100% Working Free Fire Diamond hack 99999 Diamond 2023 Free Legit

Free Fire Diamond 2023 Working 99999 Diamonds: Are you in search of a Free Diamond Trick for Garena Free Fire? Well, you’re just at the right place.

As you would know, Free Fire is one of the most popular games today and Diamond in the game helps all the players to make their Free Fire Gaming experience even more exciting.

Simply put, you can purchase a lot of costumes, elite passes, characters & many other items which help to provide you a better gaming experience.

However, does Garena Free Fire make Diamond in the game available free of cost? Of course, not. This is where the Free Fire Diamond Hack comes in.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple and easy Free Fire Diamond Hack 99 999. Let’s begin!

Free Fire diamond Hack 2023

We are going to provide you with a free fire diamond hack and guide you on how to hack diamonds using an exclusive trick of free fire hack diamond.

Using this trick, you will be able to learn how to hack free fire diamonds 99999 by using the free fire diamond hack generator which gives simple free fire 10000 diamonds.

This is the latest free fire diamond hack generator 2023 which functions as a hack with no human verification. You can try using it if it works for you.

Moreover, for this hack, you do not need to have any kind of special skills nor do you need to make any root and jailbreak.

You easily get 100% valid information to create unlimited resources for your game.

What is Free Fire Diamond?

What is Free Fire Diamond
Free Fire Diamond Hack

Diamonds in Garena Free Fire are one of the in-game currencies which are typically seen in almost any other battle royale game that you play.

This currency helps you in purchasing any and almost every kind of crazy stuff in the game such as royale passes, bundles, gun skins, outfits, costumes, and many more items of Garena Free Fire.

If you are someone who does not wish to waste their extra pocket money on any gun skins or cool items in the game, then here, we provide you with a cool free fire diamond hack that will help you fetch some diamonds in the game completely free of cost.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999

  • First and foremost, you will need to head over to the provided website called “Free Fire Diamonds Generator Tool”.
  • Now it will require you to type in your username for your Facebook or Google Play account. You can choose whatever suits you.
  • Now select the platform where you play the game on which will be Android or iOS.
  • Then choose the number of diamonds that you wish to have.
  • Now tap on Generate.
  • After this, you will need to finish off the human verification to successfully earn unlimited free diamonds in your Free Fire account.
  • Lastly, go on to launch the game and check your Free Fire account if you received your free diamonds or not.

Note: Before you go on to use this hack for your official Free Fire account, try creating a fake account in the game first and then follow the above-mentioned step-by-step instructions.

In case you can get your free diamonds without any difficulty in your fake free fire account, then you can go on to use these steps for your original account as well and you’ll successfully earn free fire diamond hack 99,999.

Legit Methods to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free 2023

1. Weekly or Monthly Membership

Weekly or Monthly Membership
Free Fire Diamond Hack

Garena Free fire also provides its users with the service of user premium membership, in which players get to have a lot of benefits as well as certain special in-game rewards.

As per Diamonds Top-up, one can get different huge discounts on buying diamonds from Garena free fire top-up, if you have subscribed to a premium membership in the game.

Apart from this, you also get to have some free diamonds through your weekly or monthly membership, here you will get an S-VIP card.

You will be receiving 60 diamonds daily if you have a weekly membership which means that you will be having a total of 420 diamonds by the end of a week.

For the monthly membership, you will be receiving 2000 diamonds.

2. Use POINTSPRIZES Survey Website

Points Prizes rewards

With PointsPrizes, you can earn points by completing online surveys, watching video ads, and doing simple tasks for consumer research using the website or the mobile application.

You can then redeem those points for anything in the PointsPrizes rewards catalog, including free Google Play Claim & Use in game to buy Free Diamonds without any money.

Other options include cash, gift cards for other retailers or restaurants, and merchandise.

Google Play Claim

3. Online Surveys

Google Opinion Rewards
Free Fire Diamond Hack

The easiest and most ideal way to earn free fire diamonds free of cost is that you can receive some free Google Play credits by filling out different online surveys and then purchase free fire diamonds with the benefit of that earned money.

In this, some applications that offer online surveys can assist you to top-up diamonds entirely free of cost without having to spend a single penny from your pocket.

The following are some of the best applications for an online survey in 2023:

4. In-Game Events

In-Game Events free fire
Free Fire Diamond Hack

The game developers of Garena free fire are always coming up with various new events on special occasions, such as on festivals and every month.

Taking advantage of these events, you can collect many kinds of in-game rewards including free outfits, emotes, characters as well as diamonds.

Owing to these events, players in Garena free fire are also provided with separate gifts for purchasing diamonds.

An example of this can be the Free Fire Diwali Event where players were able to receive many free diamonds along with Free Fire emotes and gun skins.

All you need to do is stay alert for these kinds of new events and participate and finish off those events.

5. Free Google Play Credits

Google Opinion Rewards
Free Fire Diamond Hack

A lot of times Google Play gives out free credits to its users which they can use to purchase anything and almost everything from the Google Play Store or in-game currency.

In this manner, you can try waiting to receive your free credits when Google play adds some credits to your Google account.

Moreover, you can also use try using some valid and working Google Play Codes to receive free credits.

6. Airdrop Special Offer

Airdrop Special Offer
Free Fire Diamond

As mentioned earlier, the developers of Garena Free Fire always come up with new events for their users, and one of such events includes a free fire airdrop special offer.

This offer, however, is not accessible to all the players. It has been introduced by the developers especially for those players who do not have any legendary items or skins.

Players who don’t usually have the money for Diamonds Top-up or any legendary gun skins can take advantage of this offer.

In this, players will get a free fire diamond for free and also at a very cheap price.

Remember that you will not get diamonds of 10 rupees during all Free Fire events.

In this Airdrop special offer, players can top up their free fire diamonds for ₹10 and they will also earn a free fire diamond hack of 5000 diamonds and 80 times cheaper when you are going to get diamonds for buying Garena Free Fire Elite Pass, legendary items or gun skins.

  • First and foremost, you will need to launch the Garena Free Fire game on the device that you are using.
  • Now you will be able to see the option of Diamond Top Up offer (Airdrop Special Offer). Simply tap on it.
  • After this, you will be immediately redirected to Google Play Store to make your in-app purchase.
  • Choose your preferred payment method and just click on continue.
  • Type in all the required details such as your name, address, and your payment details.
  • After this, you will need to verify yourself to finish off your payment process.
  • After a successful payment process, you will get back to the Garena free fire game lobby.
  • There you will be able to see that your free fire diamonds have been directly credited to your account.

7. Redeem Code as Free Fire Diamond Hack

As the majority of Garena free fire lovers here would already know, game developers are constantly commencing something special for all the players.

Similarly, new Free Fire free redeem codes get published at almost every event and occasion.

You can easily get many free fire diamonds using these working and valid redeem codes and completely free of cost.

All that you need to know is where the latest, valid, and active redeem codes get released and how do you redeem them.

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code

To redeem Garena Free Fire Redeem codes, follow the simple instruction mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, you will have to go to the official website of Garena for free fire reward redemption. Here is the Official Website Link for you – https://reward.ff.garena.com/
  • Now you will need to log in to your account using your Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Tap on the dashboard & click on the option of Redeem.
  • Now enter the active redeem code (every Free Fire promo code has 12 characters).
  • Hit the redeem button.
  • Launch the free fire game on your device & check if you’ve successfully received your free fire diamond.

8. Booyah App

Recently Garena Free Fire has come up with a new streaming app for the popular game called “Booyah App”.

It was specially designed for streamers, in which they can live broadcast for their gameplay, special moments in the game, or severe fight clutch.

To get this Booyah application to all the free fire players, the game developers also introduced a new event in which players can participate & attend the streaming on the booyah app to earn some free Booyah Tickets and purchase free fire diamonds from these tickets.

For this method, you will have to follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below:

  • first and foremost, download the Booyah app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Now you will need to link your free fire account with the Booyah app.
  • Go on to watch the live streaming on the application.
  • Receive free Booyah Tickets from the chat column.
  • Purchase gifts using these tickets & reward the Free Fire streamers.
  • For every 500 tickets, 10 free fire diamonds will get immediately credited to your account.

9. Free Fire Advance Server

Gave a Free Fire comes up with fresh opportunities for every player in which they get access to some of the most amazing in-game rewards in a lot of ways such as character vouchers, free diamonds, and many more gifts.

This time, Garena international has prepared something special for its players. Now players can receive unlimited free fire diamonds completely free of cost by joining the Free Fire Advance Server. It’s frankly not a big deal.

All you need to do for this trick is create an account by registering on this Free Fire Advance Server and collect your Free Fire reward.

For a better understanding, just follow all the steps mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, go to the official website of the Free Fire advance server.
  • Register yourself with your Facebook account, and link your official Free Fire ID with a free fire advance server.
  • Type in all the correct details and create your account.
  • Now you will need to find any bugs in the new server, and report them on the official website.
  • After a successful report, you will be able to earn 100 diamonds completely free of cost.
  • If you do this process in the squad, then you will be able to receive more and more bugs through which you can earn up to 50 000 diamonds by merely reporting bugs.

10. Google Opinion Rewards Hack

Google LLC had developed the Google Opinion Rewards application in 2017.

The primary objective of bringing about this application was to provide users with a reward that they receive in the format of Google Play free credit.

For this, you will need to complete a few online surveys. It usually takes up to 2-3 minutes to get done with one survey.

It is merely like a gift such as an Amazon gift card, Netflix, or Flipkart. This gift card retains a free credit balance by which users can purchase a free Fire Diamond Pack completely free of cost.

  • First and foremost, you will need to download the Google Opinion Rewards application on your device.
  • Create a new account on the application using your Google account.
  • Fill out all the available surveys and get paid for them.
  • Now you can use this free credit to purchase a Free Fire Diamonds pack.

11. Free Fire Diamond Top-Up Hack

Diamonds in Garena Free fire are not very costly. However, many players still go on to spend a lot of money to purchase these diamonds.

Many users even make use of some third-party hacks or tools to hack Free Fire diamonds or win any matches, which is completely illegal.

We have provided you with only clean and clear methods that will help you in purchasing unlimited Free Fire diamonds for free.

You can also try some incredible online stores, from where you will be able to fetch a decent discount on buying diamonds.

12. Free Fire Diamond Generator

Free Fire Diamond Generator is a crucial tool that ascertains that you can be provided with unlimited diamonds free of cost with great ease.

If you are searching for this type of tool, then here we have some important news for you. Stop yourself right now!

No Free Fire Diamond hack or tool can provide the players with Free Fire diamonds for free.

All of the third-party sites that you find online, unfortunately, just make you a fool. You can also try using any such tool and see for yourself that it will not do any good for you.

Garena Free Fire, in the past, went on to ban more than 90,000 Free Fire accounts under the anti-cheat FAQs section. No third-party website or tool has the authority to do this. It is completely illegal.


So we have provided you with ample Free Fire Diamond Hack tricks that you can use to earn plenty of free diamonds in the game.

All of the above-mentioned methods are 100% legit and working and you can use them anytime to make them work.

You can select a few or maybe all of them if you wish to earn the maximum number of free diamonds in Garena Free Fire. Have fun playing!

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