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Pet Sim X Tier List: If you have been looking for a Pet Simulator tier list, you would be very happy to know that you have landed on the right page.

Pet Sim X Tier List is given in this article which is supposed to give you all the information you need to know in order to differentiate one pet from the other.

Not only that, this article is going to give you a lot of different tier lists that will prove beneficial for you, while playing the game.

The game mechanics as well as the better way to play it is also going to be mentioned in the article below and you should keep reading it.

After having read this article, you would have all the information that you need to know before beginning your journey in the pet Simulator X game.

Without a doubt, this article is not supposed to just give you the information about the pets tier list but also something that is going to help you in the long run.

To term this a beginners guide would definitely not be the right thing because you will realize that once you have more tier lists about different things related to the game, it will be even easier to figure out what to do and what not to do in the game.

I am a gamer, blogger and a YouTuber that has been working upon the gaming niche for a long time now.

Needless to say, I am also a roblox fan, which is kind of common among gamers.

The main point being the fact that this article is well-researched and a lot of time has been given to formulating this article.

As I also like to do, I test those games first-hand, in order to know if the detail I am giving is worth sharing or not.

This is the reason why this article is something that you can totally trust and as already mentioned, this is all you need to know before starting off the game and also while having played the game for a few months.

Pet Sim X Tier List is also mentioned in the article below which a lot of you have been looking for.

Pet Simulator X Details

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to know about the game itself before you know about the other things such as the pets and the currencies.

This game is also commonly referred to as PSX, as an abbreviation, and is the third in the pet simulator series.

One of the most important things that you need to know is that this game is about collecting coins and gems which will then enable you to unlock powerful weapons which is definitely beneficial and the point of the game, anyway.

This game actually went through a few controversies in the past.

A game franchise that is so popular in roblox minted a series of NFTs that were sold saying that the people purchasing those NFTs will get the pets that are available in the art as well.

As you already know, this game is all about collecting coins and gems in order to unlock more pets and this was an offer that the developers thought, cannot be rejected at all.

Since there were many pets included in the NFTs, a lot of people were even keen to buy it but mostly, the community backlash that it has been getting really stirred up a lot of controversies to the point that the game became content deleted on March 27, 2022.

The game was back in a little time, yet this happened back in a day, even though PSX is one of the most loved games or franchises, to be precise.

The main reason for the outrage was the fact that a lot of people believe that all these are art scams and the environmental harm that was caused by NFTs was also taken into consideration, in the debates.

In other words, BIG Games (developer in roblox) has faced a lot of backlash due to allowing people to own the pets that are featured in that NFT.

Not only that, they will also be able to get a lot of in-game benefits which became an offer too difficult to refuse. 

Roblox was released in the early winter of 2006 and ever since then, a lot of people have played this game and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Not only did people play this game, but also a lot of people have developed games which other people played.

It would not be unfair to say that this game gave a lot of creative heads a chance to make mini games that are enjoyable.

If you keep reading this article, you will also be aware of a lot of things including the PSX Exclusive Value List which you must have an idea about.

This game is from a very popular franchise, a lot of people have played this game till date which is the reason why I presume that you have been looking for better ways to play this game as everybody else, who has landed on this article.

A lot of people had drawn parallels of this game to Pokemon and fans cannot agree more. 

The gameplay mechanics of Pet Simulator X in roblox is very simple where you just have to collect a lot of coins which will allow you to buy eggs, which you can thus hatch.

After hatching those eggs, you will be able to own new pets and those are completely random.

All the pets that are designed for the game are extremely charming and you would actually wait for one of those pets to hatch, so you can collect them and keep them in your collection. 

What is Pet Simulator X Wiki?

Being a fan of roblox, there is absolutely no chance that you haven’t really heard of Wiki pages.

There are many Wiki pages for many different roblox games and Pet Simulator X also happens to have a wiki page.

The main purpose of these Wiki pages is to give a community to all the players in order to discuss and get ahead in the game without much hassle, whatsoever.

From list of best friends as well as all the eggs that can be found in the game is mentioned in the Wiki and basically it is supposed to give you all the information you need in order to play the game in its full potential.

This is the best performing game that has been made by BIG Games and the fact that it is so easy to play and also incredible at same time, this is played by many gamers around the world.

If you also have an idea as such, you may very well try creating a roblox game that could be the next big thing in the platform.

You must be wondering if roblox has been made more than 15 years ago, how is it still relevant?

Well, the main fact behind that is it has many games inside of the platform, Roblox.

This is the reason why when more and more games keep on releasing for this platform, the relevance stays intact and not a lot of things change.

Roblox is definitely one of the most revolutionary games to ever exist.

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Pet Sim X Tier List 2023

A tier list is very important for you to know which are the most valuable pets that are available in the amazing game.

Pet Simulator X actually has a lot of pets for you to discover.

To create a list for the most beautiful pets that are available in the game is a matter of your personal taste but a list for the most valuable pets can easily be formulated since the values are properly mentioned in the game as well.

Undoubtedly, this Pet Sim Tier List 2023 Value is going to prove very beneficial to you and is given in the article right below:

  • Rainbow Huge Cat: 38 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dragon: 31.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dog: 27.5 Trillion
  • Huge Cat: 19.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Easter Cat: 14 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Storm Agony: 10.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Santa Paws: 10 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Easter Cat: 10 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dog: 8.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dragon: 8.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.7 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Forest Wyvern: 7.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Santa Paws: 7.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 7.4 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 6.95 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Lucky Cat: 6.7 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Super Corgi: 6.4 Trillion
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: 6.35 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Forest Wyvern: 5.95 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pony: 5.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 5.7 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Lucky Cat: 5.6 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Sleipnir: 5.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 5.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Super Corgi: 5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Storm Agony: 4.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Sleipnir: 4.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Floppa: 4 Trillion
  • Huge Santa Paws: 3.8 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Festive Cat: 3.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Floppa: 2.8 Trillion
  • Huge Storm Agony: 2.2 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Festive Cat: 2 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Backed Cat: 1.15 Trillion
  • Huge Dragon: 1.05 Trillion
  • Huge Dog: 1 Trillion
  • Huge Forest Wyvern: 700 Billion
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 670 Billion
  • Huge Lucky Cat: 600 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Cupcake: 600 Billion
  • Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 550 Billion
  • Huge Pony: 540 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Pixel Cat: 400 Billion
  • Huge Super Corgi: 350 Billion
  • Huge Sleipnir: 340 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hacked Cat: 320 Billion
  • Huge Festive Cat: 300 Billion
  • Golden Huge Cupcake: 225 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Hell Rock: 150 Billion
  • Golden Huge Pixel Cat: 185 Billion
  • Huge Hacked Cat: 105 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hell Rock: 40 Billion
  • Huge Cupcake: 65 Billion
  • Huge Pixel Cat: 65 Billion
  • Huge Hell Rock: 15 Billion

This was the Pet Sim Tier List 2023 Value you needed and this is entirely all that is for you to know before starting off the game or even if you have played the game for a few months now.

PSX Exclusive Value List was mentioned above and you can definitely choose what to use and what not to have in order to make the best out of your gameplay experience.

Hope this Pet Sim X Tier List 2023 has been of help, to you, as a Roblox gamer. 

Pet Sim X Legendary Pets Value was also mentioned in this particular list and a lot of them do not cost as much as pets that aren’t legendary.

Being in the community for long, I could understand why Pet Sim X Legendary Pets Value was so needed for people to have an idea about.

Who doesn’t want to own a legendary pet that is supposed to give them a lot of fun in the gameplay, prior to getting one.

You can try buying legendary pets or hatch them from eggs that you collect in the journey of the game. 

Pet Simulator X Glitched Immortuus Value

Glitched Immortuus is one of the most rare pets that belongs to the Mythic category.

It can be obtained by various different ways that are available in the game of Pet simulator X.

There are four main variants that you should look out for and those are Normal, Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Matter.

This particular pet is really rare and is considered to be the fourth strongest Mythic pet, available in the game.

To be precise, 1 million diamonds would be needed in order to get the rainbow version of this pet. This was the Pet Simulator X Glitched Immortuus Value.

How to get this pet is to hatch it from a Glitch egg and these eggs can be obtained by unlocking the Glitch zone which demands a lot of coins.

A lot of people have been looking for Glitched Immortuus and that is the reason why this particular pet needed a different heading, altogether. 

Normal: 100,000

Golden: 250,000

Rainbow: 500,000

Dark Matter: 1,000,000

This was a PSX Exclusive Value List for Glitched Immortuus that you must know if you are aiming to have this particular pet in your collection.

Undoubtedly, it is rare and very beneficial.

Pet Simulator X 404 Demon Value

This is yet another rare non-hacker pet that can be obtained hatching a hacker egg. This is kind of surprising how it happens.

It can be termed as one of the most powerful pets available in the game which becomes even more powerful when it is evolved to Dark Matter. 

If the dark matter version of the pet is what you want, it is going to cost you 5 million diamonds in the game.

This is only for that particular version. The hacker Gate has to be unlocked in order to obtain a hacker egg which can give you a plethora of pets and 404 Demon could be one of them.

Hacker Portal Biome is supposed to be unlocked in order to unlock the hacker gate and that is going to cost 10 billion Tech Coins as well as five hundred thousand diamonds.

Hacked Raccoon and Hacked Cat are two other pets that you can obtain after hatching a Hacker Egg.

Here is Pet Simulator X 404 Demon Value that you need to know:

Normal : 250,000 diamonds

Golden: 5,000,000 diamonds

Rainbow: 2,000,000 diamonds

Dark Matter: 5,000,000 diamonds


What is considered to be the best pet in Pet Simulator X?

Empyrean Dragon is one of the most valuable pets that is available in this game and is considered by many as one of the best pets available in the game.

What is the one most valuable code you can use in Pet Simulator X?

1mplus300k is considered to be the working code that is going to give you two ultra lucky boosts. These can be used for your benefit and to get a boost in the game that you might have never got before.

How to get a Huge Dragon in Pet Simulator X?

This is indeed one of the most asked questions because the way to get a huge Dragon is a really complicated way and not what you think. If you purchase the Dragon Plush from the official shop of the Big Games Developers. You are technically buying a plushie but it also comes with a tag attached that is going to be the redeem code in order to get a huge Dragon pet, any of them.


This game has been one of the most enjoyable games that has been released for Roblox.

Big Games really did a good job with this game and the gameplay which basically revolves around collecting coins and gems that is beneficial for you to unlock certain places in the game’s map as well as get new eggs from those places which eventually will give you new pets.

It almost becomes like a thing of beauty when you collect the pets you really want.

If your choice is based on looks, you can check out a lot of youtubers that have created tier lists on their channel and that way, you have a proper idea about the pets and can also choose which one you want in your list of pets collected in the game.

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