King’s Raid Tier List 2023 | King’s Raid Best Characters 2023

King’s Raid Tier List 2023: The success of King’s Raid cannot be denied. Lots of users have played this game and have been drawn in by the game’s immersive story line and addictive gacha game mechanics.

The common problem that the players face is with choosing the right hero to add to your composition.

In this article, we will be covering the king’s raid tier list in which we will rate all heroes in the game from worst to best.

The king’s raid tier list is classified into two parts:

  1. PvP (Player versus Player) content
  2. PvE( Player versus Environment) content

This classification is made because each game mode has its different approach for defeating your enemies.

So, keeping this in mind let’s jump straight onto King’s raid tier list.

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Archers

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
Arch(Sub-)Dealer (M.Shield, Defpen)AAA
ZafirDealer (Aoe)SSAS
YanneDealer (Main)CCSS
Shamilla(Sub-)Dealer (Dispel, Pvp)AAC
SeleneDealer (Main)ABA
RequinaSubdealer (Amp, Blockred.)SSSS
LunaDealer (Main)SAS
Dimael(Sub-)Dealer (bit of everyth.)ASA
King’s Raid Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Knights

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
ClauseTank (Protector, AsSlow)SSCSS
AselicaTank (Buffer, Amp)ABB
DosartaTank (PvP)BAC
LomanTank (Amp, Cleanse, Shield)SSSS
MorrahTank (Protector, Amp)BCA
DemiaTank (PvP)BSB
GlenwysTank (Protector)SSCSS
JaneTank (Amp, Shred)SBA
NeraxisTank (Protector)SSBSS
PhillopTank (Shred, Amp)SAS
RicardoTank (CC, Protector)BSB
SoniaTank (CC, Amp)AAA
King’s Raid Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Mechanics

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
RodinaDealer (Single Target)BBB
OddySupport (CDR)ABB
MitraDealer (Single Target)CDC
MiruruSubdealer (CC, AoE)SSSS
LakrakDealer (CC, AoE)SAS
KaraPut with Shea or RipAAA
CrowDealer (AoE)BBA
ChrishaSubdealer (Aoe Amp)SBS
AnnetteSupport (CC Immunity, Amp)SBSS
King’s Raid Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Assassins

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
Tanya(Sub-)Dealer (Silence, Dispel)AAA
RoiDealer (Single Target)BCS
ReinaDealer (Single Target)ABS
NiaDealer (Defpen)AAA
MirianneDealer (Single Target)SSA
LaudiaDealer (Single Target)AAB
Gladi(Sub-)Dealer (Amp)ABS
FlussDealer (Anti-Magic)BSB
EzekielDealer (CC, Defpen)SAS
ErzeDealer (AoE)SSAB
EpisDealer (Main)SAA
King’s Raid Tier List

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Warriors

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
GauTank (CC, Cleanse, Buffer)AASS
PriscillaSubdealer (Buffer, s2)AAS
Scarlet(Sub-)Dealer (Cleanse, Dispel)BSB
ChaseDealer (Buffprevention)ASA
KaselSelfish (Acc Debuff, Dodge)BAA
NailaSubdealer (Amp, CC)AAS
SeriaDealer (Defpen, always crits)AAB
Theo(Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp)SBS
Viska(Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp, Shred)SAA
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King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Priests

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
SheaSupport (everything)ABB
RephySupport (Cleanse, Healer)SSSS
MedianaSupport (Buffer, s3)SAS
MaySupport (Buffer, Healer)BDB
LuciasSupport (Anti P.Damage)ASB
LeoSupport (s3, Shred, Dispel)CSSC
LavrilSupport (Buffer, weak heal)ACS
LaiasSupport (Manabattery)SAS
KaulahSupport (CC, Buffer)ABS
JunoSupport (Cleanse, Dispel)SSA
FreySupport (Shield)SBS
CassandraSupport (Disruption, Buffer)BSB
BaudouinSupport (s3, Buffer, CC)CAC

King’s Raid Tier List 2023 – Wizards

HeroRolePvE TierPvP TierBD
VeronicaSupport (Buffer, Amp)BDA
Pavel(Sub-)Dealer (CC, AoE)ASB
Ophelia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Burst)ASA
NyxDealer (AoE, Dispel)SSB
MariaSubdealer (CC, Amp)SSB
LorraineSubdealer (CC, AoE)ABS
Lilia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer)AAA
LewisiaDealer (Single Target)BCC
Esker(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Aoe Amp)ADB
CleoDealer (AoE)SSBA
ArtemiaDealer (AoE)SSBS
AishaDealer (Single Target)ABA

King’s Raid Tier List 2023

In our king’s raid tier list, we will be ranking the heroes based on their PvP perspective.

King's Raid PVP

In this king raid tier list, all the heroes mentioned below are must-pick. Their stats are amazing that enable them to defeat any of their enemies.

If you find them in the game then just go for them and add them to your team.


In our king’s raid hero tier list Loman holds an important position. He can disable the opponents while also amplifying the damage they take.

His top offensive ability is Knight’s Creed and it can annihilate a large number of enemies.


The second name in our king raid hero tier list is Scarlet. She’s a pro in the arena! When doing damages to enemies, she eliminates all negative effects on allies and all positive effects on enemies.


Requina is an outstanding debuffer and a decent DoT (Damage over time) DPS ( Damage per second).

Also her low-cost services Mr. Python can be easily used to obtain an early lead in a game. All of this earns her a spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Rephy’s support skill can aid our team by offering a steady amount of healing (that can’t be dispelled), whereas Salvation, his other supportability, can cleanse the entire group and provide magic protection.

This king raid tier list is inferior to the S-tier list. Still, the heroes in this tier can make a huge impact on the team composition.


The first hero in this list is Demia. Demia is a fantastic Tanker both for Magic and Physical defenses! Her tanking abilities are one of the best.


Fluss is particularly effective against enemies that have a high magic attack because his Flash Step will silence them while still increasing his damage reduction and marking the target.


NYX works great when combating numerous opponents. He deals physical damage to target opponents with Dimension Blade, and for each enemy he strikes, he wins 1 stack of Dimension Blade.

In this King’s raid tier list. The Heroes are inferior to both S and A tier lists but they can perform amazingly if given the right support.


Our first hero on this list is Tanya. Tanya is a highly-skilled assassin who specializes in stealth.


Sonia’s first two abilities will cause problems on the enemy team by stun-locking them while buffing her attack and safety.


Jane has an all-around tank with one additional life and self-recovery. She can also increase the magic damage done by the squad.

Beginning from this king’s raid tier list the heroes are less powerful and it is hard to make a team with these characters that would benefit in the long term.


Lakrak utilizes a hand cannon to cause explosive harm. He attacks enemies with special bullets and causes lethal damage to them.


Rodina’s single-target damage is extremely high that makes her ideal for raids.

These heroes are no good and serve no purpose in the PvP content.


Yanne is a tough enemy for dragons. Her abilities are designed to do additional damage to them while also missing their defenses and stunning them.


If you need Magical Protection, Morrah is the one you would want, and she can also offer high DPS for a tank.

King’s Raid PVE Tier List 2023

In this second king raid tier list, we will be ranking the heroes based on their PvE perspective. It is not necessary that a hero who is great in PvP might be that good in PvE as well.

King's Raid PVE

This king raid tier list is the best. The heroes in this list are powerful.


Artemia’s Pillar of Light is an excellent choice against a single dangerous opponent as it hits hard and decreases attack damage.

Artemia is a fantastic PvE hero who has won the right spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Cleo is efficient against great numbers of enemies. She can diminish her enemies to dust with her powerful Fire Rain spell, her abilities earn her a place in the S-tier list.


Erze is a skilled assassin who can take out several targets while simultaneously curing herself with Sweet and Soaking Blood.

As discussed earlier, these heroes are powerful but they are inferior to S-tier heroes.


Phillop can use Collision to knock down opponents and Head Butt to knock them up by also debuffing their attack speed. As a result of this capacity, he is a decent option for crowd control.


She can easily shield the entire team With Blessing of Light,  all while providing them with immunity to CC.

Heaven’s Vengeance is her primary offensive weapon because it hits hard, blinds targets, and amplifies the damage.


Epis is a teleporting assassin that can cause havoc on the enemy units in the background. Her ability Absorbing Blow assists healers by curing herself for a portion of the damage done to enemies.

The heroes in the B-tier list are a bit more situational yet they add value to your team composition.


Gau’s third ability, Vortex, makes him an exceptional hero in King’s Raid. Vortex is the game’s most powerful Crowd Control (CC) ability, and it can fully replenish the Black Dragon’s CC bar.


Priscilla is an all-around hero unit. She shines in every squad. She can work in any team and for any type of content.

The heroes in this list begin to lose significant amounts of power hence, making them inferior to  S, A, and B tier heroes.


Lavril is one of the essential members of any magic squad. She excels at increasing the damage potential of your key DPS.


Oddy is good in cooldown reduction.

These are the bottom-tier heroes and they are of basically less or no importance.


It handles CC teams, like Demia teams. If used at the right time, it can defeat a lot of cancer heroes.


For Leo, speed is crucial, as the first person to cast silence wins. Good for teams that deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.


This game requires a lot of time investment to reach the highest level of play. Also, one has to make the right team and strategy to progress in the game.

Hopefully, this article through the king’s raid tier list has given you clear ideas about how to build your strong squad and improve your game planning.

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Who is the Best hero in King’s Raid?

As we have classified the list into two categories, let’s look at the best heroes of each one of them.

The best hero in the king’s raid (PvP) is Loman. His skill of Knight’s creed can annihilate a huge number of opponents.

His survivability, when combined with his damage and efficiency, is unrivaled. The best hero for the king’s raid (PVE) is Artemia.

Her Pillar of Light is the perfect choice against a single strong enemy.

However, She also can deal massive amounts of damage in a wide area (AoE), making it simple to eliminate the enemy’s minions regardless of their numbers.

Who is the Best Tank in King’s Raid?

The clause is a versatile tank (and free).

He has a limited range AoE stun with a low cost and cooldown, as well as two cc skills and an active group physical defense buff.

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