Micro RPG Best Guide 2022 | Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to Protect the Kingdom 

Looking for some easy Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to protect the Kingdom? Our Micro RPG Beginner’s Guide is here to help! 

Micro RPG is an interesting endeavour in the role-playing genre of games. From firing a bow to swinging a sword, there’s only so much for you to do in the game.

The concept is clean, new, and exciting as ever! With traditional gameplay, the game features a unique gaming experience that is hard to miss out on. 

Nonetheless, it may get a bit tricky to understand some parts of the game especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

You may find it easy to tackle in the beginning but confusion will start to flow in once you move past a few levels.  

This is why we have decided to step in and guide you through the process.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on some effective Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to Protect the Kingdom and enhance your gameplay. 

So stop feeling intimidated and let’s dive right into our Micro RPG Beginner’s Guide. 

About Micro RPG

Micro RPG is supposedly a simple, yet tricky game where you have to protect the kingdom under invasion.

All the knights available in the kingdom have gone off on a holiday and thus, it is the responsibility of a mixed team of ambiguous heroes now to deal with the invaders. 

These assembled heroes are going to travel across different regions in the game where they will conquer their opponents here and there.

At the same time, they must keep in mind that your chosen hero doesn’t get harmed.

There is a range of weapons available for you in the game so it is up to you to decide the best one if you wish to win the fight. 


The tricky part of the game starts when you have to deal with a large lot of enemies.

For many of them, you will need to set particular targets but you will only have some specified turns in each level to finish off the enemies.

The weapons in Micro RPG do not only inflict damage but can also coerce your opponent to change positions as per your wish.

This not only helps in controlling the crowd but also for attracting some opponents towards the direction of other opponents’ attacks.

As a result, it will prevent your hero from getting harmed in return. 

The game may look complicated but once you are well aware of what you need to do, it will feel like a breeze!

The good part is that the gameplay in Micro RPG often keeps repeating itself.

This means that when you quit the game for a short break, you will be able to pick it up exactly where you left it off. 

With the right guidance, you can master the Micro RPG game in no time.

In the following sections, we are going to take a look at some effective Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to protect the kingdom and boost your gameplay. 

Micro RPG Beginner’s Guide

To help you protect your kingdom against the invaders, you must be well aware of how the game works.

We have mentioned below all a thorough guide that will help you get started on Micro RPG:  

1. Rumble In The Ring

In the Micro RPG game, you will find a total of five different worlds available for you to complete and each one of these features 10 levels.

In levels of this game, you are going to be positioned in the centre of a ring with your opponents surrounding you.

The ring is going to be divided into 24 different segments where each segment further has 6 sections.

The player will have 15 total turns to finish all the objectives before they lose their prevailing attempt. 

Your selected hero will be using three weapons for tackling all the opponents around him.

The weapons can be classified as:

  1. Short-range weapons 
  2. Medium-range weapons
  3. Long-range weapons

All of these above-mentioned weapons feature a specific attack angle/arc that swirls in the clockwise direction.

Once an attack feels completely ascertained, your hero is going to attack all the opponents only in that particular angle. 

Moreover, players must keep in mind that for each attack that they execute, the damage is going to rise linearly for every attack.

For instance, if you are dealing with three opponents at a time, your first attack is going to result in 100% damage, the second one will result in 200%, whereas the third one will result in 300%. 

As mentioned earlier, weapons in the Micro RPG game have the power to make your opponents move in a specific direction.

This is an essential aspect to keep the enemies crowded at a place for a probable combination. 

The good thing is that your character is always going to give great priority to the weaker opponents instead of the more powerful ones.

This will make sure that the bonus damage, in the end, is going to kill them all in a single blow. 

Larger combos will provide you with bonus rewards as well.

For every category, you are going to unlock a fresh set of weapons and duplicated weapons when you level up the prevailing ones by unlocking chests. 

Micro RPG Weapons 

Let’s now take a look at all the different weapons in Micro RPG and what all they do. 

Short-range weapons 

Short-range weapons in Micro RPG will be aiming at two or three sections in the circle.

These will work as a go-to weapon for you when fighting with melee-oriented opponents.

The opening short-range weapon that you will have as well as your initial weapon in the game, in general, is going to be a sword.

It will push your opponents back a bit. 

Medium-range weapons 

Medium-range weapons in Micro RPG can aim at the two central sections in the ring.

They are used for thinning out troops of melee as well as ranged opponents.

The preliminary medium-range weapon that you will have in the game will be a hammer.

It features a sharp curve that will divert your enemy towards the right when you blow it on them.

You can also use the hammer for whacking your opponents in the first couple of sections, however, in a tight space.

Long-range weapons

Long-range weapons in Micro RPG are the ones that can aim at a final couple of columns.

In simple words, you can target distant opponents through these kinds of weapons.

But since it is too far from the middle point, it may be a bit difficult to hit at the right place.

You must be very careful because the arc moves very swiftly. The initial long-range weapon that you will get in the game will be a bow.

It brings your opponent closer towards the middle so that you can whack them off easily. 

2. Chests And Challenges


You can use the Rubies you earned for purchasing chests in the in-game store.

The store also provides the players with a complimentary chest every day which they can unlock for additional duplicates of heroes as well as weapons.

You will also have a great chance to unlock new weapons and heroes through these chests. 

Chests in the Micro RPG game are organised into different rarities where each one offers greater cards as well as better opportunities for fresh items.

Red is for rare kinds of chests, blue is for uncommon kinds of chests, as well as brown is for common types of chests. 

The pattern of free chests in these rarities moves in a fairly stable manner.

So you can simply wait for a while to unlock the red rarity and get yourself a fresh weapon. 


The game also features an interesting event that pits the selected hero against a range of harsh monsters.

This will help you reach the global leaderboard in the game.

You will require a key to unlock this challenge.

When you start the game, since then, you will be restricted to only three keys. 

To keep things favourable for everyone, both your weapon stats as well as hero stats are going to be normalised.

No upgrade is going to work here.

The score in these events will be specified by gems and not rubies.

You will also earn gems when you survive a specific wave or perform combos of more than 4 monsters.

Some random weapons can also provide you with a 5% raise of gems. 

The primary objective is to acquire as many gems as you can before the hero gets devastated.

Just like any other regular mission, you will be able to revive your hero after defeat as well.

However, only the initial revive will be free and you will have to spend Rubies for other revives.

Once the challenge ends, all the scores are going to be calculated.

And as per your leaderboard rank, you are going to earn a certain amount of rubies and gems.

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3. Men And Monsters


Collecting heroes is as simple as unlocking weapons in the Micro RPG game.

To get either of these, you can head to the chests and make use of duplicates for ranking them up.

And as you proceed, their health is going to rise. 

Your introductory hero is going to be Theobald. He is a peasant, featuring 10% odds of preventing melee attacks.

Hero unlocks as well as weapon unlocks are both associated with world advancement.

As soon as you finish off a world, you are going to add a new hero as well as a fresh set of weapons to your collection.

The following are a couple of heroes that you will get towards the beginning of your game: 


Just like Theobald, Lora is also a peasant in Micro RPG.

However, unlike him, Lora features a 10% probability of preventing ranged attacks rather than melee attacks.

You will be able to find her from the chest from the beginning itself.

Lora is a great choice to take up if ranged opponents are troubling you.

It is worth mentioning that many ranger opponents often strike harder as compared to their melee equivalents. 


Nash in the Micro RPG game is a thief with a 10% odds of winning additional coins after knocking off the opponents.

He is a great choice to consider if you wish to generate money.

Once you finish off the preliminary world in the game, Nash will be unlocked for you as a reward. 

All of the heroes in the Micro RPG game can be used in any world that you have unlocked.

During missions, any damage that they take is going to compile.

As a result, later missions in the game may get a bit difficult for you if the hero has taken a lot of damage. 

With time, these heroes will be regenerating any health that they lost in a mission.

You can also speed up the process by using coins or by watching a video advertisement.

This will help you in restoring 50 health points instantly.  


Opponents in the Micro RPG game will be deploying their turns for changing positions based on the attack.

And once they are set at a favourable distance, they will hurt you in an instant. 

These opponents are classified into three different groups which further have their dub-groups. Let’s have a look. 

  1. Melee opponents

The first kind of opponent in the game is Melee opponents.

They can be further divided into two different categories- Regular as well as Charging melee opponents. 

  1. Ranged opponents 

Ranged opponents feature two sub-categories as well.

However, in the general sense, both of these have a common weakness: when these enemies are whacked by a weapon exactly before their attack, they will be left shocked and terrified.

It won’t make them miss out on their turn, however, they certainly end up losing their attack. 

These can be divided into two different subgroups namely Regular as well as Area ranged opponents. 

  1. Support opponents 

There is only one support opponent which has been seen so far.

He is a mage-like opponent and only one attack by him can result in petrifying your hero and losing your turn.

Fortunately, he can do so only at a melee distance. 

  1. Daily Challenges 

The Micro RPG game also features some Daily Challenges for all the players.

These are provided by the king. Every day, you are going to find a total of five of these missions.

Once you finish them all off, you will need to wait for 24 hours to get the new challenges.

Some examples of these challenges can be finishing off a mission with a specific weapon, finishing all the missions, attaining a particular combo, etc. 

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Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to Protect the Kingdom 

The following are some important Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to Protect the Kingdom during your gameplay. 

  • Give priority to immediate dangers. In simple words, you must focus on the opponents that are placed within a short-range. When they are about to strike, instantly hit them and transfer their attack elsewhere.  
  • Make good use of weapons. Remember that you can only inflict damage through weapons but also move your opponents around through them. Use this advantage carefully and constructively. 
  • Stay vigilant at all times. You never know when an opponent can decide to sneak up and scare you. They won’t always be predictable and hence, you must be prepared for the worst.
  • Unlock new weapons through chests. Weapons like Chestnuts, Double Axe, and Hatchet are great weapons that you can easily find in chests. Except for Hatchet, both the other weapons are short-ranged. Hatched, on the contrary, is a medium-range weapon. 
  • You must keep in mind that you can always head back to the former worlds and acquire extra coins and tokens from there. Moreover, you can also practice there for a while if you have just unlocked a new hero or new weapon. 


The Micro RPG game isn’t as complex and hard as it looks.

Once you have understood all the crucial tips and gotten used to the gameplay, the game will be as easy as ever! 

And with that, we sum up our Micro RPG Beginner’s Guide.

All the above-mentioned Micro RPG Tricks & Strategies to Protect the Kingdom are proven and effective.

If you follow them carefully and rightfully, you will barely face any trouble playing this eventful game. Have fun playing! 

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