Godus Beginner Guide, Map tips and Cheats 2022

Godus beginner Guide: Godus is a game developed by 22Cans, where one plays like a god and has to build the land.

Hereby there are various voyages and tasks that one has to perform as one is bestowed with the power.

Once you have saved people from drenching by constructing a beach, the player is worshipped as their god. 

The people are the responsibility of the player afterward. Now you must be wondering how many worlds are there in Godus.

So there are two different worlds in Godus that are Homeworld and Weyworld. 

Your people will aim to lighten up the Beacons, open up the Weyworld and perform the same activities as was being done in the Homeworld.

Though there are some constraints in the Weyworld as the player can’t construct anywhere he wants. 

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on some interesting Godus Tips and Godus cheats.

Especially if you are new to the game, this Godus beginner guide will help you start your voyage. 

Let’s get started.

Godus Beginner Guide 

Here is the Godus beginner guide. Players must read all the below-mentioned Godus tips to learn how to play the game. 


There are only two followers in the beginning. Now, one needs to free up land to start with the construction.

By double-clicking on the rocks, one can start freeing up space.

Keep in mind to keep the followers busy, otherwise, they can be dead due to idleness.

You can also add health to the follower by clicking on him.

They don’t die in homes. After a while, a flying object can be seen.

Underneath it, there are chests where the player can discover cards.

By double-clicking stones, trees and wolves can be cleared.

Lowering and raising the relief can be done with a double click. 


History of the People is saved in this book. Initially, there are two followers in the deserted land and then it ends by conquering the entire space.

For development, the player needs to obtain the Progress Cards. Without these, your world can’t be developed.

These cards can be developed from all the card items found in the world.

The album comprises all the cards that are there in the game irrespective of whether they have been found or not. The discolored ones are not in stock. 

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Some eras or ages act as stages in the game. The followers will be guided by God through these stages.

All the epochs will have their target for the progression of their civilization.

The centuries are split out into different periods. To move to the subsequent period, one needs to open four Progress Cards.

All eras and periods of the current are documented in the index of contents Album. Here is the name of the periods: 

  • Primitive age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Philosophical Age
  • Age of Empires
  • Middle Ages
  • Age of Discovery
  • Industrial era
  • Age of Science
  • Atomic Age
  • Information age
  • Iron Age
  • Space Age


Faith is the prime resource in the game which is produced by followers.

It is needed to change the world in the game and use the strengths of God.

Faith accumulates over the city statues or houses. It develops at different levels, that is the higher level means more faith.

The development of the Faith can be done in two ways, either by special followers or by curbing the of God for the welfare of the follower.

Godus Strategy Guide

The first stage in the development of the people is called the Primitive Age.

The prime objective of the player as a God will be to lead the population to the landmass, build the space and work on the settlement of the city by increasing the population.

The population is the prime component for the advancement of the city as only a huge population can. 

In the Bronze age, various storms start to pass through the Homeworld, with lightning winds, heavy downpours, and winds.

But these storms destroy the dwellings. To fix the demolished dwellings, one needs to get the follower from a close dwelling. 

How many worlds are there in Godus? 

In case you don’t know how many worlds are there in Godus, the answer is two. These are Homeworld and Weyworld.

What are Progress Cards? 

Cards are the main in the gameplay. All of them are spotted in the album.

With these cards, the followers can be facilitated through different centuries.

They provide God Power and new houses and other dwelling structures. 

To understand the Godus tips and the godus beginner guide, you need to look into the understanding of the maps. 

The division of the Maps are as follows:

1. Resource Cards 

These cards are required to unlock the other available cards in the game. 

2. God cards 

When this card is received, then God’s ability is revealed and the resources are also revealed to the follower who receives these cards. 

3. Progress cards 

These are needed to facilitate the followers from one century to the next century, formulate various elements of the game like increasing the faith, opening new dwellings.

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Godus Voyages 

In various stages of the game, one has to go through multiple expeditions, each of them having a different level.

Each voyage has its rewards. Some of the expeditions are to be completed in the first week and then some in the second.

After the first one, three of them are unlocked. These rewards can be used in the homeworld.

Voyages like the Godus Arctic expedition, Swamped, Azure Archipelago, and burning isles are some of the names. 

Godus Treasure Temple

Next in our Godus Beginner Guide is Godus Treasure Temple. 

For all those who are wondering about the godus hidden monuments then you must be aware of Godus Treasure Temple locations.  

It is a hidden temple that is found underneath the first hill to be affected.

As its name says, it has an abundance of treasure buried beneath it. 

Many players often hop to the Godus Beginner Guide to search for the Godus treasure temple locations.

We have provided a piece of brief information about the same below. 

Godus Treasure Temple Locations

The Godus Treasure Temple is concealed under the first mount, so it’s not easily found. 

Beacon of Expansion 

On the mountain where the treasure is hidden, a beacon is placed on that same hill.

The godus temple of treasure can be found southwest of it.


Farms already exist in the world of Godus. So the treasure can be found in the Northwest direction of the Large Farm.

You can also look for the treasure in the Northeast direction of the Medium Farm.

How to repair Treasure Temple Godus? 

If you wish to know how to repair Treasure Temple Godus, you must first understand that a lot of time is required to repair the hidden godus treasure temple.

A total 12 hours of repair work as well as 8 workers are required for repair work. 

One can’t find the Godus treasure temple locations manually.

It is only when the level of the game increases when continuing playing, the Godus treasure temple locations are revealed.  

Godus Treasure temple won’t build 

Before you start with Godus Treasure temple repair, keep in mind that a base has to be built first as the temple is buried in-depth where the workers can’t go.

A road has to be constructed first. After the road is built, the workers can go there effortlessly and start with repair work.

Godus Treasure Temple won’t build before 12 hours. 

When the workers need rest in between then some other workers are sent for the work as the same workers won’t work continuously for 12 hours.

After the temple is fixed, you would be awarded 8 stickers and 15 gems. 

Godus Strategy Guide and Godus Cheats | Godus Tips

1. Boosting the workers 

It is important to regularly boost and keep a watch on the boosting option. Workers must be boosted regularly.

It should be done so that the workers don’t get tired.

If this happens then the projects take a longer period to be accomplished and they might also sleep in between

Sometimes one might also need to trade in gems to boost the workers and wake them up if they sleep.

To keep the followers at full productivity and happy, it is suggested to boost them regularly. 

2. Not to use leashing unless required

Leashing is used to give orders to the follower to work on a specific site.

Believe is used to order the followers to a specific date for work.

If the work has to be done in general then don’t use leashing.

If some work needs some work needs to be done priority use leashing only then. 

3. Use God seed

With God’s seeds, you can place trees near the followers’ homes.

The happiness level will be incremented by using the Rain of Purity once it is obtained.

If the followers are not kept happy then they will leave you and they’ll go to Astari. It’s important to keep a check on them. 

Wrapping Up The Godus Beginner Guide

That was all about our Godus Beginner Guide. We hope that these Godus tips or should we rather say, Godus cheats will be helpful for you. 

The game is really interesting with so many features and also easy to understand. The construction work and managerial.

Work has to be done properly to have an upper hand.

Keep in mind that when clearing the land more belief will be lost as you go deeper.

You can use Rain of Purity on Crop Fields for faster growth of the wheat.

This is an amazing way to keep the starving followers full during hard times. 

To get more Belief, it is important to

place the trees with a strategic plan. 

The Godus Homeworld secrets have been revealed to you in the above Godus Beginner Guide. 

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