Everything Know About Dimitri Fire Emblem 2022

Dimitri Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem, or more precisely Fire Emblem Three Houses, provides the users with a great opportunity to deal with a range of unique characters.

By dealing with them, we don’t only imply getting to know them but also becoming friends as well as even experiencing great romance with them in many cases! 

Out of all these popular characters, the ones that quite literally stand out are the leaders of different houses, who are going to govern their respective regions one day.

One such house leader is the well-known Dimitri Blaiddyd. 

Dimitri Fire Emblem is the leader of a Fire Emblem house, called the Blue Lions.

He’s also the crown prince/ king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

If you wish to know more about the special Fire Emblem Three Houses Dimitri character, continue to read this post till the end.

We have some truly interesting and enlightening facts to share with you all! 

Dimitri Fire Emblem: Key Details 

Full name of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Alias of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Savior King, Tempest King, Boar, Boar Prince, King of Delusion 

Origin of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Occupation of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Crown Prince of ( earlier his father’s) the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, as well as, the leader of the in-game house called Blue Lions, which is considered to be the best in the game 

Powers/ Main skills of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Leadership, Magic, Uses a range of weapons

Objectives of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Take revenge for the demise of his father (accomplished in Azure Moon, but defeated in all different routes); Protection of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus (accomplished in Azure Moon, but defeated in all different routes); Kill Edelgard (accomplished in Azure Moon, but defeated in all different routes).

Family of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Lambert Egitte Blaiddyd (Dimitri’s father, dead), Patricia von Arundel (Dimitri’s stepmother, believed to be dead), Edelgard von Hresvelg (Dimitri’s stepsister), Volkhard von Arundel (Dimitri’s step-uncle ), Claude von Riegan (Dimitri’s distant cousin)

Allies/ Friends of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Blue Lions, Claude von Riegan, Edelgard von Hresvelg (a former friend), Dedue, Felix, Ashe, Sylvain, Mercedes, Annette, Ingrid, Raphael, Marianne, Flayn, Gilbert, Alois, Catherine, Hapi, Rhea, Byleth 

It is worth mentioning that Raphael, Marianne, as well as Byleth, are player-determined allies of Fire Emblem Dimitri 

Enemies of Dimitri Fire Emblem

Edelgard von Hresvelg, All those who lurk during the night, and Byleth 

Byleth is a player-determined enemy or friend of Dimitri Fire Emblem.  

Kind of Hero 

Aristocrat, Warrior, as well as, a Knight


Dimitri Fire Emblem emerges in the game with pale skin and blond hair as well as blue eyes.

He carries his blue jacket, which is also the shade of his in-game house.

After the time skip of five years, Dimitri’s hair grew much longer as well as messier.

He carries a black shield along with a fresh blue cape made of fur.

On all the other routes except for Crimson Flower, Fire Emblem Dimitri also wears an eyepatch that covers his right eye.

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How old is Dimitri Fire Emblem?  

One of the key protagonists of the game, Fire Emblem Three Houses Dimitri, is 17 years old. 

Now that you know how old is Dimitri Fire Emblem and all the other key details about him, let’s have a look at the topmost interesting facts about Fire Emblem 3 Houses Dimitri. 

Everything You Need to Know About Dimitri Fire Emblem

Dimitri struggles with major Survivor’s Guilt

Fire Emblem 3 Houses Dimitri, as a kid, lives as the only survivor from the Tragedy of Duscur and this is from here that his survivor’s guilt developed.

The only spur to the dark side of Dimitri Fire Emblem can be this survivor’s guilt of his.

This starts with him withstanding the Tragedy of Duscur, while the majority of other people who were close to Dimitri die.

This only gets exacerbated when Dedue ostensibly gives his life up himself with the sole motive of saving Dimitri Fire Emblem in between the phases of the academy and the war.

All this massive guilt brings a different side out of Fire Emblem Three Houses Dimitri and he doesn’t even realize that.

Relationship of Dimitri and Edelgard 

A teenager Edelgard enlightens a teenager Dimitri on how to properly dance.

This is a significant surprise that is restricted to only the route of Blue Lions.

On the evening of the Millenium carnival, Byleth is quickly going to go out to have a bit of a quiet time, and they are going to confront Dimitri Fire Emblem doing the equivalent as well.

They both are going to chat a bit and Dimitri is going to disclose that Edelgard introduced him to how to properly dance and also that they are step-siblings.

This happened because Dimitri’s father married the mother of Edelgard, who eventually became Dimitri’s stepmother.

However, Edelgard doesn’t mention anything about this in the routine of Black Eagle. This makes one contemplate what this says about her. 

Fire Emblem Dimitri saved the life of Dedue 

The Tragedy of Duscur was a significant event in the game that witnessed the citizens of Duscur deceive the royal family of Faerghus by assassinating most of them as well as their knights.

Dimitri Fire Emblem was the only survivor of this event and the Faerghus family was highly furious.

They avenged violently against the entire community of Duscur and slaughtered them back; however owing to Dimitri, Dedue had been saved.

Later, Dedue promised his loyalty and devotion to Dimitri in return for saving his life and now he serves him as his vassal.

Relationship of Dimitri and Claude 

As the game unfolds, it is revealed that not only Edelgard but also Claude is related to Fire Emblem Dimitri. However, Claude is just a distant cousin. 

Claude is the leader of another house in the game called the Golden Deer.

This relation between the two emerged because of the Leicester Alliance initially pertaining to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

As a consequence of this occurrence, a cadet branch arose when both the regions were split up, thus giving rise to the distant relationship of Claude and Dimitri. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dimitri known as “The Boar Prince”

Felix names Dimitri “The boar prince” in the middle of a support discussion between them.

When chatting with Felix, he will many times call Dimitri ” The Boar Prince” specifically in a cynical mood.

The definite reason behind this is something that he saw Dimitri Fire Emblem do in the first war of the latter as a leader.

Felix worked with Dimitri Fire Emblem in suppressing an upheaval in the Western part of Faerghus a couple of years post Tragedy of Duscur.

Dimitri Fire Emblem was successful in quashing the revolution and was substantiated to be a competent leader, however, an abrupt bloodlust carried him.

As a consequence, Felix has sentiments of contempt towards Fire Emblem Dimitri.

Nonetheless, both of them ultimately harmonize perfectly during the support discussions that take place between them. 

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The change of Eye Color of Dimitri 

A very odd element that occurs with the eyes of this character is that Dimitri’s eyes are going to change, relying on his association with Byleth in the war.

During the storyline of Blue Lions, his eyes continue to appear natural blue because he is presumed to play a role in Byleth’s party.

In case he is an opponent though, Dimitri’s eyes are either going to appear yellow or red.

The eyes are going to be red when Dimitri Fire Emblem is a component of the central enemy troop.

However, they are going to be yellow when he is a component of a third-party rival team. 

Other traits of Dimitri Fire Emblem  

Dimitri Fire Emblem possesses an extraordinary wit, which is pretty evident in the game by his admiration for the corny jokes of Alois.

He genuinely finds them funny specifically because the jokes are awful. 

Dimitri also enjoys fight training, long rides, as well as weapon repair.

However, he does not like fragile items or delicate work at all as he is incapable of controlling his prodigious power.

Moreover, he is powerful and came to be a skilled dancer with the help of Edelgard.

Edelgard tutors him and just like her, Dimitri also becomes uneasy with burning heat.

Final Words 

Dimitri Fire Emblem is truly a sincere and honest young human being who comes across as the epitome of pure chivalry, however, there is also a tint of gloom that lies beneath the surface of his optimistic conduct.

Even after being a royal, Dimitri does not like the idea of formality as well as pretentious people.

He is himself honest and prefers his allies to be that way too. 

That was all about Fire Emblem Dimitri.

We hope that now you have a much better understanding of the character and have fun playing with him. 

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