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Ode To Heroes Tier List: Ode to Heroes is a mobile game created by DH-Games and was released on July 9th, 2019 for both IOS as well as android phones.

The most amazing part of the game is that the gameplay is great and you have to travel through time and lead your heroes to repair the disordered timeline but all the heroes cannot subsist the wrath of villains.

Therefore in this article we would be explaining Ode to Heroes Tier List ranking the heroes as per their power and skills.

Ode to Heroes Tier List

There are five different Ode to Heroes Tier List in which the heroes are classified into as per their strength and utility in a battle.

The most powerful Ode characters are that in the S-Tier list and the least powerful is that of the D-Tier list.

S-Tier List:

Da QiaoWindPriest
Xi ShiYangPriest
Xiang YuYangEmperor
Nie ZhengFireAssassin
Li BaiWaterAssassin
Zhong WuyanEarthSpecialist

A-Tier List:

Wu ZetianWaterEmperor
Zhen FuWaterPriest
Cao CaoEarthEmperor
Wang ZhaojunEarthPriest
Zhuge LiangFireScholar
Huang YueyingFireScholar
Xiao QiaoWindPriest

B-Tier List:

Nie YinniangYinAssassin
Zhang LiangEarthScholar
Zuo CiEarthSpecialist
Mo YeWaterSpecialist
Huang YueyingFireScholar

C-Tier List:

Yang YuhuanEarthPriest
Lu BuFireEmperor
Gan JiangFireSpecialist
Jing KeWindAssassin
Cai YanWindScholar

D-Tier List:

Guan ZhongFireScholar
Zhou YuWindEmperor
Wei ZifuWindPriest

The character are categorized into 6 factions as per their abilities.

Here we are describing each factions with their abilities and class which would help to choose your super hero and win the battle easily:

Ode to Heroes Water Heroes

Mo Ye5SpecialistThis character have Hard Counters and high powerful Assassin
Li Bai5AssassinHard Counters  who is a Scholar
Wu Zetian5EmperorCounters and have powerful Blocks
Hongfu5AssassinThis is Specialists in Soft Counters
Zhen Fu5PriestBurst DPF, CC-ACC Buff, BLK Buff & Row Target Normal Attack
Liu Xiu4Emperor
Li Jing4Emperor
Yuan Mingyue4Priest
Wang Yue4Assassin
Yu Xuanji4Specialist
Jiang Xiaobai4Emperor


Zhong Wuyan5SpecialistHas the Best AOE DPS and Resists CC
Zuo Ci5SpecialistYou should use with Cao Cao for aggressive attack buff in targets to obtain maximum potentials
Zhang Liang5ScholarIs best when have death passive triggers
Cao Cao5EmperorCan be used as a sitting duck in the 1st slot to Counter Mo Ye & Mo Zi 
Wang Zhaoiun5PriestDoor Of Evil Healer
Yang Yuhuan5PriestIn slow units have the best speed red jade
Ou Yexi4Specialist
Xu Fu4Specialist
Fan Li4Scholar
Pei Min4Assassin
Zhou Wenjun4Scholar


Nie Zheng5AssassinS when death passive triggers
Gan Jiang5SpecialistStronger with duplicate teams
Lu Bu5EmperorBest for Guild Trial
Huang Yueying5ScholarBest for suicide teams
Guan Yu5EmperorBest in Heaven’s Gate
Zhuge Liang5ScholarWhen fixed, marks together from duplicate stacks
Lu Buwei4Scholar
Gao Changgong4Emperor
Sun Quan4Emperor
Guan Zhong4Scholar
Li Zi4Priest


Cai Yan5ScholarPowerful Counters – Assassin
Xiao Qiao5PriestCombo with Emperors & Priests
Jing Ke5AssassinHave Good DPS during Critical damage
Zhou Yu5EmperorHave the Best stats, combo with Lu Bu & Da Qiao
Guiguzi5SpecialistS when death passive triggers
Wei Wuji4Emperor
Wei Zifu4Priest
Yue Yi4Emperor


Damo5SpecialistBest against Crowd Control teams
Xiang Yu5EmperorBest when combined with Damo for CRIT buff
Xi Shi5PriestDoor of Evil Healer
Su Qin4Scholar
Liu bei4Emperor
Yu Miaoyi4Priest


Nie Yinniang5AssassinBest while Boss battles
Mozi5ScholarHave the Fastest CC
Diaochan5PriestDoor of Evil Healer
Bao Si4Priest
Sima Yi4Scholar

Ode to Heroes Best Heroes 2022

Let us give you an insight on best heroes of Ode to Heroes Tier List with its charge description:

Ode to Heroes Best character 2022

  1. Nie Zheng: This character provide a substantial damage in Heaven’s Gate and also his lifesteal is in peak in Secret Realm but due to the lack of HP, it is difficult to use him in PVP mode. 
  2. Guiguzi: This character have S+ to S passive death trigger in PVP and Sky Tower.
  3. Zhong Wuyan: The next brutal character is the Zhong Wuyan who has S to S- Guild Trial and S- to A+ Door of Evil in PVP and Sky Tower.
  4. Xiang Yu: This Character is effective all the modes with S to S- Guild Trial and Door of Evil in PVP and Sky Tower. S to S- in Secret Realm and D+ to B+ in Heaven’s Gate.
  5. Wang Zhaojun: It has C to B+ Guild Trial and Door of Evil in PVP and Sky Tower. B- to B in Secret Realm and B+ to A+ in Heaven’s Gate.
  6. Diachan: This is a peculiar character because of the buff, her ranking does not need any change and also helps to keep her charge up.

Final Words

Ode to Heroes is a wonderful game with amazing graphics which showcases the beautiful art of the developers and the sound track is also a stand out.

You can level up easily up to a certain level but after which the difficulty level of the game increases and some items become hard to obtain.

The different combat style of characters from Ode to Heroes Tier List is what makes the game intriguing and different from other games of similar niche.

In this article, we have explained the powers and characteristics of different heroes which would help you to understand and play the game

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