BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date 2022 & Claim your Free Rewards

Battleground Mobile India is all set to release M7 Royal Pass in the coming weeks.

It is surprising to see that players are more interested in M7 rather than M6 Royal Pass.

M6 is already in the market but the talks of M7 has taken over the internet.

A lot of rumours have been circulating regarding the BGMI M7 Royal Pass and we are going to give you all the details about the Leaks of the upcoming Royal pass. 

BGMI M7 RP Leaks

It has almost become a ritual for Krafton to introduce new updates every month called the Royale Pass.

If we go by the information leaked, M7 Royal will come with new items for players.

You must already be expecting headgear in the 5RP and that will be there.

There has also been a lot of discussions about the introduction of a new plane skin.

And get ready to explore a new map in the Arcade mode.

Most probably the name of the map will be kept Aftermath and we can see its leaked images everywhere. 

BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date

Gamer geeks have already started anticipating the BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date.

If you are into this game, you will know that the Royal Pass is updated twice every season.

A season of BGMI continuous for 2 months but the Royal Pass of the game only lasts for 1 month.

This makes the calculation very easy. 

The M6 Royal Pass was released on 20th December 2021 and it will expire within one month, which is 19th January 2022. So, the expected BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date is 20th January 2022. 

As soon as Krafton announces the official date, we will update you. 

New Events in PUBG Mobile/BGMI

The upcoming rewards and new events in PUBG Mobile/BGMI have excited fans about M7 more than M6.

You get a lot of new items and rewards at a minimal price.

The media reports have stated that PUBG mobile and BGMI are planning to collaborate with various influencers, brands and games in this year.

People were very thrilled when rumours about BGMI collaborating with Squid Game started circulating.

Yes, you heard that right the game will now have added Squid Game modes and events. 

Another interesting collaboration the developers are talking about is the much-hyped team up with Marvel Studios as they had recently released the most awaited movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Apart from these, there are many new surprises planned by BGMI for this year. 

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Upcoming M7 Royal Pass Rewards

The updates are not very clear or verified yet but players can definitely expect to camp in a tree in the classic mode.

Anyone who likes camping will really enjoy this and the campers will have the advantage to identify enemies from the top of the tree.

This way the No Way Home mode will become more interesting. 

One update that fans were desperately waiting for was 50RP sets and the new set is supposedly coming on the horse.

Although the detailed information is not yet available, we will update you in a few days.

The usual Mythic set will be available at 50 RP and players can get Archer Dance at 15 RP.

All these leaks are creating more buzz for the new release of M7. So, are you ready for new events in PUBG Mobile/BGMI.

BGMI M7 Royal Pass Price

The M7 Royal Pass has attracted a lot of attention because of the minimal prices set for everything in the game.

If we believe the leaked information, players will only have to pay 360 UC to purchase the Elite Royale Pass, whereas, the Elite Royal Pass Plus will be available for 960 UC only. 

Another good news is that even if you do not buy Elite Royale Pass or Elite Royal Pass Plus, Krafton will give you an additional gift certification worth 60 UC.

During this season if you manage to cross rank 30, you will get a coupon worth 60 UC which you can use for buying next Royal Pass M8 in February 2022.

There are also rumours that if you invest BGMI M7 Elite Royal Pass and manage to get upto RP rank 47, they will gift you a ticket worth 60 UC.

You can use the ticket to buy the upcoming Royal Pass. 

M7 Royal Pass New Outfits and Skins

It is expected that in recent times at RP1, one player will have the opportunity to get the Goth Aviator Set. This is nothing new but still exciting.

The players can get a DP28 skin called Midnight Lantern.

After reaching RP5, players can access the Goth Aviator Cover, which is a headgear matching the outfit they will get at RP1. 

RP10 comes with Gold Porcelain Helmet and it gives a very rich look.

It is also a good match for the RP50 outfit players will get later in the game.

When at RP15, players will have access to the avatar of the outfit which will be given to them at RP50, in combination with Stun Grenade Skin that comes with specs of gold all over it. 

RP30 gives badges bike skin called Gold Porcelain to the players.

You can use it for the two seater motorcycle and make your enemies jealous.

At RT 40, there is an M16A4 skin called Golden Jade that gives a very aesthetic look.

And, finally at RP50, players can enjoy the Desert Warrior set, which is an icon among all the avatars.

There are definitely a lot of rewards to look forward. Apart from the mentioned items, you will also have access to silver, crate coupons, an outfit, gun skin, and a free emote.

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Final Words

M7 Royal Pass has successfully created the buzz around it with all the rumours.

It will definitely be very exciting to see whether the creators are actually working to make the rumours true.

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