Download Free IObit Unlocker for undelete files Problem on Windows 2023

How can I use an unlocker to get rid of a folder or file on my computer that just won’t delete?

Is it possible to force such corrupted folders or files to be deleted permanently? Is it a good idea to download unlocker by IObit? 

In case you are finding answers to the above-mentioned questions and facing a problem where you are unable to get rid of a folder or file on your computer then you don’t need to worry anymore because you’re just at the right place.

In this article, we are going to help you delete all such stubborn files with great ease using IObit unlocker download. 

But before we should get started with downloading and using the IObit unlocker, let us first learn a bit more about the cause of the problem and why you need an unlocker to solve it. 

Why do some files or folders become irremovable?

It may be a good idea to be aware of why exactly certain folders or files on your computer act this way.

In case you wish to understand further about the case, you must first know that there are plenty of reasons for your computer to behave like that where it just won’t let you get rid of a particular folder or file. 

  • One of the most common causes is that a certain service or program on your computer is using such files that you are trying to remove. It may be likely that the particular folder or file is being altered or is related to an extended program. In this case, it may be nearly impossible for you to manually find out which service or program is making use of that particular file. Hence, this is where the role of a file unlocker comes in. 
  • Moreover, many times because of a virus or malware attack or incorrect shutdown of your computer, a few folders or files may often get corrupted and lead to this issue where you just can’t delete them. 
  • Apart from that, there may also be some other causes behind this issue. For instance, you may not be able to delete a folder or file in case your system is violating a sharing policy. What this means is that a folder or file is not originally possessed by your computer and rather by another device on the same network.
  • Lastly, it may be possible that your device isn’t able to view or read the particular folder or file from a disk. Even if you’d be able to see the file, many times, it is only cached rather than the active view. 

These were essentially all the reasons why you are unable to get rid of a particular folder or file from your computer.

Now whatever the reason may be, downloading unlocker programs on your device will help you solve your issue. 

IObit Unlocker is one of the most effective and easy-to-use programs that you can install on your device. Here’s more about it. 

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Why IObit Unlocker? 

While using an Unlocker or any other third-party software is not the only way to get rid of such stubborn folders or files on your computer, there are also some other ways.

However, that will require you to undergo plenty of stages and take up a lot of time.

In today’s busy era with packed schedules, no one would wish to use this option and hence, a file unlocker such as IObit unlocker seems like the best way to get the job done easily and quickly. 

IObit Unlocker Windows 10 is a pretty lightweight and user-friendly application that is developed by the well-known IObit Software.

IObit Unlocker download on your computer will help you to get rid of any folders or files on the device that for several reasons, won’t usually be erased.

Generally, you will be notified with an error popup message that says that your computer is not able to remove the file.

That’s when you need an IObit unlocker to do its magic and help you with the process. 

IObit Unlocker Download 

IObit Unlocker is one of the best unlocker programs available in the market today.

It is an extremely powerful and effective file unlocker application that is available for all users completely free of cost. 

This unlocker has a significant role to play in your computer whenever you come across any sort of issue while deleting a folder or file.

It works to solve any errors popping up on your device such as “cannot delete folders or files,” “access denied,” “the file/folder is in use by another user or program”, or “there has been a violation of the sharing protocol”. 

Whatever the notification may say, this tiny file unlocker download will help you in managing all the folders and files on your computer the way you wish to.

Download IObit Unlocker

With “Unlock and Copy,” “Unlock and Delete,” “Unlock and Move,” as well as “Unlock and Rename,” the IObit Unlocker download will make room for much easier and faster methods of unlocking and managing the folders and files on your PC for keeping them safe as well as available at all times. 

Whenever you see “cannot delete folders or files,” just go on to drag and drop them to the IObit Unlocker app.

After that, you will quickly be able to unlock, copy, rename, or move these files as you want with great ease.

And that’s the best part about this file unlocker that it requires no complex operation of any kind.

When you download this unlocker Windows 10 by IObit, you will also be provided with another feature named “Forced Mode”.

It is an extremely helpful element that comes into use when the file unlocker application won’t be able to unlock or delete the folder or file in normal mode.

In that case, it will then be deleting those folders or files once you reboot your device. 

After you download unlocker by IObit, it is also going to incorporate itself with a context menu (right-click) that helps to make the process of deleting folders and files much simpler.

You can just right-click on the specific folder or file that you wish to delete or discard from your device, and choose the option of “IObit Unlocker” out of the appeared context menu.

The file unlocker program will then launch, then choose the option of “Unlock & Delete” and your job will be instantly done.

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Using IObit Unlocker 

Once you are done with downloading and installing the IObit unlocker on your device, it is time to learn about its in-app use.

For using the file unlocker program, users will essentially be provided with two different options that are as follows: 

  • Simply dragging and dropping a folder or file that you wish to delete into the unlocker application.
  • Right-clicking on the folder or file and choosing the desired action out of the contextual pop-up menu that is going to appear on the screen.

It is worth mentioning that the first option is largely recommended owing to the point that it is much simpler than the other option.

The GUI of the app is incredibly amazing as well as straightforward which makes it very smooth for the users to use this unlocker.

Apart from getting rid of ‘undeletable’ folders or files on your computer, the intuitive interface of the IObit Unlocker app also helps the users in managing in detail plenty of varied directories, among others.

Set handling in the program is maintained, which means that users will be able to expand as many things as they wish to add, for opening them all at the same time.

In terms of its usage, the IObit unlocker works pretty similar to the fellow utility tool, TinyTask by Windows. 

Overall, IObit unlocker is an easy-to-use unlocker app regardless of the user’s prior technical experience. 


Apart from being an incredibly lightweight as well as easy-to-use file unlocker program, IObit Unlocker Windows also features high compatibility with plenty of devices in general.

It is easily usable for all modern versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 and above, and for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit.

Final Words

IObit Unlocker is an incredibly low-demanding application when it comes to the CPU and system memory of your device, and hence it does not impose much stress on the overall performance of your computer.

It features a terrific response time while also completing the job easily and quickly.

It is also worth mentioning that it operates without causing your Windows device to crash, hang, or result in any mistake dialogs.

As of now, there haven’t been any serious problems while downloading and using the IObit Unlocker.

Owing to its great features as well as user-friendly structure, even all novice users will be able to easily figure the application out without any extra hassle.  

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