunter

A hunter can very well be described as one of the best races and classes in WOW, if not the best race and class in WOW.

There are so many gamers around the world who have been playing World of Warcraft for so long and they have chosen a hunter for a better gameplay for themselves.

It is completely a personal preference to choose a hunter according to your style of playing.

There are so many different Hunters in World of WarCraft.

The night elves are also available as a hunter which can be a great option because of the agility they have.

Dwarfs, are actually a good second option because they have a higher gun skill which allows you to a aim and shoot better.

By the way, for horde, Trolls are the ones that come out the most efficient.

This is when you’re playing the PvE side of the game.

If you are more keen towards playing PVP, you may just choose Orcs because of their increased stun resist.

While the trolls are really good when it comes to playing PvE because of their increased attack speed.

Because of the attack speed, destruction is really quick and it gives the player a lot of confidence.

Damage dealing is also maintained really nicely by these, which is why playing with this becomes easy.

3. Mage

Gnomes can very well be said to be the best race and class in WOW.

Escape artist is a skill that is really important while playing World of Warcraft.

The gnomes have these and their intellect is also increased due to which a lot of things that a character is supposed to do is done already.

What would even be a better option while choosing wow best race class combo?

Humans also fall under the category of Mage but if they are offering too less as compared to Mage.

There is an increased 5% spirit but still they are not as good as how the gameplay is with Gnomes. 

If you are looking for caster though, you would be able to find trolls.

The casting speed and the attack speed is always increased with a troll which is why, for a lot of people, this is also the best class for each race WOW.

To choose WOW best class for each race, it is important to choose the exceptional one which for Mage is Gnomes.

Intellect is the best skill that you should go for while playing the game of world of Warcraft and that is where Gnomes stand really exquisite for a choice of a human. 

4. Paladin

There is an Alliance faction in the game of world of Warcraft.

They only have two options for best class for each race wow.

Each race is important and so is each class. This is why choosing WOW best class for each race gets important.

There are humans and there are dwarves.

Each have their own skill but the humans definitely turn out to be a better choice for best race for each class wow bfa, when it compares to dwarves.

The sword skill of human along with the stealth detection skill makes them a better choice than dwarves.

PvP is much better with humans too. The mace skills also help the humans.

The dwarves are always good for tanking but the humans come out on top when compared for the best race for each class WOW BFA.

5. Priest

The Dynamics that you sign up for while choosing a priest is completely different than any other wow best race class combo.

Each of the race that a priest has unique skills:


One of the skills of the drivers is desperate prayer. This is a skill which allows any player to desperately heal their caster.

One of the disadvantages however, is the fact that it requires 10 minutes to cool down.

If you have no problem with this disadvantage, dwarf can be a great option for you to choose as your wow best race class combo.

The second skill that the dwarves have is to ward a friendly target against fear.

Anybody using the Fear effect is going to fail.

This entire process is going to last for 3 minutes and it becomes really easy that particular point of time to face the problems.


It has the same skills as the dwarves when it comes to casting and cooldown.

The disadvantage is also the same. 

Any successful spell that is cast on a priest is not going to affect it because they will have an anti-magic energy around them.

If they cast one spell themselves, 18 of the attacker’s Mana die and the shadow damage gove them points too.

This is amazing and one of the most trusted when it comes to wow best race class combo.

Night Elf- 

Starshards are the things that can attack your target enemies’ head.

For 15 seconds, a lot of damage will be done to the enemies and it takes only 30 seconds to cooldown.

This means that every 30 seconds, you will be able to rain starshards for 15 long seconds.

Elune’s Grace allows you to avoid damage when you’re hit from a close range.

After every 3 minutes, you can have an extra shield around you for 15 seconds.

It is the skill of using these at their full potential which makes the games of World Of Warcraft really interesting to play


152 shadow damages going to be achieved over the period of 24 seconds if you use the first skill which is called Devouring Plague.

The enemies are affected really badly when you use this and this can help you get an upper hand on the enemies.

Melee attacks are saved from when you use this wow best race class combo.

You get a shadow damage of 8 and the damage caused by your enemy by a melee attack reduces by 2 and this keeps on happening for 2 minutes straight.

This is definitely one of the most amazing skills that any wow best race class combo can have.

6. Rogue

One of the most preferred when it comes to wow best race class combo is Rogue and there are two races under it.

There are humans and there are Orcs.

Humans are great for alliances and there is no way you can get any better when it comes to combating against enemies.

The swords are their go to weapons and their skill set with this particular weapon is really amazing as well.

Humans are always a safe choice when it comes to choosing wow best race class combo. 

Stun resist is a skill that is really required while playing PVP.

These are so ideal for Horde and the pure DPS boost helps in a lot of fights against the enemies. 

7. Shaman

Orcs and Trolls fall under this category and both of them are really good in their own ways.

It is really difficult to choose when it comes to a Shaman.

Orcs, as already mentioned, have a lot of unique skills like blood fury and axe specialization.

These are great to enhance the Shamans and that is exactly what they are doing.

Wow best race class combo combines a lot of classes and races together to find out the best one for your style of playing. 

For PvP lovers, it is so obvious that you would like to choose Orcs as your class. 

8. Warlock

Gnomes is the real option when it comes to warlocks.

They are highly intelligent and the increased intellect can protrude a lot of damage to the enemies which can be proven great in the gameplay.

While playing PVP, you will also get the skill of Escape artist.

It is no doubt that this is one of the wow best race class combo because of all the amazing skills that it comprises of.

Orc and Undead are also there for PvEs and the stun resist skill is definitely the best one while playing player vs player mode.

9. Warrior

Taking into consideration, the tanking warriors, Humans and Dwarves are really good options.

A lot of the increased Sword and mace skills come into play and there is Stoneform for the dwarves.

These are skills that are really important as warriors and it totally depends on the type of game play that you want to have.

Undoubtedly, Orcs will always be the best option for PVP but you can also choose humans and worse if you want to play PVE mode as well.

There is no way that anybody will be able to deny that in the warrior race, Orcs are the best if you are an Alliance based player. 

Taurens are the strongest tanks and if that is your priority you may very well go for them in order to choose Wow best race class combo.

And increased health pool helps them stay strong even after taking a lot of damage from the enemies.

They even hit harder in the wars and you can choose the strongest tanks as your wow best race class combo, very certainly.

10. Dark Iron Dwarves

This is a different sort of a class altogether.

The craftsmanship and experiences that these dark iron dwarves have distinguish them from a lot of the others.

There are a lot of defensive skills as well as attacking skills where they can easily destroy the enemies with their Arsenal of instant abilities that they can take a page out of, and apply on them.

Devastation is the word and just can very well be qualified as one of the wow best race class combo. 

Destroying any opposition with these are really easy because of the massive amount of damage you put on an enemy with every single attack.

These move really quicker than even the normal dwarves. The changes in skills are also drastic.

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