Everything Know About V Rising Map Abilities, Bosses & Areas 2022

V Rising map is a good way to know all the places the blood bosses are situated. This is a new game in the market which is available for Windows.

You have to wander around the V rising map in the beginning of the game until and unless you find bosses.

The easier way to do it is to know the areas where you can find Bosses.

This way, a lot of your time is saved wandering around the entire V rising map, which is not a pretty good idea if you are beginning to play the game.

In order to be hooked, you need to know the different abilities and what exactly to do before finding bosses and the areas that are prone to bosses.

The character which you get while playing the game is a vampire. More about the character and the V rising map in the article below.

V Rising: The Game Description

To get a basic idea of the game, you need to know that you play as a vampire who consumes blood in order to upgrade its gear.

Collecting resources takes a lot of time in this game but that is the whole point of the entire gameplay.

In this game, the bosses are called Blood Bosses, since they have the strength and power created by Dracula’s blood.

As you keep on defeating all these blood bosses, you will progress in the game with better gear and better abilities.

Most of the players that played this game since its release on 19th May, 2022, found it difficult to find the bosses more than anything.

This is the reason why V rising Boss map locations were in demand for quite some time.

The V rising map is big which is the reason why a pretty good map created by MapGenie can get you through the process of discovering places where you may want to go.

You would require to find bosses because it is by this process of defeating the blood bosses that your character becomes stronger.

V Rising Boss Map Locations

The link to the map created by MapGenie is given below.

Starting from this Silverlight Hills to Dunley Farmlands, all of the places that a particular person playing the game would want to visit or basically all the places of interests in the V Rising Map.

V Rising Boss Map Locations is also pinpointed.

Click here to reckon -> MapGenie

You can not only find the bosses in the V rising boss map locations by checking this link out, but also the levels of the bosses that you are going to find in different corners of the map.

Needless to mention, you can find resources without having to beat the Bosses but eventually you would have to, since what is at stake is enticing.

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V Rising Map Areas Explained

The map does not have all the places, obviously since it is being updated from time to time as gamers are finding more places of interest.

Wandering around the map can also help you find a new place or at least some good and useful resources in the chests.

This V rising map is pretty useful and paces of the game for a lot of people who just got it from Steam.

However, the V rising map can get overwhelming if you do not have a proper idea of the main regions.

Since the map is very big, splitting it into five different parts seems to be like a nice idea.

As your vampire increases power, the bosses will also increase their difficulty simultaneously.

Your own character’s ability is really important to be increased before you go on to face the bosses.

Explore areas and increase your abilities by consuming blood as it is mostly how your character games abilities and strength.

This sentence pretty much sums up the mission of the game, which is to consume more blood and become stronger. Well, basically.

Here is a list of the most important areas that you should explore in the V rising map:

1. Farbane Woods

A large area that has a lot of resources for you to collect in the beginning of the game.

Yes, this has a lot of space to explore and most of it is covered by trees which simply means the Vampire would not be hurt or lose anything as such.

Since most of this area is comforted by the tree shadows, this becomes a good place for your character to be in and grow ability.

Well, this is not the only thing that you can do in the Farbane woods because there are a few bosses here as well.

You should face them after increasing your vampire’s abilities by collecting resources, without which you will just end up losing against the blood boss.

2. Dunley Farmlands

The vampire in V rising game requires to construct things as well; solo or in a clan.

This is a place where you will not find a lot of easy bandits that do not provide decent resistance.

If you are wandering around the Dunley Farmlands, be prepared to face a lot of resistance from the army and the militants that are more powerful than the disorganized bandits.

This place is difficult to break into which is the reason why the rewards you get after cracking the villages and towns around the civilized area are also good.

I mean, it is enticing, nevertheless, apart from being very useful in the process of the game.

Reach level 35 before expecting to have an upper hand in Dunley Farmlands.

Not that it is impossible to break into the villages without level 35, but it is more or less around that particular number.

The resources you get after beating bosses are good building resources.

3. Cursed Forest

Another very important area which will help you gain a lot of abilities if you explore properly is the Cursed forest.

Assuming you have reached around level 55, you will be ready to face the resistance from this area in the V rising map.

It is located opposite to the Farmlands and this is where things get very interesting.

Assuming your Vampire is not prepared with enough resources and abilities, you would not be able to take down the Undead and the witches that come in your way in the Cursed forest.

It is named very particularly because it somehow sums up the resistance that you receive from this area.

The rewards for breaking into this place and facing the the blood bosses, would give you a lot of supernatural abilities which will be very beneficial in the long run.

The sorcerous side of this game is definitely a thing to explore.

4. Silverlight Hills

There was human Civilization in Dunley Farmlands but they were not as strong as in Silverlight Hills which Falls just West to Dunley.

Silver and a lot of resources that are valuable in the game can be found in Silverlight Hills without much hassle.

The glare of sunlight is a thing of concern in this area but getting into here will fill the character with abundance.

Keep in mind that vampires do not like silver that much and they are a little pained by its presence even though it makes the character rich.

The recommended level that you should reach before you try to get into Silverlight Hills is 60, more or less.

5. Hallowed Mountains

A small icy that is specifically for high-level vampires to visit is what hallowed mountains is.

This is not the biggest V rising map but it is definitely one of the most difficult areas to visit.

The resources that you get including the amazing metal and gemstones are pretty enticing for you to visit the place but beware of foes and blood bosses, here and there, that are too strong for an unprepared Vampire with little abilities.

Build up your Vampire and try to reach the hallowed mountains.

This is such an area in V rising map which will keep on getting more difficult in the coming time as the game keeps updating.

Final Words

Hope you learnt a thing or two about the amazing places that you can visit in the game.

Collecting resources and consuming blood will make your Vampire stronger and you can get into more places eventually and put on a good fight.

The map is large and there are quite a few things that you can do in the game that’ll keep you interested for a long period of time.

Enjoy this game to the fullest.

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