Secret Tricks How to Get Working Shindo Life Codes 2023

The Shindo Life codes can give spins to players, reset stats and provide 2x in-game EXP for free. Shindo Life codes are old now as we have entered a new year, so here we present the most updated list of codes.

Roblox Shindo Life is all about completing your Ninja chores, leveling up and using the points you get to build up your combating abilities.

But what people like most about this game is its various gacha systems. This game was previously known as Shinobi Life 2, but that was banned due to copyright issues.

Shindo Life is a new version developed by Rell World. Since the release of this game in January 2020, Shindo has had more than 875 million visits.

The gameplay is designed in a similar world as Naruto. You can customise the characters as per Naruto-style abilities. 

What are Roblox Shindo Life Codes? 

As we mentioned, Shindo players can customise their characters and increase skills by unlocking “Sub-Abilities”, which was previously known as Jutsus, and obtaining “Bloodlines.”

But players need spins so that they can re-roll Bloodlines. Any new player gets only 15 spins when they start off with the game.

So, you must be thinking how to get more spins so that you can utilise the Bloodlines.

Well, there are many in-game ways in which you can get more spins like completing daily missions, playing Arena, or getting the spins from “Free Rewards.” but the best and quickest way to obtain them is by using new codes for Shindo Life.

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Shindo Life Codes New

Active Shindo Life Codes 2023

  1. CCwh3Re! – Freebies
  2. BoruGaiden! – Freebies
  3. BoruShiki! – Freebies
  4. RELL123SeA! – Freebies
  5. ZanAkumaNs! – Freebies
  6. ZangetsuWu! – Freebies
  7. BruceKenny! – Freebies
  8. KennyBruce! – Freebies
  9. ccWeaR! – Freebies
  10. HeyBudniceCode! – Freebies

How to Redeem Shindo Life Codes New? 

The process of redeeming the Shindo codes will be same as you did for Shindo Life Codes 2023.   

1. Launch the Shindo Life game in Roblox on whichever device you are using. 

2. On the main screen you will see the “Edit” option after clicking on the red down arrow.

3. You will see a text box on the top right of the screen which says “YouTube Code.” Copy anyone from our new codes for Shindo Life and paste it there.

4. Get the free rewards and enjoy. 

How to Use Spin with Shindo Codes? 

1. After entering the main menu, click on “Edit.”

2. There will be two options with the name “Elements” and “Bloodline.” Click on any of them.

3. Now you have to tap on the “Spin” button mentioned under “Elements” or “Bloodline” slot (whichever you have unlocked) in order to use a spin. 

After using Shindo Life codes new and accumulating spins, you must use them as soon as possible.

There is only space to store 500 spins at a time, so it is better to make use of them as soon as possible.

However, you can store more than 500 only if you are using Spin Storage Gamepass. 

If you are thinking, “How can I use up so many spins so fast?” It does take very long to make use of the spins you get in Shindo Life.

You need to use them one at a time so that any good trait doesn’t get re-rolled.

Remember that you have spins in stock as you should not be wasting the Shindo life codes on spins when you already have them. 

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What is the Fastest way to Level Up in Shindo Life? 

When you start playing the game, the quickest way to level up is by hitting the training logs.

You will find these wooden pillars located in different areas of the map.

This helps in quickly the number of levels. Make sure that you spend your stat points while leveling up.

Let us give you a tip on how you can pacify leveling up by training logs even more.

You can use some of the points by putting them into Tai. It helps in intensifying the regular attacks so that the enemies take more damage and you earn more XP. 

Once you reach level 50, hitting wooden logs is no longer enough to level up.

What you have to do is take up green scroll quests or story quests.

You will find them in Leaf Village in Ember, the main city of the game.

The reason it is advised to do the quests in Leaf Village is that only this place has the shortest distance between enemies and quests. 

Both these kinds of quests focus on searching for enemies outside the village and killing them.

You can only take up one quest at a time.

Once you kill the required number of definite types of enemies, the quest will automatically get completed and you will get XPs in return.

At this stage, you are both completing quests and dealing with enemies, so the ideal strategy would be putting stat points into both Chi, Nin, and Health. 

We suggest this because putting points in these will help you sustain your health until you defeat all your enemies.

After reaching level 50, there will be a lot of abilities you can unlock from bloodline or element.

But to unlock the abilities, you will need the right amount of Chi, and in order to make the abilities cause more damage, you will need Nin.

Once you complete the quest, go back to the menu and use the teleport feature to return to the city and grab another quest. 

Final Words 

Shindo Life codes are great to help players in the game and they come with extraordinary bonuses that can defeat enemies very easily with EXP boost to progress speedily in the game, free Spins and RELL coins.

The developers of the game give out codes whenever there is a celebration or the game reaches any milestone.

For the latest updates and newest codes, you can follow RELL World’s official Twitter handle, YouTube, or Discord server.

But the easiest way is to follow this page as we keep updating our codes as soon as the makers post them.

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