How to Buy WoW Gold in the Cheapest Price 2022 World of Warcraft Gold Buyer

Any World Of Warcraft player knows that the currency of the game comes in three parts – Coppe, Silver, and WoW Gold.

After the inflation in WoW, silver and copper have become less useful and are only relevant in the first few levels.

Hence, throughout the game, you will need a lot of WoW gold. It is only wise that you look for cheap WoW gold

The game gives you a lot of ways to earn WoW gold like completing quests, selling items to vendors, killing enemies, sometimes going rogue and pickpocketing enemies, and also selling items at the Auction House.

You know that among all the methods, selling your items at the Auction House is the most efficient way.

The other acquisition methods will take a lot of time to earn a considerable amount of gold.

Where to buy WoW Gold? 

You should know the best places for buying WoW gold so that you do not get scammed.


No, this is not the mythical city of gold you are thinking of, Eldorado is ranked among one of the top websites to buy WoW gold.

There are a lot of in-game currency trading sites but Eldorado makes it to the top of our list.

Anyone in search of a good place where they can find genuine WoW gold for sale, should check out Eldorado first.

This site has been present for 10 years and has built a name for itself in the market of in-game trading and sales, not only for World Of Warcraft but other games too. 

We all know how difficult it is to earn a considerable amount of gold, so buying WoW gold only seems a feasible option.

Not to mention, how crucial classic gold is in the World of Warcraft.

You need them to purchase upgrades, weapons, materials, and other necessary items.

The game gives you ways to earn gold by farming, looting your enemies, or selling your possessions to vendors.

But websites like Eldorado help you in WoW gold buying in exchange for real-world cash, so that you don’t have to spend hours playing the game.

There are different prices listed among which you can choose the ones best suited for you. 

2. InGame Delivery

If you are wondering where to buy WoW gold and equipments, InGame Delivery is another place you can check.

The logo of their page might give you the perception that it is dated, but it is one of the most trusted sources for trading WoW gold outside of the game.

This website is built by a group of friends who were struggling to get a fruitful amount of in-game gold.

The best part is along with cheap WoW gold, you can also buy top-notch equipment sets.

This will make sure that you don’t have to open the game every day and complete daily tasks to keep earning gold. 

3. G2G 

G2G always has WoW gold for sale, which you can directly buy without a middleman and without you having to negotiate the price.

What makes G2G very secure is the Game Protect feature that gives you 100% protection from fraudsters as you can check the seller’s rating and reputation before buying WoW gold.

That way the chances of getting scammed are reduced.

They have exciting offers which are hard to resist.

G2G sells 14,650 WoW gold for under $25 and with this purchase, you can earn about 500 G2G points, which again can be used to buy goodies from the G2G store for exciting gameplay.

This site allows you to do virtual payments, so even if you are into unusual methods of payment you can use that in G2G. 

4. iGVault 

Founded in 2006, iGVault is a secure way to buy cheap WoW gold with real money.

You can find some of the cheapest prices and a great stock of gold so that you can play World of Warcraft with all kinds of benefits.

What makes iGVault so accessible is that no matter whether you are playing the game at 2 a.m. in the night, you can buy gold 24/7, along with active customer service to help you through every step and solve your queries.

Transactions happen very quickly in iGVault and you get the deliveries in only 10 minutes after placing the order and making payment. 

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How to buy WoW Gold? 

Any World Of Warcraft gold buyer must know how to buy WoW gold online. 

1. You have to browse through the WoW gold offers and see what suits your budget.

2. Choose the amount of gold you want for the game.

3. Click on the “Buy Now” option and make the payment in whatever method you want. 

4. After the payment is successful, a chat box will appear where you can have a conversation with the seller directly. 

5. The seller will guide you through the steps on how the gold will be transferred to your account. You can follow them and you will possess the gold in no time. 

6. Once you have gotten the gold, the order gets marked as “Received” and you can leave feedback about your experience. 

What to use the WoW Gold for?

To make the game more realistic, WoW has an item durability period.

After a point of time with excessive use of an item, it starts degrading and once the durability falls to 0, you won’t be able to use that item anymore.

The repair cost can go up to 100 gold an hour. So, you will need a lot of WoW gold

Another use is to buy BoE. You will need this to supplement your build till the time you are able to farm BoP equivalent.

The gold can also be used for crafting materials and reagents, own high-end mounts, and for consumables. 

Final Words

Many websites on the internet lure you into buying their services, but it is wise to be cautious because you are using real.

Definitely check out the websites we have mentioned to purchase WoW gold within your budget.

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