AFK Arena Tier List 2023 | Best AFK Arena Hero Tier List 2023

AFK Arena Tier List 2023: AFK Arena is a significant name that certainly appears on the list of the most enthusiastic games functional on Android as well as iOS devices.

It offers a great blend of standard RPG with gacha. This highly competitive game features a huge list of lethal heroes that are used in different modes of the game.

These heroes can thus be categorized in various tiers based on their utility and efficiency.

In this article, we have provided you with an extensive AFK arena tier list that will help you choose the best heroes for your team.

AFK Arena Tier List 2023

If you are playing a gacha role-playing game such as AFK Arena, an important issue that arises is to choose the right hero for you.

This becomes even more significant as resources in the game are limited specifically for those who choose to play for free which makes the majority of the people.

Nobody would prefer to spend those limited resources on heroes you won’t utilize in the long run.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this anymore!

Because here, we’ve put together this AFK Arena tier list that mentions all the AFK arena heroes in an easy-to-digest list that you can instantly search to choose your ultimate dream team.

All the heroes are ranked based on their success rate in various modes.

AFK Arena Tier List 2023

AFK Arena Mages Tier List

  • S Tier – Ainz Ooal Gown, Khazard, Mehira, Morael, Zaphrael
  • A Tier – Flora, Lorsan, Oden, Pippa, Safiya, Skriath
  • B Tier – Belinda, Isabella, Satrana, Shemira
  • C Tier – Solise

AFK Arena RANGERS Tier List

  • S Tier– Athalia, Eironn, Ferael, Lucretia, Lyca
  • A Tier– Ezio, Gwyneth, Joker, Kren, Nakoruru, Respen, Tidus
  • B Tier– Fawkes, Kelthur
  • C Tier– Drez, Kaz, Theowyn, Vurk
  • D Tier– Oscar, Thane

AFK Arena SUPPORT Tier List

  • S Tier– Elijah and Lailah, Ezizh, Rowan, Silas, Talene, Tasi
  • A Tier– Mortas, Rosaline
  • B Tier– Nemora, Numisu, Raine
  • D Tier– Arden

AFK Arena TANKS Tier List

  • S Tier– Arthur, Daimon, Thoran
  • A Tier– Albedo, Mezoth, Orthros, Skreg
  • B Tier– Brutus, Grezhul, Hendrik, Lucius
  • C Tier– Gorvo, Torne, Ulmus
  • D Tier– Anoki

AFK Arena WARRIORS Tier List

  • S Tier– Alna, Izold, Saurus
  • A Tier– Nara, Queen, Zolrath
  • B Tier– Estrilda, Warek, Wu Kong
  • C Tier– Antandra, Baden, Khasos, Ukyo
  • D Tier– Rigby, Seirus

AFK Arena Tier List Best Heroes for PvP

First up in our AFK arena tier list are the S+ Tier heroes. You must pick these heroes whenever you get the option to. They’re definitely the best in the game.

Talene: At every level in the game, Talene makes sure to stand out every time. She is extremely strong and flexible, and she adds to every faction bonus.

Talene will frequently outclass heroes with many degrees of ascension above her, and if you’re fortunate enough to have her at a nice ascension tier, she must be considered a key part of the lineup at all times.

Rowan: Rowan only hits the S+ Tier because of his Signature item available at 30+ which is certainly a significant resource investment.

But he is well worth it as he is the sole non-celestial or hypogean hero to do so.


Other important characters that have made it to the S+ Tier list are Ainz and Elijah & Lailah. Both of these possess powerful abilities making them highly preferred in AFK Arena.

Next in our AFK arena tier list are the S-Tier heroes. These are great heroes that prove to be efficient at all times. It is certainly worth it to invest in them.

Athalia: She may go a little weak in the extreme late game but she’s one of the best the game has.

Shemira: Shemira’s value diminishes as the game progresses, but she is vital to the mid-game lineups in a way that placing her anywhere else other than the S-tier would be unfair.

She is certainly one of the most powerful heroes on this AFK arena hero tier list. She can hold herself as a role player in the game for a long time.

Other heroes that possess equally good qualities and have been able to reach this tier are Alna, Khazard, Ezizh, Mehira, Lucretia, Zaphrael, and Eironn. 

A-tier features some outstanding AFK heroes that have proven their worth from time to time. You can surely count on them for a good game.

Ferael: This one features potentially strong skills that make him fit at every point in the game.

Saurus: Extremely powerful.


Eluard: Eluard looks quite strong which puts him into A-tier. However, we may see more of him in later times.

Tasi: Tasi is a slightly lesser of a universal hero as compared to some of the others on the AFK arena hero tier list due to her inability to defeat guild bosses.

However, her strength is undeniable in AFK modes where her skill of consistency in crowd control can turn the tides of combat.

Thoran: Thoran would be an extremely weaker unit had he been without the signature item.

However, after getting paired up with his signature item, he may be used to ease up some tough levels in your late game.

You will also realize how it may have been almost impossible to clear them without Thoran.

Other significant heroes that have made it to the A-Tier are Izold, Ezio, Silas, Albedo, Safiya, Daimon, Queen, Joker, and Kren.

B-Tier of this AFK arena hero tier list features some fine heroes that you can use in the AFK arena. They work well for all stages and modes.

Lucius: He is an excellent tank or healer that must be the frontline in every team composition.

Other B-tier heroes are Raku, Orthros, Fawkes, Nemora, Mortas, Rosaline, Lyca, Hendrik, Gwyneth, Belinda, Wu Kong, Grezhul, Brutus, Nara, and Respen.

These are average performing heroes that you may still consider investing in. They may turn out to be useful.

These include Torne, Pippa, Solise, Peggy, Lorsan, Vurk, Skriath, Ulmus, Ukyo, Isabella, Arthur, Warek, Cecilia, Skreg, Numisu, Tidus, Flora, Zolrath, Mezoth, Oden, Baden, Anoki, Theowyn, and Nakoruru.

These heroes are rather situational that may prove to be expensive for you. They are not much useful but maye help in some teams as the last resort.

These include Rigby, Thane, Kaz, Drez, Oscar, Raine, Gorvo, Kelthur, Satrana, and Antandra.


Last in the AFK arena tier list is the Fodder Tier. You must only pick these heroes for your early game. Make sure that you change them as early as possible with better heroes from S+, S, or A Tier.

These include Mirael, Golus, Angelo, Vedan, Ankhira, Arden, Ira, Niru, Silvina , Saveas, Morvus, and Ogi.



At its heart, AFK Arena is anyways just a gacha game. What we want to explain by this is that you won’t be able to choose which heroes you’ll get right away.

The strongest players often find their way around non-optimal kinds of hero lineups.

They do so as they strategize around the heroes they already possess rather than the ones they like.

However, if you’re determined on getting the most out of your team in AFK Arena, you should recognise sooner that certain heroes are simply better in the long run as compared to the others.

This may be because of better stat progress or other heroes achieving their maximum potential in the mid-game.

This AFK arena tier list is intended to serve as a starting point for predicting how your heroes will do in the endgame. Good luck playing and winning!

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