Awaken Chaos Era Best Guide 2022 | How to Assemble a Powerful Squad and Overwhelm Your Enemies

Awaken Chaos Era: Century Games Publishing has gained considerable popularity after the success of Guns of Glory and King of Avlon. The developers decided to surprise all the fans with the release of Awaken Chaos Era, which is a terrific role-playing game. 

Just like the majority of other RPGs, Awaken Chaos Era features a range of exciting elements including dungeons, chapters, as well as guild bosses.

All of these play a crucial role in helping the players maximize their levels in the game. A total of ten Adventure Chapters of Awaken Chaos Era are included in the game.

They feature three difficulty levels including Mythic, Hard, as well as Normal.

There are ten different dungeons for farming gear as well as hero abilities and a couple of other dungeons namely Endless Trail and Void Tower. 

The Awaken Chaos Era game is a simple yet complex game. There’s a lot that you need to keep in mind before starting your journey in the game.

To help you out, in our below-mentioned Awaken Chaos Era: Beginner’s Guide, we have got you covered in all aspects.

We have compiled 6 different Awaken Chaos Era Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will teach you How to Assemble a Powerful Squad and Overwhelm Your Enemies. 

Awaken: Chaos Era Beginner’s Guide

To begin with our Awaken: Chaos Era Beginner’s Guide, here are some basics of the game: 


You will find a total of 155 heroes in Awaken Chaos Era.

They are classified in to different categories of elements, roles, rarities, as well as factions. 

  1. Elements: water, fire, dark, light, and wood
  2. Roles: support, defence, and offence
  3. Rarities: legendary, epic, elite, rare, and common 
  4. Factions: Sylvan Woodlands, Crisas, Soulplunders, Lasir, Dragonscale Marsh, Titan Icelands, Holy Light Empire, and Free Cities

All the heroes in the game have a special ability to offer.

Additionally, they also have synergies with other heroes that players will be able to merge to create a stronger team. 

PVP modes

The Arena in Awaken Chaos Era is the area where players will be fighting against others. 

There are 5 different groups under this Arena Tier including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legend.

Every group has a restriction on the number of players that can stay within it.

Apart from this, every group also has some special rewards to offer that include  Awakening Soul Arcana, Diamonds, Gold, Advanced Summon, Ancient Summoning Crystal, Pumpkin, and Hierarchy Soul Arcana.

As soon as the season ends (after the end of every week), these rewards are provided to the players. 

To take part in an Arena bout, you will need to have Arena Pass. The exciting thing is that whether the player wins or not, he’ll still be provided with Bread as well as Arena Token.

For those who don’t know, Bread signifies Energy and Arena Token is the in-game currency for exchanging different stuff in the Awaken Chaos Era store.

So even if you lose the fight, it will have no effect. If you wish to move upwards in the Tier, you will need to win the match and earn points.

Just like Energy, Arena Pass gets added automatically to your resource stock after each hour. 

PVE modes

While playing Awaken Chaos Era, you will come across 12 different dungeons which feature 5 crucial areas.

These include Bounty Hunt, Arcane Dominator, No Man’s Land, Endless Trial, and Void Tower. 

  1. Arcane Dominator comprises five dungeons where players will be able to farm special gear sets. 
  1. No Man’s Land comprises five dungeons where players can farm the hero gems for upgrading the skills of their heroes, primarily for Light, Dark, Water, Fire, and Wood element heroes. 
  1. Void Tower, in Awaken Chaos Era, is a pretty unique kind of dungeon. Players will have to clear every floor in this dungeon to be able to gain Stardust for performing Limited Summons in the game. 
  1. Endless Trial is more or less the same as Void Tower. However, this one will help you in choosing a range of floor paths for arriving at the end of your goal and receiving a Trial Token. For those who don’t know, Trial Token in Awaken Chaos Era is traded for items at the tavern of the bartender. 

Friend System

Players will be able to assemble a squad with their friends to finish off the dungeon.

They would also be able to invade the bosses in the guild much easier.

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Awaken Chaos Era Tips, Tricks & Strategies 

After our Awaken: Chaos Era Beginner’s Guide, it’s time to throw some light on effective strategies to enhance your gameplay in the game. 

For instance, to make the game as convenient as possible, you will first need to learn about the characteristics of the hero in the game. 

There are also many more Awaken Chaos Era Tips, Tricks & Strategies that await you to make the most of this popular RPG.

Let’s have a look: 

1. Advance Through The Story Campaign

The primary game mode of Awaken Chaos Era is its story campaign.

Additionally, its early phases act like a tutorial for the players to go through. 

This Story Campaign is categorized into different chapters where every chapter is organised in several stages.

Players will have a squad of four heroes in the game who will fight against numerous opponents.

Your main objective will be nothing but to win the game as there aren’t any additional missions related to these stages. 

Once you complete the 2-5 stage level, you will be able to unlock battle speed boost as well as auto-battle mode.

You will come across a range of story cutscenes on your way through the game and by reading them, you will be able to learn better about the game.

Nonetheless, you always have the option to skip these. 

Heroes, through the battles of the Story Campaign, will be gaining EXP which is used for unlocking new levels.

Apart from this, you will earn some first-time completion prizes and random lots after every stage that you finish off.

Through EXP earned in Awaken Chaos Era, players will be raising their account level as well. 

Apart from EXP and other free rewards, the Story Campaign is largely crucial for all the milestones that it constitutes.

Through the fulfilment of these milestones, you will be able to unlock various other features of Awaken Chaos Era.

And well, it is always a good idea to unlock these features as soon as possible!

It will also help you advance through the game quickly and easily. 

As such, you should always prioritise advancing through the story campaign in Awaken Chaos Era. 

2. Reroll For The Best Heroes

The Gacha system is a pretty popular and crucial element of the majority of role-playing games.

Just like most RPGs, Awaken Chaos Era also features the same mechanic. 

While it may sound all fun and interesting, it often gets very tricky.

There are different levels of a rarity when it comes to the heroes of Awaken Chaos Era.

Generally, a higher level of rarity implies a better quality of a hero. 

These rarities are classified into:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Elite
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary 

Any heroes featured in the first two levels of rarities (common and rare) aren’t essentially a very great choice and you should resist investing in them.

A higher level of rarity will provide you with better odds of things working in your favour.  

When we say Reroll for the best heroes, it primarily means to wipe out everything that has occurred in your in-game journey till now.

As such, you start it all over right from the inception.

In simple words, in case you don’t feel content with the heroes that you collected from the early gacha pulls, you can simply suspend all your progress till now and start it all over again. 

Nonetheless, there is one crucial prerequisite that you must keep in mind if you wish to reroll for the best heroes in the game.

This requisite is playing Awaken Chaos Era by signing in as a guest.

You will always have the option to link your game with your existing Gmail or Facebook account, however, you must do so only after you have come to terms with your preliminary gacha pulls.

Moreover, if you don’t wish to pursue a reroll anymore, then you can certainly go on to link your Facebook or/and Gmail.  

3. Use Exp Jelly Carefully 

As mentioned earlier, there are different levels of difficulty in Awaken Chaos Era.

However, you must spend your EXP jelly only on hard as well as mythic difficulties.

This is because it will help you earn a major raise in EXP.

Use them only to unlock the Adventure Hard Game mode. 

You may also spend them for levelling up the fodder heroes in your game, primarily from 1-4 star ranking.

Moreover, you can consider levelling up 1-5 star Foody.

It is worth mentioning that Foody is going to use half or even less from XP for its level-up. 

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4. Select The Appropriate Gear Sets 

As you can expect, there is an overabundance of characters in the Awaken Chaos Era game.

As a result, it is pretty unlikely for any two units to have a similar kind of team composition.

Even if it would happen, it may be safe to say that there may be certain key differences in these characters.

Now the question is what makes your heroes truly unique in the game?

Well, you got it right! This brings us to one of the most critical elements of Awaken Chaos Era, which is Gear Sets. 

Gear Sets in the game are a considerable aspect that contributes significantly to the overall strength as well as efficiency of a squad.

They help in strengthening an existing dominant trait or equalizing any missing element.

As a result, players must be very careful when choosing the gear sets for every hero. 

Additionally, Gear Sets also play a vital role in boosting the stat bonus that they offer.

Through enhancement, some extra stat boosts may also become available to you. 

5. Join A Guild 

Guilds are a very crucial element of any role-playing game and without them, the game is certainly incomplete.

Talking about Awaken Chaos Era, guilds come along with a range of exciting advantages that the players can enjoy.

And hence, you must always join a guild! 

Once it is available, players may either prepare a guild on their own or simply join a prevailing guild.

You will be able to select from a range of different guilds by tapping on the separate Guild button on the bottom left-hand side of your home screen. 

There’s always the option to start and prepare a guild of your own.

However, if you are just starting with Awaken Chaos Era or are still new to the game, we suggest that you just join one.

This way, you will be able to understand the role and responsibility of the leader of a guild in a much better way. 

There are a few guilds that will need authorization before you can join them.

However, you will also be able to find many other guilds that will accept you immediately after you apply. 

Here’s a spoiler! As soon as you join a guild, you are going to receive a bonus instantly! 

6. Learn Better About Elements

Lastly, it is important to do some homework on your own.

You must be well aware of each element in the game and how it works.

As most of you would know, each element varies largely from the other and thus, you must learn about them properly to use them for your purpose. 

In Awaken Chaos Era, there are five different elements including Water, Fire, Light, Dark, as well as Wood. This is how they work: 

  • Fire is powerful against Water,
  • Wood is powerful against Fire,
  • Water is powerful against Wood,
  • and lastly, both light, as well as dark, contradict each other

So these were all the 100% effective Awaken Chaos Era Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will help you dominate the game like no other! 

Final Words

And with that, we wrap up our Awaken: Chaos Era Beginner’s Guide.

If you implement all of these above-mentioned Awaken Chaos Era Tips, Tricks & Strategies carefully, you will be able to master the game in no time! 

As you could see for yourself, the game largely depends on your knowledge and skill.

You will need to understand the ability of elements in the game and also learn how hero formation works.

It is important to create a strong squad for yourselves so that you can take over all your opponents. 

The process can get a bit tricky especially if you are new to the game.

If you wanted to figure out how to Assemble a Powerful Squad and Overwhelm Your Enemies in Awaken Chaos Era, we hope this guide was helpful for you. Have fun playing! 

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