Download free IObit Driver booster 9 for Windows PC 2023

IObit Driver Booster 9 allows you to update any and every outdated, faulty, or missing driver on your device with only a single click

Obsolete drivers can disastrously impact the performance of your PC and result in system crashes.

Driver Updater Free is formulated with the most refined driver boost technology of IObit and works to scan as well as identify obsolete drivers on its own.

It also installs the appropriate update on your device with a single click and helps save you plenty of time.

In this article, we are going to help you download the best software for automatically updating the drivers for yourself and tell you everything you need to know about IObit Driver Booster 9.

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About IObit Driver Booster 9

Download Free IObit Driver Booster 9 For Windows PC 2021
Download Free IObit Driver Booster

Driver Booster 9 is a special program that is primarily designed for updating all your drivers for any USB, audio, video, as well as any other devices that are connected on your Windows PC that have now come to be outdated. 

These outdated drivers may have a very adverse impact on the overall performance of your Windows PC and result in plenty of errors in your system.

This instrument will help you in searching for as well as identifying any outdated drivers on your device, and will also install the updates that you are missing out on automatically.

The driver updater tool will also safeguard your computer against any hardware downfalls, conflicts as well as system crashes.

Users will find it to be pretty easy to use and run automatically which makes IObit driver booster 9 an outstanding solution that is going to help you make sure that your Windows PC system functions appropriately at all times.

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As soon as you launch Driver Booster 9 on your device, it is going to scan your Windows PC for any elements that need to be updated, get rid of all the outdated drivers, and substitute them for the recent versions.

Apart from this, this driver updater is also considered highly substantial for a special setting called ‘Game Mode‘ within the tool.

This feature works to optimize the drivers for enhancing their performance during games which will further help to improve your gaming experience to a great extent.

Driver booster is not only fast but also a safe utility that does not make use of too many of your resources on your PC.

And therefore, it does not get in the way of the performance of any other tasks on your PC.

In addition, this driver downloader for PC is specifically formulated to grasp drivers to ensure enhanced gaming performance as well as to guarantee better PC performance by enriching revising protection with three different features: Restore, Rollback, and Uninstall.

It is certainly one of the best driver updater tools that can protect your Windows PC from any unknown security susceptibility, hardware downfalls, clashes, as well as system errors.

It is the most effective and powerful utility that you must install on your device.

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IObit Driver Booster 9

Download Free IObit Driver Booster 9 For Windows PC 2021
Download Free IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster 9 allows you to update any and every outdated, faulty, or missing driver on your device with only a single click.

In this specific version of driver updater, the database of the driver and game element has been extensively improved from the former 1,000,000 to 4,500,000 now which makes sure that nearly all outdated drivers, as well as game elements, can be easily updated for every user.

Furthermore, the security and precision of driver updates are ensured by supplying drivers that pass the Microsoft WHQL testing and carefully adhere to the Review Rules of IObit.

Apart from this, the program also provides another service, the auto driver update feature, which allows users to download and install drivers while the device is sitting idle which helps to save them plenty of time.

One of the most notable elements is that this driver booster application features a brand new element, Boost, which allows users to have the most incredible gaming experience through just one click that will boost your system.

Besides, seven of the most helpful tools in the software help users in restoring your system, have a look at system data and rectify the ordinary but hazardous issues like network failure, no sound, bad resolution, as well as a system error.

  • License: Free
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Category: Optimizations
  • Language: English, as well as 30 more

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Why do I need IObit Driver Booster 9?

Download Free IObit Driver Booster 9 For Windows PC 2021
Download Free IObit Driver Booster

Every so often, we as users are likely to miss out on updating the drivers on our devices.

And while it may not seem like that, this can truly result in very slow performance for your system together with network failures as well.

One of the most effective ways to prevent such kinds of issues from taking place is to download a very simple software called Driver Booster 9.

It is essentially a driver updater for obsolete drivers that makes sure that your Windows PC operates only on the latest editions.

The options of search, as well as repair, are very simple to use, and you can update all outdated drivers in one go itself with great ease.

The driver downloader for PC can also function in the background while keeping your system up-to-date at all times.

It also displays the users all the dates that have passed since the recent scan of the system.

It shows all the detailed components of the outdated drivers that the tool aims at updating.

The effective utility also offers a pro edition for people who are interested in getting access to some additional features of the driver updater. However, it is of course paid.

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Features of IObit Driver Booster 9

Download Free IObit Driver Booster 9 For Windows PC 2021
Download Free IObit Driver Booster

The following are some of the most amazing features that you are going to experience while using IObit Driver Booster 9.

Before we go on to read them in detail, please bear in mind that these features can vary from device to device as not all systems can support all of these features.

  • Scan as well as identify any outdated, missing, or/and faulty driver on the device automatically as scheduled
  • Update all the outdated drivers on the device with just a single click
  • Only deliver drivers that finish off the Microsoft WHQL test together with the IObit Review test
  • The driver package is much compressed with a minor size for saving time
  • Offline updating as well as installing for network drivers available as well
  • Bigger database for updating extra outdated or unusual drivers
  • Automatic backup available so that all drivers are there for safe restore
  • Auto downloading, installation, and updating of drivers while the system is sitting idle
  • Get rid of any device errors with great ease to ensure Better Performance
  • Improved Gaming experience
  • Update up to 4,500,000+ Drivers
  • Automatic silent notifications are enabled for the software in case any full-screen task is operating
  • Enhance your gaming experience by quitting any needless processes
  • Enhance gaming experience using essential game components

Remove outdated drivers

In case you notice that your Windows PC is running slow or if you are encountering any issues with the performance of your device, then it is highly likely that you are making use of certain drivers that are no longer complementary with the hardware of your PC.

This kind of obsolete driver results in very sluggish response duration, lousy sound, poor image quality, as well as a regular network failure.

While the majority of operating systems provide periodic updates, there are also many drivers in obsolete systems that aren’t invariably covered.

This driver updater searches specifically for those drivers that are obsolete or aren’t functioning properly and it then works to update such drivers to their latest versions.

It comprises a database of more than 3 million drivers as well as game elements from Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD, among many others.

It also searches for any outdated game elements such as Microsoft DirectX Runtime or Adobe Flash Player.

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Simple to use

One of the nicest aspects of IObit Driver Booster 9 is the fact that it is so simple to use.

As soon as you are going to launch the program on your device, you will notice that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate this application and can truly work your way around it with great ease.

The interface of the tool is fairly simple and features a big scan button.

After it is done with the scanning process, it is not going to open the browser on your device for you to manually install the updates.

Rather, it is going to do so in the background on its own without requiring much input on your end.

Therefore, it is way more simple, comfortable as well as hassle-free to use this driver downloader for PC instead of any other programs available online.

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Option of Manual and Automatic scan

As soon as you are going to download and install Driver Booster on your Windows PC, you can go on to launch it immediately and begin the process of scanning.

If you don’t end up clicking on the Scan button yourself, the driver updater tool is going to initiate a diagnostic on its own after 5 seconds of installation of the program.

After almost a couple of minutes, the tool is going to display a thorough list of all the obsolete drivers present on your device.

Users can either prefer a single-click update or go on to explore details of the specific driver before finally determining.

The drive booster will display extensive information on all the outdated drivers that it is going to discover on your device.

These details may include the name, date, installed edition, category, as well as publisher of the particular driver.

It will also present to you the recently released edition of the driver.

You can either choose to update that driver, dismiss the option of update, delete that driver or also update all the obsolete drivers at once.

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System Requirements to download IObit Driver Booster 9 Free

Before you proceed with downloading and installing IObit Driver Booster 9 on your device, you first need to be aware that the system you are using truly meets the proposed or minimum requirements that the software requires.

The following are the system requirements for Driver booster download:

  1. Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1 or 8, Vista, XP
  2. Free disk space available of 1 GB primarily for driver booster smooth download as well as installation
  3. Screen resolution of 1024*768 and above

Best alternatives to the IObit Driver Booster 8 tool

It is no wonder that IObit Driver Booster downloader for PC is very much popular in today’s times and continues to grow its user base every day.

However, there are also some other alternatives to this driver updater tool that are available online for users to access.

In case you are looking out for some more tools of the same kind, the following are some other nice tools like Drive booster 8:

  • Snappy Driver Installer
  • Driver Easy
  • Driver Genius Professional

Pros and Cons of using IObit Driver Booster 9

Let’s now have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of using IObit Driver Booster 9.


  • Very simple to use and Beginner-friendly
  • Can operate in the background as well
  • Displays extensive detail of the system drivers
  • Option available for updating all drivers on the system in one go itself


  • Free trial is limited only to a couple of driver updates every day
  • A lot of functions in this application need the users to have access to some other IObit products as well

Is IObit Driver Booster 9 available for free?

Yes, IObit Driver Booster 9 is a driver updater that is available for free for any and every operating system of Windows up to and including Windows 10.

While it is free, it does offer a paid professional counterpart that comprises plenty of additional features.

Automatic downloads, as well as updates, are also incorporated in the premium edition of this driver updater application, as well as the feature to create a backup of all drivers.

As a user, you will just need to enter the key for activating the pro program after you’ve purchased the license for IObit Driver Booster 9.

Final Words

In conclusion, the driver booster 9 application doesn’t only work to update all your outdated system drivers as well as game components and helps you in fixing ordinary but complicated issues to boost the compatibility and stability of your system, but also boosts it all together to ensure an adequate gaming experience for you.

You can refer to the link we mentioned above and download this free driver updater tool on your Windows PC with great ease.

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