Top 10 Best CRK Arena Teams 2022

To figure out the best CRK Arena Teams, you must have a proper idea about a lot of things regarding the game.

The first thing that you should know is the fact that “Kingdom Arena” is actually the main player versus player mode that Cookie Run lets gamers play.

Since it is the exclusive PvP mode available in the game, the excitement isn’t lowered at all, even after playing the same mode time and again.

As the name of the game suggests, the characters that are overpowered in this game are the cookies and in the PVP mode, all you have to do is make a team of your cookies and make it battle other people’s cookie teams.

In this article, Best CRK Arena Teams 2022 are mentioned and are properly classified according to their particular specialization.

Before you begin with the information about building the Best CRK Arena Teams 2022, you must have an idea about the duration of any arena season.

Most of these last for 4 weeks where you can collect trophies and earn medals which then deciphers your rank in the tier list.

These medals of victory do not only determine where you stand in the list but also can be redeemed at the medals shop for valuable items and sometimes, soulstones as well. 

To reach a good position in the tier list is to also make your profile accessible to a lot of difficult competition.

It is when you thrive through the difficulties that you maintain your rank and get seasonal rewards that will be granted to your profile by the end of the season.

This basically goes to say that holding on to your rank is as important as getting a good momentum in the beginning.

Well, here is a curated list of Best CRK Arena Teams 2022:

Top 10 Best CRK Arena Teams 2022

1. Best Frost Queen Cookie Team Comp

All of the best CRK Arena Teams are classified under different team comp.

Frost Queen Cookie allows you to have freezing abilities that are good to use during the battles.

It is from the magic class of cookies in the cookie run

For the Best Frost Queen Cookie Team Comp, you must include Holly Berry Cookies, Sea Fairy Cookies, Cocoa Cookies, Frost Queen Cookie and a Cotton Cookie.

In the treasure section however, include an old pilgrim scroll, squishy jelly watch and suger swan shining feather.

2. Best Tea Knight Cookie Team Comp

As you must have already understood, there’s no such thing as the best arena team since all of them have their flaws and strengths.

People who have been playing and finding Best CRK Arena Teams have built multiple teams because the counter for each team is out there and it’s not so difficult to counter either.

Best Tea Knight Cookie Team Comp is the inclusion of Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Tea Knight cookie, Strawberry Crepe cookie and parfait cookie.

These 5 will make a proper Best Tea Knight Cookie Team Comp along with the mandatory 3 treasures: Old Pilgrim Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch and Libertarian Enchanted Robes.

In the process of finding the best CRK Arena teams, this is a team comp that you should definitely consider.

3. Best Cotton Cookie Team Comp

Holly berry cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Frost Queen cookie, cotton cookie and Parfait Cookie, together make the Best Cotton Cookie Team Comp.

The treasures that you are supposed to have are similar to the ones that are already mentioned while discussing the Best Frost Queen Cookie Team Comp.

The exact same treasures are good for a proper cotton cookie team comp.

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4. Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Team Comp

Pure Vanilla Cookie along with Sea fairy cookies, cocoa cookie, rye cookie and almond cookie make the Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Team Comp of 5.

The treasures that should be included are similar to that of the best tea knight cookie team comp.

Specifically, you have to include an old pilgrim scroll, squishy jelly watch and Libertarian Enchanted Robes.

These will prove to be very beneficial in the future and you can definitely take down a lot of teams using this team composition.

Again, this team also has its own limitations and can fall down from time to time.

There is no such thing as the perfect team because some team, that you randomly match against, may have better abilities and lesser limitations which allows it to score a victory.

5. Best Pumpkin Pie Cookie Team Comp

This is one of the best CRK Arena teams claimed by a lot of people who have been playing the PVP mode for a long time now.

The more you have played it, the more the idea strengthens about which could be the best CRK Arena Teams generally.

Even the best CRK Arena Teams that you have composed for yourself can fall down and there is no such thing as an inevitable team.

For the best pumpkin pie cookie team comp, you must include Snow Sugar Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, cotton cookie and parfait cookie.

For the treasures however, the old pilgrim scroll and squishy jelly watch are definitely supposed to be included.

Along with that, including a seamstress pin cushion is also a good idea.

6. Best Hollyberry Cookie Team Comp

Hollyberry cookies, strawberry crepe cookie, raspberry cookie, sea fairy cookies, and pure vanilla cookie make the Best Hollyberry Cookie Team Comp along with the same treasures used for making the best frost queen cookie team comp.

Now that the best cookie team comp lists are discussed already, it is time to have a proper idea about the CRK Meta Team 2022 since it is considered one of the best CRK arena teams, if not the sole best.

Here are all the details that you need to know about CRK Meta Team 2022 

What to Include in CRK Meta Team 2022 for Enhanced PvP Mode Gameplay?

Madeleine cookie, lilac cookie, mint choco cookie, pastry cookie and almond cookie are the five different classes of cookies that you have to include in order to get your perfect CRK Meta Team 2022.

Having this team will let you take down a lot of opponent teams and the quicker you try this, the better the chances of it staying rare while you take on different cookie teams.

The Treasures that you should include are Grim looking scythe, an old pilgrim scroll and libertarian enchanted robes.

Undoubtedly, using this team competition would not have you a lot of losses at all.

In fact, as one of the best CRK arena teams, you will be able to win a lot of cookie team vs cookie team battles.

Conclusion – Best CRK Arena Teams

Cookie Run is one of the most interesting games to play overall but the PVP mode (Kingdom Arena) is as exciting as it can get.

Many people only play this game for the Kingdom Arena mode, not too surprisingly.

The reason behind that is the fact that a lot of people can play against each others’ cookie teams and make it a battle.

This was an article mainly focusing on how you can come out as the winner in the battles.

By using the best CRK Arena Teams, you will have gameplay and thrill like nothing else.

Enjoy the game and make sure you collect numerous medals in the game which will then allow you to buy cool stuff.

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