Maplestory GMS DPS Chart 2023| GMS DPM Chart Best Class Tier List

Maplestory GMS DPS Chart | GMS DPM Chart Best Class Tier List: MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling online multiplayer game which is completely free to play.

It is developed by Wizet and is a game of role-playing. The main actions take place in the “Maple World” where players complete quests by fighting against monsters.

Just like any other online game, players can upgrade their looks, and gain new abilities and skills.

What is very interesting is the way of interaction between players. They can chat, trade, play mini-games and even get married.

The characters are divided into different groups. Our class tier list will help you decide which character to choose.

What players really like about Maple story is that unlike other MMOs your choice of class will not be a burden in the future games because you have the opportunity to change your character and you will not lose the strength or ability of the previous character.

So, training one character contributes to the bonuses of your whole account.

Maplestory GMS DPS CHART 2023 | Best Class Tier List

Fire Poison Mage1S+548.0532,883.08166.40%
Demon Slayer9A480.2328,813.77145.81%
Dawn Warrior10A475.4128,524.52144.34%
Thunder Breaker12A465.1427,908.53141.23%
Angelic Buster17A458.3627,501.33139.17%
Night Walker18A456.1527,369.08138.50%
Battle Mage21B437.3526,240.87132.79%
Ice Lightning Mage22B436.1826,171.09132.43%
Dark Knight28B409.0424,542.47124.19%
Night Lord34B400.0824,004.89121.47%
Beast Tamer36C382.0822,924.61116.01%
Dual Blade41C369.4922,169.35112.18%
Wind Archer43C355.2421,314.21107.86%
Blaze Wizard44C353.6821,220.86107.38%
Bow Master45C351.3921,083.23106.69%
Wild Hunter46D329.4419,766.29100.02%
Demon Avenger49D323.9119,434.8498.35%
Maplestory GMS DPS CHART

Maplestory Best Bossing Classes

Once you reach the harder levels of the game, the main objective becomes to play against powerful bosses.

Keeping this in mind, some players prefer choosing the class that is qualified enough to take down bosses in the future.

All the classes mentioned below have a strong presence all-around but do have shortcomings in mobbing and farming.

1. Night Walker

One of the thieves of the Cygnus Knights branch is Night Walker. This character can damage the scene by throwing stars and sending out bats.

The MapleStory DPS Chart GMS clearly shows that they have a high DPS.

Along with the power of causing incredible damage and high mobility, Night Walker can cause a bind that ensnares bosses for a limited time which proves immensely helpful during a boss fight.

2. Hero

Hero is a warrior belonging to the Explorer branch. The attack speed of Hero works incredibly well for bossing.

When in an ultimate enraged state, it throws a raging blow capable of high damage.

3. Dual Blade

Dual Blade is also a class of thief who attacks with daggers and katara instead of stars.

He is an excellent choice for bossing because his skills are focused on dealing with a single enemy.

This character can cause immense damage and start a Blade Storm on reaching the 5th job.

Dual blade uses the storm to move around during the boss fights so that the DPS can be maintained while dodging attacks.

Best Mobbing and Farming Classes

During the game, mobbing is a task you have to take up most frequently. The purpose can be for training, farming or something else.

Mobbing simply means how many mobs you can defeat within a certain time.

The class you choose determines the number of mobs you will be able to farm within the time period.

This is the reason players often select a dedicated farming character if they feel the main class is not enough.

1. Kanna

Belonging to the Sengoku branch, Kanna has achieved the title of best farming class according to the MapleStory DPM chart.

Kanna has an incredible kishin skill and can attack the entire map.

Kishin is a skill that slows down the rate of respawning for the mobs and multiplies the number of mobs in the entire map by 50%. This makes farming faster and easier.

Players who are looking to move forward in the game by farming and mobbing, mainly on the Reboot server, go with Kanna.

2. Luminous

Luminous is a very strong member of the mage class belonging to the Hero branch. He uses a skill called Reflection which works great for the morning class.

Reflection is a flash of light that is sent towards an enemy but it bounces to the entire map hitting all the enemies present.

Luminous causes a lot of damage because he can attack the entire map already from the 4th job just by standing and emitting Reflection.

3. Ice Lighting Mage

Ice lighting Mage is a magician from the explorer branch.

From the Maplestory GMS DPS chart, it is clear that he is the most popular class in KMS and one of the top classes in GMS.

Ice Lighting Mage has the capability to attack the entire map, release icy spikes, and chain lightning.

This is the reason they are always chosen for larger maps because they are an easy class to train.

Best Class for New Players

1. Adele

Adele is a very new addition to Maplestory along with the Rise patch.

He is from a warrior branch, having an all-rounder set of skills, good at both mobbing and bossing, making him a great pick for newbies.

Maplestory DPM chart has given him the highest DPS ranking in the entire game.

2. Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer

These warriors from the Resistance branch are designed with a special health system to increase their skills.

They both use HP to obtain their skills instead of MP.

They have the capability of regaining health by killing more and more mobs and by using skills.

They do not need to purchase any potion.

3. Aran

In the DPM chart MapleStory, Aran holds a good position in both the sectors of bossing and mobbing and does not require much funding.

Belonging to the Hero branch, Aran causes great damage and can tackle stronger mobs easily.

Another great class for new players is Kanna.

Final words

This MapleStory GMS DPS chart will help you choose the class that best suits you and assist you in achieving your goals.

As the game proceeds, the characters gain more skills and become powerful.

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  1. I’m quite confused about the chart.
    the chart shows the optimal endgame boss build for all classes… from what i get at least.

    But for paladin, does it include the full divine echo’s effect?
    Does it take Shadower’s animation cancels?

    I main paladin and i dont mind being the lowest ranked there. I’ve played probably 20 classes so far and mobbing wise they’re quite good with the hammers rotating and 1hiting. you just have to jump everywhere which give them a very fast clear speed and the cooldown is quite decent.

    Bossing wise, they provide a bind, a def debuff, crash, 30 sec immunity and a very simple burst rotation.

    I really think this classes in term of gameplay is above all classes.

    So, I’m just confused… if what i’m saying is making sense, then the chart doesnt really say much in the end…
    so what it’s value…?


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