Raid Shadow Legends Guide & Best Gameplay Tips

Raid Shadow Legends is a powerful, rich strategy role-playing game that features a bunch of elements to uncover and master on your late-game journey.

It doesn’t matter if you are someone spending plenty of money and time in the game or someone firmly opposed to it- both ways, you will have to admit that Raid is quite famous.

While money can be a crutch in the game or make the progress difficult, if you’re creative and ready to put in the effort, you can play Raid for very little money.

That’s why we wanted to make a Raid shadow legends guide.

This article will be helpful to play with total confidence in various modes, with big champions, and much more.

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What are Affinities?

Raid: Shadow Legends features several layers of complexity, nonetheless, Affinities are the foundation of it all.

It majorly affects how powerful units are at combating other types of enemies. The first in this Raid: shadow legends guide is a list of affinities and their interactions:

What are Affinities?
  • Magic (Blue): Strong to the Spirit (Green), weak against the Force (Red)
  • Spirit (Green): Strong to the Force (Red), weak against the Magic (Blue)
  • Force (Red): Strong to the Magic (Blue), weak against the Spirit (Green)
  • Void (Purple): Equally strong in every situation

It will be a lot simpler in the long run if you know to always pick the Affinity they will fight the toughest against.

How does Champions work?

If you have noticed or listened to something about Raid: Shadow Legends guide, you would know the importance of Champions in this game.

You must assemble the best squad of characters possible and face off against terrifying foes. You start with two Champions, however, you can add more by collecting Shards at the Portal.

This will give you a better chance at various potential quality levels:

How does Champions work?
Mystery ShardAncient ShardVoid ShardSacred Shard

It’s better not to invest too much money in the Common Champions you’ll obtain at the onset of the game; instead, invest in Epic, Legendary, or Void.

These champions are much more difficult to come by and replace.

You can further utilize Fusion to develop an original Champion with a greater rarity by mixing four specific kinds of Champions.

But bear in mind that keeping Epic or Legendary Champions is always a good idea, so don’t mix any cards you just have one copy of.

What Are The Best Artifacts In Raid Shadow Legends?

Next in Raid: Shadow Legends guide, we would like to tell you that artifacts are essential things that give your Champions buffs.

Quests and campaigns may be used to claim them, and they can be updated or traded for Silver:

What Are The Best Artifacts In Raid Shadow Legends?
Artifacts In Raid Shadow Legends
  • Champions can use six Artifacts
  • If you use more than a single Artifact of a particular set, it gives the Champion buffs
  • Basic sets give an effect if you equip two articles of that particular type
  • (For instance, Life gives an HP buff of 15%)
  • For advanced sets, you need to equip four articles, but their effect is way powerful
  • As you will update the Artifacts, they will earn bonus effects

It’s worth acting sensibly with your Silver, just as it’s with your Champions. You must not run to upgrade every item you receive just because a better one is coming out soon.

How To Use Masteries In Raid Shadow Legends?

It is feasible to specialize your selected Champion if you use the scroll resource through a caravan of upgrades known as Masteries.

As you would know, this is only worthwhile with Epic as well as Legendary Champions. It will definitely be a waste of time to do so with a Common.

In Raid: Legends of the Shadows, that’s how Masteries work:

How To Use Masteries In Raid Shadow Legends?

Masteries enable you to unlock the upgrades of three different sections –

  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Support

When you will unlock these buffs, you will be required to possess Scrolls. Scrolls can be purchased in the store, and you can also earn them by a raid in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

Masteries are an outstanding way of preparing your Champions to be more directed and grinding them towards the precise part you wish them to play.

Uses of Gems, Silver, and Energy

In Raid: Shadow Legends, it’s almost difficult to get by without utilizing the currency in the game. The following pointers tell how they all work:

  • Artifacts are upgraded with silver.
  • New Champions are summoned with silver.
  • To get as well as upgrade your mine, you will need gems. This will also provide you extra gems that can be utilized to purchase Ancient Shards as well as several more currencies in the store.
  • Gems may be purchased in the shop for real money.

On top of that, there’s also energy, which is a reserve that you’ll need to spend while undertaking almost any quest or task.

It regenerates up to your limit, so make sure you use up any extra energy above that. And if you don’t, you won’t be able to take advantage of the regen. You can also purchase energy from the store for gems.

Regular quests and challenges will win you a lot of these currencies, so make sure you complete them all. It’s also worth mentioning that the shop sells XP boosters, potions, and Clan Boss keys.

How Many Game Modes Are In Raid: Shadow Legends?

In Raid: Shadow Legends, you can gain significant currencies to upgrade the selected Champions by playing in various game modes. Here’s how it works:

  • Campaign: The main plot, in which you have to combat your way through a caravan of increasingly hard stages to free Telleria from the shadow
  • Dungeons: Every Dungeon has two stages of fighting the opponents before fighting a final boss – keep in mind that Dungeon bosses are more difficult than the ones in the campaign.
  • Faction Wars: Here, you will have to choose a Crypt and fight through several battle stages.
  • Clan Boss: To do this, you must first enter a Clan and then buy a Clan Boss key. This will allow you to play against a formidable opponent in exchange for some good rewards.
  • Arena: This is where you’ll battle other players for prizes if you win.

It’s worth noting that Campaign is the best mode if you are just starting. You will want to skip the others until you have a decent range of Champions along with a few upgrades. Only then, you would want to move ahead.

Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide

Battles in Raid: Shadow Legends are easy at first, but they can become more difficult as you advance. However, there are several things to remember while fighting every battle:

Raid: Shadow Legends Gear Guide
  • Make good use of buffs and debuffs. Specific attacks and abilities will buff or debuff your units, and applying a debuff at a good time is the most efficient way to gain a victory in tough battles. It’s how you defeat a formidable opponent and punch beyond your weight class.
  • Whenever you get the chance, unlock Masteries. Some Masteries have special advantages over particular opponents if you can unlock them, so they’re worth getting when fighting certain enemies.
  • Items aren’t to be overlooked. The buffs you can receive from specific sets can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Keep cooldown in mind. Attacks and abilities possess cooldowns, and it’s important to account for them in any tactic you employ against an opponent so you can strike them when it’s most effective.
  • Synergy: When using your team’s abilities, keep in mind that successful fighting is all about synergy and integrating abilities into strong combos.

Aside from these aspects, Raid fighting is very stat-focused, so you’ll need every advantage you can get to conquer it.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of approaches to get begun in Raid: Shadow Legends. If you prefer free-to-play or are willing to spend some money, here are some of the best early-game tips that we would like to provide in our Raid: shadow legends guide:

  • Make long-term investments. If you’re going to spend valuable currency on Masteries or any type of equipment, just keep in mind that it’s on a Champion you’ll use again.
  • Don’t forget about your daily missions. Completing them will earn you a lot of currency, and not doing them wastes your potential growth.
  • Unlock the gem mine. If you wish to play the game for a long time, getting the gem mine as soon as possible when gems accumulate should be a top priority. Needless to say, gems are a valuable currency.
  • Rewards: Certain incentives, such as double XP, are more successful when claimed later in the game, so wait until you require them.
  • Don’t waste. Raid: Shadow Legends is overall a currency game, and if you want to play successfully – and for free – you need to save resources wherever you can, whether that means not wasting any Clan Boss keys on unwinnable battles, unnecessarily losing the Champions, or upgrading any Champions that won’t make it long.

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Guide 2023

Before we go on, to sum up, the Raid: shadow legends guide, here’s a shortlist of quick do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind before leaving for your powerful gaming journey.


That wraps up our Raid: shadow legends guidefor you to play the game like a pro. If the game appeals to you, you can easily download it on your device from Google Play or the App Store. Keep in mind the above-mentioned Raid: shadow legends guide and all the tips and tricks that we provided. Best of luck!

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Is it true that having three stars in a campaign rewards you with better artifacts?

No, regardless of the number of stars won at the end of the stage, the nature of the rewards remains the same.

Do changes in aura stats affect total or base stats?

Only the Champion’s base stat is affected by the aura stat. This holds for stat percent from Great Hall bonuses, skill, equipment, and mastery as well.

What are some of the best starting champions?

Some of the best and most highly recommended starting champions are Kael, Athel, and Elhain in the increasing order.

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