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One of the most crucial decisions one has to make while playing the popular Borderlands 2 game occurs right in the beginning when players have to select characters for themselves along with their associated Borderlands 2 classes.

Now all of you must be wondering who is the best character in Borderlands 2 Classes and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here.

In this article, we’ve compiled a specified ranking of the character classes in Borderlands 2 to solve this dilemma of almost every Borderlands 2 player.

About Borderlands 2

While Borderlands 3 was released in the gaming industry a couple of years back and received some of the most rapturous reviews, its 2012 predecessor continues to remain a top fan favorite.

To this date, Borderlands 2 Classes is one of the most widely loved installations in the signature series of Gearbox Software.

The game has been repackaged as well as resold plenty of times, with the addition of some new textures, skins, quests, together with playable characters featuring each iteration.

New players continue to join the game servers even though this popular game is more than nine years old.

This is somewhat because of the inclusion of the game in The Handsome Collection, which integrates Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, as well as all of their DLC in one package.

The collection has now been available free on almost all the gaming platforms at one point or another and is usually featured in plenty of big sales.

An additional reason is clearly that the game continues to hold up to date.

The stark black lines together with spirited colors of the comic-like design of the game work nicely with the lofty turmoil of the gameplay, providing the players with an overall timeless feel while playing the game.

Borderlands 2 Classes

Before we go on to discuss our ranked Borderlands 2 classes, let us first have a look at a couple of quick qualifiers that we wish to get out of the way before we go on to figure out what are the Borderlands 2 best characters or Borderlands 2 strongest class.

First and foremost, we must tell you that Borderlands 2 Classes is one of the most extremely well-balanced games.

Every single character in the game possesses distinct abilities that favor some specific use circumstances, and neither of them is certainly weak or bad.

You don’t need to be disappointed in case your best character borderlands 2 or favorite ones are ranked lower than you anticipated.

It possibly just implies they’re a little more niche than the rest of the characters in the game.

Moreover, the list is going to include both of the DLC characters as well as the original four.

These characters are comprised in The Handsome Collection, however, you may need to purchase them separately in case you possess the vanilla version of the Borderlands 2 Classes game.

Last but not the least, it’s crucial to keep in mind that every Borderlands 2 character has three distinct upgrade limits.

Players will be unable to max out all three of them, so the aftermaths may differ depending on how one uses their upgrade points and subsequently, which abilities they end up with.

Now without any further ado, let’s look at our list of best Borderlands 2 classes ranked!

Borderlands 2 Best Character

6. Psycho: Best Borderlands 2 classes for chaos

Best Borderlands 2 Classes

Krieg was the last Borderlands character that was added to the game back in March 2013.

Psycho has an ability known as Buzz Axe Rampage that makes this character go into a fit of resentment, swapping his guns for a giant, two-handed ax that handles 500% melee damage as well as features a self-heal on every kill.

The Psycho character is a kind of wildcard of the group of best bl2 classes ranked.

You can make this one evolve into a Mutant Badass Psycho while smashing his opponents with severe melee attacks, stress on weapons along with grenades, or light yourself on fire to handle additional fire damage while you flee crying out through the battleground in the game.

This makes the character a lot of fun to play, but tactically hard to place. Being closed up into a melee borderlands 2 builds 2023 can encourage a lot of challenges in the game.

Krieg’s Bloodlust tree concentrates on kill skills as well as bloodlust stacks, his Mania tree on melee, together with his Hellborn tree on upgrading fire damage.

5. Assassin: Best Borderlands 2 class for veterans

Assassin Best Borderlands 2
Best Borderlands 2 Classes

We wouldn’t suggest the majority of new players use Zer0 for their first (or even the second) playthrough in Borderlands 2 Classes.

That doesn’t mean, in any way, that this character is not worth choosing, it’s just that he’s a bit complicated to use and doesn’t get truly good until some of the best abilities are unlocked somewhat late into the game.

The Assassin is ideally suited to melee fighting as well as sniper rifles.

A major part of the Borderlands 2 game comes down to fighting waves of mid-range opponents, though, which is somewhat why we flinch to approve of him.

Health-wise too, he comes slightly lower than the majority of the other Borderlands 2 best characters.

Having said that, Zer0 features some of the best endgame abilities in Borderlands 2 and is much more beneficial when combined with a tank such as Salvador, Axton, or Gaige.

His special ability, called Decapitation, allows the players to develop a hologram as a distraction while the character himself goes invisible.

While upgrading, players can go on to seek the Bloodshed tree for melee abilities, Cunning for utilities as well as damage effects, and lastly, Sniping for, of course, sniping.

4. Siren: Best Borderlands 2 class for squad players

Borderlands 2 Siren
Best Borderlands 2 Classes

Maya is the Siren, which is the nearest thing Borderlands 2 has to a support or healer class.

Her special skill called Phaselock helps to create a stasis bubble, which begins as a natural midair halt and unfolds into becoming a damage-dealing force cage.

When playing this one, the core strategy of the players pretty much revolves around this very unique ability.

Phaselock has the poorest cooldown of all the special abilities of other characters in Borderlands 2 Classes, and it’s incredible for crowd control.

Individual players may have a lot of entertainment as Maya, but you won’t feel her entire utility unless you experiment into the multiplayer mode.

You can continue with Maya’s Cataclysm tree while upgrading damage aspects, Harmony tree for boosting defense as well as health, and lastly, her Motion tree to make the character more of a defensive skill.

3. Commando: Best Borderlands 2 class for newbies

Borderlands 2 Commando
Best Borderlands 2 Classes

A lot of you must be curious to know about the best Borderlands 2 character for beginners in the game.

If you wish to swap, reload, or shoot faster using any kind of gun in the game, Axton’s your way to go.

Axton is an incredibly well-rounded character in the Borderlands 2 Classes game, and in our opinion, he is among the Borderlands 2 best characters for individual play.

Moreover, he is also the best bl2 character for newbies who may not be aware of their preferred gameplay, as the majority of the abilities of this character upgrade the fundamental mechanics of the game.

His special agility called Sabre Turret is useful in almost any and every kind of situation in the game. You just drop a turret, and it will start firing at the closest opponent best class borderlands 2.

This is particularly useful when you’re playing on your own since you can use the turret to bring out the aggro of opponent crowds while you fire from the sidelines while regaining your shields.

Axton’s Guerilla tree enhances basic fighting and weapons, his Gunpowder tree boosts long-range fighting, and his Survival tree enhances his security.

2. Mechromancer: Best Borderlands 2 classes for bosses

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer

Gaige is another DLC character on the list of best Borderlands 2 characters Ranked. The special ability of this character, “Death Trap” allows her to convene a massive-floating-killer-robot of a similar term.

Similar to Axton’s turret, Death Trap is likewise beneficial for bringing out the enemy fire best class in borderlands 2.

The majority of the abilities of Mechromancer are shock damage-based. This may be a little bit of a varied bag.

Shock is 50% more beneficial against adversary shields, but it undergoes a 10% liability against flesh. It’s also worthless against zombies, and Tankensteins are certainly healed by it.

The true reason to rank Gaige so high on this list is certainly her Anarchy stacks. Anarchy goes well with any and every kill along with every empty clip.

Every stack permits a 1.75% attack damage gain as well as a 1.75% accuracy reduction, with a feasible max of 400 stacks.

Combining this skill with a shotgun at near range makes this character the perfect choice for handling bosses. After all, precision doesn’t matter point-blank.

Her Best Friends Forever tree boosts the character’s longevity, her Little Big Trouble tree expands shock, and lastly, her Ordered Chaos tree tackles damage, health, as well as shield upgrades.

1. Gunzerker: Best Borderlands 2 class overall or Borderlands 2 Strongest class

Borderlands 2 Gunzerker

Guns, guns, and a lot of guns! Salvador is our most preferred pick for the ranked best Borderlands 2 character classes as well as Borderlands 2 strongest class.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of the players who have already tried to play him.

Gunzerking enables the players to make use of any two guns at the same time, but the primary reason he comes first in this list of Borderlands 2 best classes is a famous hack that makes use of this special ability.

Some specific guns in Borderlands 2 Classes can heal all of the players while they deal with the damage.

The Grog Nozzle is an extremely beneficial one that not only heals the player for 65% of the damage it handles but also slags enemies (which compels them to take some extra damage as well).

By making use of these features in convergence with another, a stronger gun such as the Unkempt Harold makes this character almost unkillable while handling some great amounts of damage in the game.

This strategy is so cracked that you can nearly muscle your way through the entire game using it.

The Brawn tree piles the physical toughness of the Gunzerker character, the Gun Lust tree makes the weapons more powerful, and lastly, the Rampage tree expands stat gratuities to Gunzerking.

If you want borderlands 2 characters tier list pls comment us to make a best article for you to help borderlands 2 class tier list to understand best hero in the game.

Final Words

This wraps up our ranking of the best Borderlands 2 classes. As you could see, Gunzerker is Borderlands 2 Strongest class in our opinion owing to its special abilities and is regarded as the top best.

The rest of the characters in the game are also effectively powerful in their distinct ways so choose whoever suits your gameplay the best. Have fun playing!

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