Love Island The Game 2 Gems Guide 2022 & Free Tickets

While playing Love Island The Game 2, you are going to come across two different kinds of currencies.

The most common of these are gems. Gems in Love Island The Game 2 help you in getting access to some exciting clothes, accessories, and more.

It is worth mentioning that these elements certainly have a great role to play in the game, especially in terms of competition. The other type of currency is Tickets.

Tickets in Love Island The Game 2 help players to resume playing various episodes in the game.

As you would expect, the stories in the game are split up into different episodes as well as seasons, just like it is in the show. 

One question that pops up in most heads is how to get more of these gems and tickets?

To help you out, we have mentioned below an extensive guide composed of various Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats that will help you get the maximum out of the game. 

For all the Lucas and Bobby fans, we have also mentioned a quick Love Island Game Season 2 Lucas Walkthrough and Love Island Game Season 2 Bobby Walkthrough towards the end. So make sure you don’t miss that.

Now without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

About Love Island The Game 2

Love Island The Game 2, as the name suggests, is the game of love.

It is based on the popular reality show named Love Island.

Just like the show, players are going to be around various other males as well as female contestants in the game, who are competing against each other in the search for love.

Love Island The Game 2 is largely driven by this storyline only so if you are a keen watcher of Love Island, you are certainly going to enjoy every bit of this game.

And even if you are not, you must get ready for this experience like no other.

Well, what’s better than finding love amidst a gorgeous island, right?

This simulation game has been gaining a significant amount of popularity and love these days and well, we wouldn’t expect any less.

As a player, you will need to make some conscious choices in the game that are going to directly impact your virtual love life.

Generally, the storyline revolves around you meeting different kinds of people, conversing with them, as well as trying to build a healthy relationship with them.

In the middle of all this, the crucial part remains to make some significant choices and eventually, choose one of the Love Island The Game 2 Characters as your final partner.

The developer of this popular game is Fusebox Games who has also given rise to a couple of more simulation games, similar to Love Island The Game 2.

Nonetheless, out of all of them, the one that truly stands out is Love Island The Game 2 which also received an incredible response from a large number of players.

Moreover, you will be able to download and play the game on both Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

Love Island The Game 2 is available for download right now on your Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. 

Love Island The Game 2 Gameplay

The gameplay of Love Island The Game 2 is pretty easy.

The game first begins with you choosing and personalizing your character.

You will need to select your character’s hairstyle, body colour, and so on.

After that, you will need to deck up for a ‘sexy’ dancing challenge.

In case you wish to try out some fashionable outfits, you will need to pay through your gems. 

You are going to start your love island journey with a total of twenty gems along with fashionable outfits, hairstyles, as well as some other stuff that are going to cost only less than 20 diamonds. 

There is a range of volumes available in the game featuring numerous episodes that players will need to finish off.

Every episode in Love Island The Game 2 gets unlocked through tickets.

When you start your game, you will be provided with two tickets.

It takes a couple of hours to attain a single ticket. Moreover, the maximum number of tickets that you will be able to get is two. 

The Love Island The Game 2 initiates with the player as a girl passing into the challenge.

In case you end up making all the correct choices, you are going to discover your true love almost in an instant.

Once your majestic entrance has been done, you are going to come together with all the dashing characters individually.

Nonetheless, you will get to meet many gorgeous female characters in the game as well, just sometime later.

You will be given the power to pick the guys you like and make them fall head over heels for you.

This type of situation will need you to concentrate entirely on the personality of these characters.

While we won’t give you any spoilers, one thing that is promised is a lot of fun, fanciness,  spice, and romance. 

Love Island The Game 2 Characters

Love Island The Game 2 Characters are unique, interesting, and hard to resist.

It should come as no surprise that these Love Island The Game 2 Characters are the core element of the game.

There are a total of 24 characters in the game, each one featuring some specific attributes.

Let’s take a quick look at the names of all the Love Island The Game 2 Characters:

  1. Hope
  2. Lottie
  3. Hannah
  4. Henrik
  5. Jakub
  6. Jo
  7. Kassam
  8. Priya
  9. Shanon
  10. Marisol
  11. Gary
  12. Noah
  13. Rocco
  14. Ibrahim
  15. Bobby
  16. Lucas
  17. Arjun
  18. Blake
  19. Carlels
  20. Chea
  21. Elijah
  22. Elisa
  23. Felix
  24. Graham

Love Island Game Season 2 Best Guy

Out of all the characters, we must say that Gary deserves to be called the Love Island Game Season 2 Best Guy in our opinion.

While a lot of other Love Island The Game 2 Characters are pretty basic, Gary is one of the characters that are built to stand out.

And there are many tangible reasons why we consider him to be the Love Island Game Season 2 Best Guy. 

First and foremost, Gary loves working out. Interesting? Well, there’s more. 

His dressing style is similar to a lumberjack! All that body feels like a great product of a healthy eating routine along with some heavyweight training.

Whatever it may be, when in Love Island The Game 2, all eyes are on Gary!

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Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats | Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks can always work like magic for any player and game regardless of how long you have been playing.

The following Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats will not only help you get started on the game but also prove to be beneficial for the overall enhancement of your gaming experience: 

  1. One of the key Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats is not to waste your gems on stylish dresses or other trivial choices as you would require them for much more significant decisions. There are going to be many other special chances when you would desire plenty of gems. 
  2. Keep in mind the primary storyline of the game at all times and make your choice on that basis. This will help you to get a better number of hearts and create a decent impression. Try to move on in the game just naturally. 
  3. All the Love Island characters have a specific personality. It would be better that you don’t miss out on the storyline as it gives you a little insight into the personality. A single wrong decision can get you rejected by many guys. 
  4. The game makes you understand the fact that one can’t keep everyone around them happy. So in case you end up making some wrong decisions, remember that you can influence them and fix them by some other means as well. 

Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats For Gems

Gems in Love Island The Game 2 play a great role in the game by helping you shape your love life.

They will also help you discover some of the most hilarious as well as craziest secrets.

In case you aren’t spending your gems in the game at the correct time, you may end up having a nasty experience.

Apart from this, you may also receive a bad emoji cloud from your beloved character.  

We would recommend you to choose the option of gem conversation only with those in-game characters that you most certainly get along with and the ones you truly love. 

Our best Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats is that you save these gems for the most desirable point of time when you have a do-or-die situation.

In simple words, you must use these gems only when the non-gem choice is a big no-no.

This will give you a great opportunity to impress your favourite character in Love Island The Game 2.

This means that you don’t give in to all those fancy clothes and accessories or waste your gems on characters that you aren’t even that into. 

The following are some Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats that will teach you how to get gems through a legitimate means in the game: 

By purchasing gems

Although it may be a frustrating task to spend actual cash on a game, the fact is that it is the only way through which you can obtain large quantities of gems in Love Island The Game 2.

If you wish to have the option of all premium conversations, it will be adding up fast enough. However, it is not recommended. 

By earning gems

Once you are done with one chapter of a story in the game, you are going to be offered a gem in an instant as a bonus.

However, you will also have the option of watching an ad and earning an additional diamond.

This will double the number of gems that you earn by playing.

Click on the pink-coloured box of “Get Rewards” as soon as you finish off a story chapter. 

We advise you to do this after completing every story chapter as it is going to be a great opportunity for you to earn gems reasonably. 

Let’s now move on to the last method, which however we wouldn’t recommend to any reader. 

By hacking gems 

There is a range of dodgy applications available on the internet these days.

These apps claim to help you get free diamonds as well as passes for the majority of mobile games. 

The catch here is that you are most probably going to get your Love Island account banned by using such apps or sites.

This is because these apps are usually frauds or scams.

They try to steal the credentials of your user account including the password and by doing so, they wish to gain access to your money.

They make money by having you install some other malicious applications by asking for a premium amount. 

Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats For Tickets

As compared to gems, tickets are relatively tricky and tough to attain especially free of cost.

Through the bonuses from everyday login, you will be able to earn some free tickets to Love Island The Game 2.

So make sure that you are logging in to the game every day to get these free bonuses. Collect these tickets always, even if you don’t plan on playing that day. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is the sole way through which you can get tickets to the game free of cost.

Apart from this, there is always the option of quests or you can spend your gift card from iTunes of course. 

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The Bottom Line

Players must bear in mind that Love Island The Game 2 revolves around creating the right personality as well as finding a suitable partner for yourself.

Now, this is something that is entirely your responsibility and no one is going to help you make your choices. 

Love Island The Game 2 provides the users with an incredible experience of getting to know different types of people and dealing with them in distinct ways.

One good part about this game is that it does not function according to the energy system that would take a long while to refill.

You will be able to save your game progress simply by connecting it to your Google Play or Facebook account. 

The game is overall exciting and enjoyable. By using our above-mentioned Love Island Game Season 2 Cheats, you can get yourself gems and tickets in the game with great ease.

So wait no longer and start your love island journey right now! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some good Love Island Game Season 2 Bobby Walkthrough tips? 

If you wish to interact with Bobby in the game, some Love Island Game Season 2 Bobby Walkthrough tips can help you get through him.

Bobby is an interesting, yet vulnerable character. He likes opening up so you must be kind around him. Whenever possible, you must keep flirting with him, smiling and winking at him, and laughing around him. 

How many Love Island The Game 2 Characters are there in total? 

There are a total of 24 Love Island The Game 2 Characters in the game. You can read their names above.

Who is Love Island Game Season 2 Best Guy? 

Gary, in our opinion, is Love Island Game Season 2 Best Guy. He’s well-built and has an interesting personality. Apart from him, Henric and Lucas are some popular Love Island The Game 2 Characters as well.  

Is there any Love Island Game Season 2 Lucas Walkthrough?

A quick Love Island Game Season 2 Lucas Walkthrough can truly bring you at ease especially if you haven’t ever tried his route. 

With Lucas, you can expect a generous amount of kindness as well as flavour. Apart from this, some deep and wholesome things are assured as well. While you will often find Lucas prioritising himself, you must not take him to be selfish. He’s just assertive.

The last tip of our Love Island Game Season 2 Lucas Walkthrough is not to make him jealous. In case you aren’t loyal to him, he is certainly going to break up with you in an instant. So you better be careful. 

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