Marsaction Infinite Ambition Guide 2023 & Best Tips How to Become Pro Player

Marsaction Infinite Ambition: If you have been looking for Marsaction: Infinite Ambition Beginner’s Guide, you are at the right place because this article is going to give you all the information about the game and how to begin with it.

Without any doubt, this is one of the new games that is rising to popularity and a lot of different people are coming to know about it lately.

Being available for iOS as well as Android, this game is getting a lot of votes on the stores and most of these are positive reviews which goes to say a lot about the game.

After having read this piece of article about Marsaction: Infinite Ambition Beginner’s Guide, you would not feel the need to look for another article.

The main reason behind this is that this article is not only about how to begin with Marsaction Infinite Ambition, but also all the other important things you need to know about this article.

In my experience, this game is one of the best survival games that is available on the major stores for downloading applications and games.

Knowing about this game more will allow you to get updated with all the things that you would need to know if you are interested in this game and chances are, you are interested because you clicked to see a beginner’s guide which is very well present in the article below.

I am a blogger and a YouTuber that’s an expert on the gaming niche.

I like researching games because it brings me joy and lets me share my research with people too.

This is the reason why this article can be whole-heartedly trusted by you whether it be Tricks & Strategies to Build an Elite Squad and Annihilate the Swarms or random facts about the Marsaction Infinite Ambition smartphone game which is so far from getting out of the spotlight.

Keep reading the article and you will learn a lot of things about the game.

Marsaction Infinite Ambition Beginner’s Guide

Developed by Lexiang, this is a survival game which is set in a very unique place which is one of the most interesting parts about this game.

Humans have been working on colonizing Mars for a long time and after years of waiting and getting better with the plan, they made homes in the red soil.

They were living in peace and harmony with inhabitants already existing on Mars but the peace was disrupted soon.

The game begins with you having to take battles up against the inhabitants that are coming after you.

As already mentioned, this is a survival game and one of that genre’s finest, at least considering it’s a smartphone game.

Using little strategies and being aware of what’s coming your way can help you a lot in winning games and making the best out of the gameplay experience that this game has to offer.

There are some very important basic tricks that you need to keep in mind which are as follows:

Consider Joining Alliances

Joining an alliance that will allow you to gain as many awards as possible to improve the gameplay is one of the greatest Marsaction: Infinite Ambition tips and tricks you can apply here.

Let’s examine the advantages you will obtain by joining an alliance.

When you join an alliance, you will receive extra prizes and advantages. When you initially join an alliance, you receive 100 Power Stones.

You would be able to improve your position in the game by receiving assistance from the alliance members.

Talk to other players and swap tactics to make your entire game better.

Take over structures in the map to get wonderful advantages and make the gameplay much better than it already is.

Overall, this is one of the most important tips you need to keep in mind while beginning the game.

Fight in Advantageous Battles

You can compare your power to that of the adversary before engaging in combat with their monstrous beasts.

The game advises against engaging in battles where your strength is inferior to that of your adversary because doing so increases the likelihood that you will lose.

However, if your strength exceeds that of the opposition, you are free to engage in combat without fear because it’s almost assured to you that you will prevail.

So, as our Marsaction: Infinite Ambition guide hints, only engage in combat if it is truly advantageous.

Exploration Mode

While rescuing the survivors stuck in various locations on Mars, the red planet, you will expand your base of operations while in exploration mode.

You will come across more adversaries in the exploration mode, and you will need to engage them in combat with your team.

A progress indicator that displays the proportion of the progression you have made in the Exploration mode will be visible after the mode has begun.

You have finished your exploration and unlocked a new region to your base so you can expand it when the progress bar hits 100%.

By conquering the nearby, uninhabited regions of Mars, you can increase the size of your base.

Entering “Exploration Mode,” which enables you to move your heroes and mecha army outside of your base to conquer said locations, is necessary to do this.

Make sure you have enough strong soldiers before you begin. If your “hero force” or military power ever falls short, the game will alert you. 

To gain control of the area in exploration mode, you must complete every mission.

Among them are freeing prisoners of war, turning on signal lights, and eliminating swarms.

Simply click on any of these tasks to direct your army there. Once your army is moved there, soldiers can be saved and stations can be quickly reactivated.

Recovering soldiers also increases the number of mechas in your army, which enables you to defeat Swarms successfully.

Swarm encounters fall into one of two categories.

You only need to direct your army to a Swarm nest once to engage them in battle, which will start right away and end quickly.

The other encounter is similar to a boss encounter, except this time you command your heroes.

Your heroes begin using their skills in a boss Swarm battle when the bar beneath their health meters is full.

Every time heroes deal damage, the skill meter is refilled.

You can manually or automatically activate skills (this option becomes available later on in the game).

Attack and use skills continuously until the boss Swarm’s HP is depleted.

If your command center is at the proper level, you can move into the cleared area once all missions have been completed.

If your command center has not yet been improved, you must obtain the necessary resources, which are shown in the upgrade menu.

Command Center

The level of the Command Center largely determines how many things you can accomplish and unlock in the game, therefore upgrading it is one of the best Marsaction: Infinite Ambition gameplay tips that every player can employ.

In any case, you should upgrade it because it will boost the march size, the force and resource building limit, and a lot more in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition.

Apart from these, there are definitely more things that you need to know about colonies, heroes, enemies and camps.

The adversaries are the next thing that requires constant focus on your part.

Enemies have the capacity to flood your region in this game. They can move themselves from one location to another, but it is advised the players to focus on the core of their game.

You will have a greater chance of thwarting enemy attacks if you can position yourself in the center.

I advise that all players move to the middle since you can teleport to wherever you wish to hide from the opponents.

Your best bet will be to make it early on in the game. Since colonization is crucial to this game’s plot, the colony is the main issue that each player should be thinking about.

As a new player to Marsaction: Infinite Ambition, you should be aware that Colony—the hub of activity on this Martian planet—is where you can get anything from the game.

As a Marsaction: Infinite Ambition beginning, it is also possible to move the buildings you have chosen, and you will have the opportunity to do so with ease.

Because there is more room offered for having buildings in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition, it is imperative for a player to try their best to expand their area from the game as a novice.

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More about Mecha forces, Heroes and Enemies

Marsaction Infinite Ambition
Marsaction Infinite Ambition

The primary military forces on Mars are mechs. They are the most crucial component of both the security and military might of your base.

Power must always be maintained with a full stack of mechanics.

A military structure called the Mecha Factory is where robots can be created.

You can produce more mechas at once the higher the factory’s level.

Additionally, you can increase the factory’s production rate by upgrading Pipeline I using captain skills, Cyborg Tech Inc. research, and passive hero skills.

There are mainly 4 different kinds of Mecha that are available in the game and it is only going to help you be aware of all the mechas and what any particular one is strong against and which one is it weak against. Here is the list:

  • Mobile: Strong against Aircraft and Vehicle. Weak against Infantry.
  • Infantry: Strong against Mobile and Vehicle. Weak against Aircraft
  • Aircraft: Strong against Infantry and Vehicle. Weak against Mobile
  • Vehicle: Only useful feature is to transport resources. Weak against Mobile, Infantry, Aircraft.

“Heroes” are uniquely named characters that take part in battle in Marsaction: Infinite Ambition. Heroes, as opposed to Mecha Forces, have abilities that they can use while in battle.

Heroes can be classified as DPS, Tank, or Support. DPS heroes are crucial for dealing a lot of blows to foes because they concentrate on attacking them.

Tanks are strong, heavy characters who can take a lot of damage, allowing DPS heroes more room to strike.

Finally, support heroes give other heroes active advantages during battle, such as HP restoration and momentary attack improvements.

You can expand your roster of heroes by acquiring a set number of pieces of a particular hero.

For the hero “Grace” in the aforementioned scenario, you need to unlock eight Grace components.

Hero components can be acquired by mini-games or warping in the spaceship (which is a gacha-like system).

Existing heroes can also be improved in a variety of ways. They can level up and gain stars, both of which greatly improve their stats and might even unlock other skills.

In this article, learn more about upgrading heroes in Marsaction.

Tricks & Strategies to Build an Elite Squad and Annihilate the Swarms include knowing your enemies really well and that way, you can go into a battle without thinking twice about a new strategy for you would have already formed a strategy in your mind beforehand when you are aware of what you can expect.

Territory expansion is exactly what you are supposed to be totally going for, in the game since that is the main objective.

The unoccupied portion of Mars can be occupied in the game by you and you must look out for the best ways to do so.

If you have been looking for a Wiki page that’ll give you all the news and updates regarding this game, I am happy to tell you that there certainly exists one.

If you want to get better at the game faster, you can use codes at your own risk. Have a nice time playing this game to its full potential.


Can I play Marsaction on my PC?

Yes, by downloading an Android emulator on your Windows/Mac device, you can download the game after going to the Google Play Store and play it on your PC.

How do I change “region” in the game?

A little not-so-likely suggestion to this would be to create another character and during doing so, select the “region” of your choice. You may want to change your region for better match-making or if you are just curious to see what other regions have to offer.


This is one of the most amazing survival games I have come across that is available for smartphones.

Boasting over 41,000 votes on Google Play Store and over 5,000 games on the App Store, Marsaction: Infinite Ambition is as good as it gets.

There are huge chances that you have heard the word about this game’s uniqueness and excellence and that is why you want to try it yourself.

Go for it because you’d not regret one bit of it. Recruiting heroes, expanding territory and upgrading characters to their full potential are few of the things you need to do in the game.

Hope you learnt a few things from this article and you enjoy playing Marsaction!

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