FFBE Tier List 2023 | Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List 2023

FFBE Tier List 2023: You’ve come to just the perfect place if you’re searching for an FFBE Tier List for playing efficiently in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

To get a fast overview of some of the best characters, a tier list is essential.

To guide you and provide you with a decent overview, here is our ffbe tier list for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

In any genre, there are a few games always that a veteran player must play to maintain their status as a veteran.

It’s certainly Final Fantasy Brave Exvius if we talk about the gacha genre.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, also known as FFBE for short, is the outcome of a fruitful partnership between Alim and Square Enix, a developer and publisher respectively.

About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
FFBE Tier List

As soon as you start the game, you can pretty evidently see how the two parties have merged.

The game’s setting, mythology, and character design all owe a good amount of inspiration to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’s RPG tropes.

On the other hand, its gameplay is based on the well-balanced gacha genre mechanics of Alim’s first game, Brave Frontier.

The collaboration concluded in an incredible RPG with a compelling plot, engaging exploration mechanics, and the addictive thrill of collecting iconic characters to help you on your quest.

The game aims to move you through the levels to obtain the top best characters and other items several times to get you gradually stronger and complete the game.

Naturally, this is easier said than done, as FFBE is quite a complex game that necessitates a thorough understanding of its gameplay as well as the characters.

So, if you’re not sure what’s working and what’s not while playing the game, check out our ffbe tier list, which ranks the game’s most essential characters.

FFBE Unit Ranking

You’ll probably get up to a hundred characters during your FFBE play through, and deciding who to raise will be a challenge.

To help you with this, we’ve classified all of the game’s units based on how useful and powerful they’ll be for you in the long run.

FFBE Tier List

This ffbe tier list should not be interpreted as an ultimate guideline for which units you should or should not use.

It’s just provided to give you an idea of how these various characters compare to the rest of the crowd. You’ll be able to better prepare which characters you’ll devote time and energy to in the long run.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List 2023

Now that you are well acquainted with everything else, let’s finally jump into our brave exvius tier list including some of the best ffbe tier list.

FFBE Tier List


The characters in this tier could be described as supremely strong.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to get access to these characters, you’ll quickly discover that they’re on a completely different level from the rest.

They have tremendous power, particularly if they are seven stars.

If you have the choice, you should certainly include these best ffbe units in your roster.

Alphonse ElricPhysical Tank
Paladin CecilDebuffer, Support
Lightning (FF XIII-2)Magical Tank, Support
RenaHealer, Magical Attacker
Angel of Death KujaMagical Attacker
White Knight NoelMagical Attacker, Physical Tank
Nichol of the Epsilon StarSupport, Debuffer
LucasMagical Tank, Healer
Awakened Warrior of LightPhysical Tank, Support
Healing Avatar LidDebuffer
Rikku (FF X-2)Debuffer, Support
Warrior of Light LennaHealer, Support
Sacred Shield CharlottePhysical Attacker, Support
Seeker of Freedom VaanDebuffer, Physical Attacker
Warrior of Dawn GalufPhysical Attacker, Support
Hallowed Aegis CharlottePhysical Tank, Magical Tank
FFBE Tier List 2023


Although all the characters in this tier lack the sheer power of S-Tier’s best ffbe units, they will still be a valuable addition to your squad.

They’re fantastic picks that can breeze through the game and require very little setup to get started doing the task you wish. Try building around these units.

SerahMagical Attacker
BerylMagical Attacker, Magical Tank
Mystical Ice LaswellPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Supreme Deva AkstarPhysical Attacker
SerenaHealer, Support
Infernal Fire RainPhysical Attacker
Untamed Wolf EdelPhysical Attacker
Xuan Wu & Qing LongPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
Strange Gourmand QuinaMagical Attacker, Support
Kimono FinaMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Gilgamesh (WOTV)Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
SolMagical Attacker, Debuffer
MachinaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
YunaHealer, Support
Awakened RainMagical Tank, Support
MystinaMagical Attacker Support
QuistisMagical Attacker
LilithPhysical Tank, Magical Tank
Seaside NicholMagical Attacker, Support
Zeno of the Beta StarPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
LorenPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Dark Spirit SolMagical Attacker, Debuffer
SelphieMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Mont LeonisPhysical Tank
WilhelmPhysical Tank, Support
Adam JensenPhysical Attacker, Support
King BradleyPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Tifa (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker
Edward ElricPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Mercenary RamzaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Lezard ValethMagical Attacker, Debuffer
AuronPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
KimahriMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Rakish Thief ZidanePhysical Attacker
LilisettePhysical Attacker, Support


We have characters on this tier who might work, particularly if all of their abilities are properly synergized, but for the most part, it’s not worth the effort to evolve them and get them the right gear.

Because all of the characters higher on the ffbe tier list will do much better with much less time commitment.

Elena Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
FFBE Tier List

You may consider using these units from the early to mid-game, but you should drop them as soon as better ones appear. If you don’t strike it rich, keep trying.

Four Winds PhysalisMagical Attacker
RiveraSupport, Healer
Blue Mage FinaHealer, Support
White Mage RosaPhysical Attacker, Healer
ElenaPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Neverending HopeSupport, Debuffer
TifaPhysical Attacker
Blue Sky Belle FranPhysical Attacker
Aurora FryeviaPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Knight of Pluto ZidanePhysical Attacker
EllyMagical Attacker
CrimsonPhysical Attacker, Support
BeowulfPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
SeiferPhysical Attacker
Madam EdelPhysical Attacker
Lone Lion SquallPhysical Attacker
Demon RainPhysical Tank, Support
BaschPhysical Tank, Magical Tank
Assassin ShadowPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
IrvinePhysical Attacker
NagiPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
White Lily Dark FinaMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Wizardess ShantottoMagical Attacker
RebertaPhysical Attacker
Cloud (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Agent OlivePhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Star Player TidusPhysical Attacker, Support
Black Mage ViviMagical Attacker
AyakaHealer, Support
BartPhysical Attacker, Support
ErikPhysical Attacker, Debuffer


As you would expect, we have characters in this tier who are considerably stronger than they should be, given that they are nearly 7 stars.

You can use them in some situations, but for the most part, you must replace them as soon as you can find better ones from other best ffbe units.

ArdynPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
King Edgar of FigaroPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
BeatrixPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Awakened Onion KnightPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
KadajPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
LevinsonPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Graceful Champion FangPhysical Attacker
Dragon Knight FreyaPhysical Attacker, Healer
Palom & PoromMagical Attacker
Lovely KatyHealer
Fina & Dark FinaMagical Attacker, Healer
RabMagical Attacker, Physical Attacker
EstherPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
YunPhysical Attacker
YunalescaMagical Attacker, Support
MorganaMagical Attacker
YegoPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
RemMagical Attacker, Healer
PromptoPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Yuna (FF X-2)Physical Attacker
GladiolusPhysical Tank, Physical Attacker
EikoHealer, Support
FlammiePhysical Attacker, Support
Jasper UnboundPhysical Attacker


And now we’ve reached the bottom of our ffbe tier list. Here, we wanted to mention some of the ffbe characters who, though in theory, have a lot of influence, in reality, don’t.

Either the case is that their synergies are minimal, or their raw damage performance is insignificant in comparison to the other best ffbe units mentioned on this list.

Of course, there are a lot of characters we didn’t include in our brave exvius tier list, so there are even worse choices available.

Hess King LasswellPhysical Attacker, Support
Operative ZyrusMagical Attacker, Debuffer
PhysalisPhysical Attacker
Warrior of Light BartzPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Radiant LightningPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Sweet NicholMagical Attacker, Debuffer
KurasamePhysical Attacker, Magic Attacker
JechtPhysical Attacker

FFBE Best Units 2023

Alphonse Erlic, in our opinion, is the game’s most powerful character right now. With his arrival, this young alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist has made quite a stir.

Because of his passive skill, he can handle a great amount of harm, and when paired with the appropriate units, he can be an invincible machine that can keep up with you through the entire game.

Apart from Alphonse, Paladin Cecil, Lightning (FF XIII-2), Rena, and Angel of Death Kuja are some other strongest units ruling the game in 2023.


Finally, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the kind of game that is designed to be enjoyed just like the majority of other games.

To reach up to the best mark in FFBE, you must invest time and learn the game’s mechanics in proper detail.

It is certainly a difficult job that may not be suitable for everyone.

If that’s your goal, this brave exvius tier list 2023 will help you concentrate on the right characters to farm ensuring that you don’t waste time on characters who may or may not work out in the end.

Moreover, you don’t have to necessarily let our list deter you from having fun with your favourite characters that you enjoy playing with.

If a unit does not appear on this ffbe tier list, it is fair to conclude that it will have slow stat growth and limited end-game usefulness.

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