Halo Infinite Twitch Drops 2023 How To Get Free Rewards?

Halo Infinite Twitch drops are finally available for you to redeem and use. If you are into multiplayer games, you would know that using live streaming sites always rewards you with exclusive goodies that can be useful in the game.

It has been more than a month since Halo Infinite has introduced its multiplayer version which is incorporated with multiple customization items available to acquire.

Most of the rewards provided by Twitch are exclusive and limited edition items, available for a certain time only.

Halo Infinite is an attempt by the creators to continue the long-lasting franchise by adapting to modern trends.

This new Halo version is completely free to play and their only target is to build a strong esports presence with passionate viewers.

Fans are anyway going to join the live streams for major events and to watch the gameplay of Halo Infinite at the highest level, still, developers want to reward the fans with Twitch drops so that they continue watching streams. 

What exactly are Halo Infinite Twitch Drops?

When you participate in Halo events posted by Twitch.tv, you receive in-game rewards known as Twitch Drops.

The rewards will be available to you for a limited time and the ways to unlock them will vary from event to event.

So, keep the details of all the events in mind. 

It is mandatory to have a Twitch account for earning Twitch Drops and you have to be signed enter your account while you are on the rewards.

After earning the Drops, they will be added to your Twitch Drop Inventory.

To use these rewards in Halo, you have to connect the Twitch account to the game through Halo Waypoint.

How to Claim Free Halo Infinite Twitch Drops? 

  • Visit the https://www.twitch.tv/drops/campaigns. Sign in with the details connected to your official Twitch account. 
  • Once you are logged in, click on the Connect button (you will find it under the Connection Header). 
  • This button will take you to halowaypoint.com where you will have to link accounts. 
  • Now, come back to Twitch and refresh the page to see if the accounts are linked properly. 
  • When the accounts get linked properly, the Connection tab will turn to “Connected.” 
  • When you start playing the game you will see certain items included along with the requirements to claim the rewards. 
  • Once you fulfill the requirements, you have to visit https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory and click on the “Claim Now” button. 
  • Now you will have the Halo Infinite Twitch Drops added to your account. 

What to do if you Cannot Claim Free Halo Infinite Twitch Drops Rewards? 

1. Check if the reward is listed under Twitch Drops Inventory.

2. Check whether the reward is listed as claimed

3. Bring your mouse pointer over the tick mark underneath an item and see if the text “Game account connected” shows up. 

4. Go to your Waypoint redemption history to check if the items are listed properly. 

5. In case you don’t find a particular item listed under redemption history, you will have to check if your Halo Waypoint Account is correctly linked. To do that you can follow these steps: 

  •  Visithttps://www.halowaypoint.com/ and sign in with the Xbox account you are using currently
  • Check whether you have signed into the correct Gamertag 
  • If you want to access Halo Waypoint in some other way, go to your Twitch Drops Inventory and click on Connect on a Halo reward. 
  • Click on the profile picture and go to Settings
  • Go to Linked Accounts
  • Make sure that your correct Twitch account name is listed and the Status reflects “Account Connected.”

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How to complete Twitch Drop tasks in Halo Infinite? 

The Twitch Drop tasks mainly consist of watching certain channels. The channels are mostly from individual creators who stream content related to Halo Infinite.

Your task will be to watch videos for a specified duration and then you can redeem the rewards. These rewards can be anything like cosmetic items, skins, and special in-game items.

Most of these items are only available for a period of time so make sure to claim free Halo Infinite Twitch Drops as soon as possible. 

Tips To Become A Master in Halo Infinite Twitch Drops

1. Don’t focus on Melee

In Halo golden triangle you will have to face melee attacks along with guns and grenades.

It will still be important to take care of melee in Halo Infinite but you should not be focusing on them much.

Solo missions have bigger arenas than multiplayer and most of the game is set in Zeta Halo open world.

This means in Infinite you will have to kill enemies within close range and that gives them higher chances to kill you. 

2. Use Gungoose for bases and bosses 

The fan-loved Mongoose has been upgraded to a new versatile quad-like vehicle called Gungoose in Halo 3. It comes with a handy and deadly rocket launcher.

This weapon can be very effective when used with the right bumper and your priority should be eliminating Brutes and Elites, clearing Forward Operation Bases.

This way you can clear out many high-value targets. 

3. Unlock Valor

Halo Infinite campaign has introduced mini battle pass for the character of Master Chief to progress.

If you can make your way through the battle pass, you will get access to equipped UNSC Marines, more powerful versions of weapons and vehicles like Gungoose. 

You can also complete side activities to earn Valor.

But remember that bosses and bases might be fun to play but Spartan Cores are easier to grab. However, they will not earn you any Valor points.

So, you will have to destroy propaganda towers and free endangered Marines. 

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Final Words 

We have shared everything to know about Halo Infinite Twitch Drops.

At this moment you can receive rewards like HCS Launch Battle Rifle, HCS Launch Sidekick, HCS Launch MK VII, HCS Launch Assault Rifle, HCS Launch MK V, and HCS Launch Yoroi.

To get Twitch Drops, you will have to tune into an official or co-partner streaming channel.

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