Secret Trick How To Get YouTube TV Promo Code 2023

YouTube TV Promo Code 2023: Are you looking for a YouTube TV promo code to enjoy free services in the US? Then you have found the right place.

The codes we will talk about are tried and tested in 2023 and they actually work.

As the OTT platforms are emerging rapidly with new shows and movies releasing exclusively on OTT, digital entertainment providers are trying hard to retain their active customers.

Due to the competition in the entertainment industry, digital broadcasting companies are coming up with promotional strategies that give discounts on subscription fees or free trials.

This helps us as the consumers and them as the brand. One strategy that has become popular is offering various promo codes.

And YouTube TV has kept up with this game. YouTube TV codes is not globalized yet and only a few selected areas in the US can install this.

But that has not kept it from becoming the largest broadcast provider having the highest number of people as subscribers.

That is why US users are looking for promo codes allowing crazy discounts on subscriptions.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV Promo Code
YouTube TV Promo Code

YouTube TV is an American streaming service that allows you to watch live TV and videos on demand. This is designed to make you ditch your cable or satellite subscriptions.

It has similar features as other popular live streaming services like Hulu+ Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T TV now, but there are certain exclusive features that make it very attractive.

YouTube TV is the only live streaming platform that has incorporated PBS stations and content.

Not to forget, you have access to over 85 traditional cable and broadcast channels, and they are adding more with time. For many, what makes them choose YouTube TV tricks is the simplicity in prices.

Price of YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV might seem that it is a part of YouTube but actually, it is owned by Google. The price of subscribing to YouTube TV is about $64.99 per month.

This membership can be shared by a maximum of 6 different accounts.

So, six of your family members can have access to one single membership in their devices, unlike cable connection which requires you to pay for connecting to each TV.

Once you buy the membership, you can watch channels like local NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. Also, you can have the regional sports networks, ESPN and other entertainment channels.

The subscription also lets you enjoy free and unlimited cloud storage space by DVR.

Customers trust the transparency of this platform as there is no hidden fee charged, and no need to pay for installation appointments or rental services. The subscription is the only thing you have to pay for.

If you are willing to spend some extra money every month, you will get access to premium channels and sports networks.

To name a few, using the promo code for YouTube TV premium will allow you to watch SHOWTIME, Fox Soccer Plus, and STARZ.

YouTube TV Promo Code for 2023

1. YouTube TV Promo “LESS55”

While paying for your usual subscription plan you can use this promo code for YouTube TV. Using LESS55” will allow you to have 55% discount on the total cost of the subscription.

This code is still working in 2023 and there is no expiration date set yet. Take advantage of the offers soon as they might not last forever.

2. DVR with Free Unlimited Storage Promo Code YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage space for its users. This feature will help you record and store as many shows as you want.

TV shows, news, movies, sports and every video that you can stream on this platform, you can also store them. And this is available to you at a very low cost.

youtube tv discount does not charge any extra fee for recording shows. You can record them and watch anytime, anywhere you want.

If you miss live matches or live performances due to a busy work schedule, this feature comes to the rescue.

As you might already know if this was any cable service, they will charge you extra for storage. YouTube TV promo offer is giving it to you for free with normal subscription plan.

3. Chromecast YouTube TV Promo Code

Every YouTube TV subscriber can enjoy the Chromecast offer this year. This plan will give you a premium level streaming experience without any extra cost.

You already know streaming services with a Chromecast device are an excellent combination that gives you the best quality on big screens.

The Chromecast device will cost you $49.99 if bought separately. But subscribing to a Premium Plan of YouTube TV will get you the Chromecast for free.

So if you are new to the subscription plan, it is better that you opt for the Premium offer to get the Chromecast for free.

Why is YouTube TV Promo Code growing so popular?

  • YouTube TV doesn’t tie you to a periodic agreement. You can discontinue the subscription plan anytime you want without any cancellation charges.
  • Where the costliest plan of popular streaming services, like Netflix allows 4 users to stream from the same subscription plan, YouTube TV allows up to 6 users.
  • YouTube TV allows the users to stream shows on demand. You can access this broadcasting platform according to your choice. Live TV, upcoming episodes of TV series, old shows and everything that you are excited about are just a search away.
  • YouTube TV is compatible with almost all kinds of devices, both Android and iOS smartphones, smart TVs and even various gaming consoles. As Google is looking forward to expanding this venture across the world, it is trying to make it compatible with more and more devices.

Final word

YouTube TV is rapidly expanding with more than 50 million users subscribed to the services. The above tips and tricks will help you enjoy the benefits the most.

YouTube TV promo code makes it easier for new users to try out these streaming services at lower prices. Check out the promo code YouTube TV before it’s too late.

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