Secret Tips How to Get NonStop Game Tier List 2022?

NonStop Game Tier List: Want to know about the tier list of the NonStop Game 2022?If yes, then this article will provide you an overview on the entire tier of the game as released till now.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the NonStop Game tier list with the description of each hero of the tier so that you could choose your character wisely. 

I am a gamer and a professional content writer since 2012, I have been following this game since it was released and therefore I am providing with the description of the characters of the entire tier list of the NonStop Game as released by the developers till today.

All Heroes in NonStop Games Ranked 2022

NonStop Game is a role playing game in which you have fight evil by collecting heroes.

The game was developed by Seven Pirates and is available for both android as well IPhones.

In the game, there are a total of 200 heroes of which you have to create a team to defeat the monsters in the game.

In this article we have divided the heroes into different tiers as per the strength of the heroes.

Among the tiers, the characters of S Tier is the strongest and that of the D Tier is the weakest among all the tiers.

Given below is the NonStop Game Tier List with the description of the skills and abilities of different heroes of the cyberpunk RPG:

NonStop Game Tier List 2022

Nonstop Game S-Tier

Meteor DiegoMeteor Diego is the best character in NonStop Games that can be purchased from the in-game shop or can be unlocked by completing certain quests and events in the game.
IcebergIceberg is the second-best hero in NonStop Games that can be best selected for any battles and fight as a frontline hero in the game.
Battle AngelBattle Angel is also the best hero with good attacking and healing skills.
PandarPandar is an awesome warrior with the best fighting skills.
KananaBest when it comes to attacking the enemies but lacks in defence.
VictoriaVictoria works best when combined with Pandar and Iceberg in the game.

Nonstop Game A-Tier

BlakeOne of the best heroes with a very good healing mechanism but quite weak when the enemy has silence or stuns.
PhoenixEasily available, lack in support and attacking skills but have the best silence.

Nonstop Game B-Tier

MusashiOnly suitable to be selected in the early or mid-game due to lack of abilities.

Nonstop Game C-Tier

Raymen the Silver WingLooks overpowering character but has very low attacking and damaging skills.
FalconFalcon is a semi warrior ranger and has average skills.

Nonstop Game D-Tier

LightningThese are the weakest characters or heroes in NonStop Game and we suggest you not go for them as they do not stand up to the required skills and abilities in the game.

If you want to find the best heroes among the NonStop Game Tier List so as to gather the characters which can make your team strong with their skills and abilities:

  • Meteor Diego – This is one of the supreme character in the game with which you can defeat any monster.
  • Battle Angel – This is also considered as one of the best character with an extremely odd skill to heal and simultaneously attack the enemies with its tremendous power.
  • Iceberg – Iceberg is considered to be the second most powerful character after Meteor Diego and you must have this character in your team to make your frontline strong.
  • Kanana – Kanana is a character which can do your team a lot of good by attacking enemies but the disadvantage of this hero is that it has the lowest defence among the other top heroes..
  • Pandar – this character is considered to be a great warrior who can fight with its full power till the end.
  • Victoria – This hero has a fantastic sync with the heroes of top tier especially with that of Iceberg and Pandar.

The next-best characters from the NonStop Game Tier List are given below:

  • Phoenix – This character comes with a rare quality to attack silently and therefore the enemies may not see him coming.
  • Blake – This hero has most remarkable character of healing similar to that of Battle Angel.

Final Words

NonStop Game is a role playing game which as gamer you should try to play because of its exciting features in which you can explore the world map and battle around the world.

You would love the game because of its amazing 3D feature which makes the game different from others.

As said you have make a team of powerful team with various abilities and skills so as to defeat monsters and win battles so as to complete the different challenges of the game.

In this article, we have given the NonStop Game Tier List so that you can select the strongest of the characters in your team and move on the way to conquer the game.

You can bookmark our webpage to get more updates about the upcoming heroes of the game as we post it in our website as and when released by the officials. 


How can I download the NonStop Game?

The game can be downloaded in both Android as well as IOS devices. To download the game in android devices, you may visit the Play Store and to download the game in IOS Devices, you may visit the Apple Store.

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