Top 5 Best Hunter Pets in WoW Shadowlands 2023

The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is one of the most widely played games around the world.

Having a pet in this game really helps you fight through the enemies. They are good companions since they also help you to aid during battles.

Best hunter pets in WoW Shadowlands are partially controllable in the game and there are a lot of things that you can do with them.

In order to get the best hunter pet, you have to find them from a lot of vendors, mob drops and quest rewards.

Many players can actually tame the pets as well, which is the process of achieving them by profession.

Auction houses are other places where you can actually find pets in Wow shadowlands.

Even if you are roaming around in the wild, you can capture some of the pets by battling pet enemies.

Here are the 5 best hunter pets (in no particular order) that you would definitely want to have in your World of Warcraft: Shadowlands game.

This list is made according to the need in the game.

Top 5 Best Hunter Pets In WoW Shadowlands 2023

Top 5 Best Hunter Pets In WoW Shadowlands

1. Best Hunter Pet for Leveling

Hunting as a player in WoW Shadowlands requires you to level your power as per the enemies’ powers.

The earlier it is in a battle, the more lethal the strikes are that is the time when you would need a pet to not only aid you but help you in the battle as well.

Just choosing the best hunter pet according to the fight you choose to take, is very important to survive more and experience the game even better.

Wow best hunter pets do not only protect the character but also helps them in the ferocious fights.

For levelling, getting a pet from the cleft hoof family that is ferocious in nature can help you sustain through damages and further initiate damage on the enemies.

Blood of the rhino is one of the most famous effects in the game and that benefits a lot in the fights.

Having a ferocity pet give you a lot of extra abilities that make survival easier. This was for the Beast Masters.

For the non-beast masters, you can choose between a Gorilla, Schleiden and Courser pet.

The ability to defend is commendable in them which is why the damage that the character takes reduces a lot in number in proportion to time.

You can get Gorilla from Strangle thorn Vale in Eastern Kingdoms.

2. For PvE Content

If you want the best hunter pets for PvE content, you could very well go for something from the tenacity specialised pets.

This is because, for PvE content, you will require pets that have a lot of utility.

From the spirit beast family, a lot of the recommended wow best hunter pets can be achieved.

When you face the enemies with a family of cats or from the spirit beast family, you can get a very strong opening strike but it does not make a big difference when it comes to the entire battle that you have to fight with the pet that you have.

Staying alive and dealing damage through that becomes much easier when you have a pet from the tenacity specialisation.

The pool of health that you get in the game for yourself and your pet combines together and helps you stay through the battle longer.

You can also choose ‘Bear‘ if you are a non-beast master. The defensive ability really helps, especially when you are fighting enemies in the forest.

If you are a beast master however, you must choose either a spirit beast or a stone hound. Both of these have different abilities.

The former can give you additional healing all the time whilst Stone Hound can resurrect your pet instantly after it dies.

3. Best Pets in WoW Shadowlands For PvP Content

Best hunter pets wow include pets that are from the cunning specialisation group.

These are pets that give the player extra movement abilities which helps him kill the enemies even faster and while moving around, thus reducing the damage taken.

The Aqiri family is great for the beast masters and chasing down the enemies becomes way easier through these pets.

Rogues and Druids are the most preferred ones when it comes to the Aqiri family.

Obtaining one of them is really easy as well because you just have to reach Silithus, which is in Kalimdor.

Most PVP situations require you to heal quicker and that is the reason why getting a pet with the abilities of mortal wounds is really important.

Grabbing a Raptor or Hyena for these situations where you would need effective healing is the right choice to make.

Porcupine is another rodent pet that can help you do the same.

Considered as one of the wow hunter best pets, these are commonly available in the Jade forest in Pandaria.

4. Best Hunter Pets WoW for Looking Good

Beast masters can have two wow hunter best pets and to find a pet that looks good and goes well as a companion of your character is really important.

This is one of the most difficult choices because not all pets completely transmog with the character that you are in the game.

The older characters are the more unique models and they can be considered as good-looking and popular.

The spirit beast family are one of the best hunter pets in the game because of their amazing glow.

A lot of people have chosen pets from this family because most of them look amazing. Lava Turtles are found in the Firelands raid (Cataclysm).

Having one of them and taming them, can let you have them around the pool, looking as beautiful as they can.

Son of Xolotal is a blue wolf whose model undoubtedly looks one of the best that is available in the game itself.

Finding the best hunter pets for yourself that could make you look even better is not that difficult and pets from the spirit beast family can easily be depended on.

5. Exotic Hunter Pets in WoW Shadowlands

The Exotic Hunter pets are basically the ones that have an additional ability that could help you a lot during fights.

The basic abilities of all the best hunter pets that are available in Shadowlands are to growl, dash and bite/claw/smack.

The extra ability in any pet helps the character get through a lot of enemies easily.

If you take a pet from the Aqiri family, you will be able to get the ability called Dune Strider.

What it basically does is increase the movement of the pet by 30% which makes striking better.

Carapids have an ability called Calcified Carapace. They reduce the damage taken on the pet by a considerable amount.

Chimaera, on the other hand, allows you to attack enemies within 12 yards, every 2 seconds.

This lasts for a total of 8 seconds and a lot of enemies that try to get close to you are destroyed in the process.

Blood of the rhino is a feature that is given to the clefthoof family.

The defensive abilities and the effectiveness of healing is really good for the pet when you have the blood of the rhino ability.

Some families also have unique abilities that you can use in your battles.

Overall, pets are a good companion in the game and can also help you win battles. This is one of the most unique things about the World of Warcraft games.

The pets are given a lot of importance and they can actually help you fight through a lot in the game.

These were the best pets that you can have for yourself in the game for a better gameplay experience.

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