Working Shark Game Codes 2023

If you have been looking to get the most recent Shark Game codes, then this is the right place. You must have heard about the very popular series Squid Game that made the world go crazy.

Well, this game is an adaptation of the web series, created by Squid/Game for Roblox platform.

You will be playing with other players online in a series of games that will constantly test your mettle. 

Anyone who knows about the original Squid Game must remember the dangerous red-light green-light game.

In the Roblox Shark Game also, you will play several game modes such as Red Light Green Light, Honeycombs, Lights Out, Tug-of-War, Marbles, Musical Chairs, Squid Game, Stepping Stones, etc. 

What are Roblox Shark Game Codes?

All Shark Game codes are redeemable in return for game currency which you can use to purchase cosmetics.

You get a lot of freebies that can help you progress in the game.

But remember that every code is valid for a limited period of time, and therefore, use them up as soon as possible. 

All Shark Game Codes 2023

Active shark game codes Roblox 2023

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How to redeem Roblox Shark Game Codes? 

1. Open the Shark Game in Roblox on your mobile or whatever device you are using.

2. You will see a Shopping Cart on the left side of the screen. Click on that.

3. Four icons will pop up. Click on the blue Twitter bird icon. 

4. There will be a new textbox on the screen asking you to enter Code.

5. Paste any of our Shark Game codes.

6. Click on Redeem and enjoy your free rewards. 

How to Win Roblox Shark Game? 

As the game comprises of several mini games, we are going to concentrate on how to win them individually. 

1. Squid Game 

This game, which shares the name of the original series, is the simplest to play.

The players are asked to stand in a squid-shaped area and you have to fight with other players to push them out of the line to eliminate them.

You will have to click on the Push button mentioned at the bottom of the screen to start the action. 

Once you are already in action, click on the arrow on the right side of the screen to release a shove.

In case you are in proximity to another player, just push to throw them out of the line.

The strategy is to position yourself correctly so that you can easily push others out of the arena while yourself remaining within the lines.

The last two surviving players will win the game. 

2. Stepping Stones

The gameplay of this is very straight-forward and if you have watched the series, you already know how to win it.

In this game you will have to cross a bridge which has two panels made of glass.

The challenging part is each row has one false panel and if you step on that, you will fall down and basically be out of the game. 

You might be thinking how can you possibly know which is an actual glass, and which is fake.

The only solution to winning this game is by sacrificing other players at each step of the way.

You will have to lure them to become the guinea pig and jump on the panel before you.

However, if you need some help, use all Shark Game codes to get power ups.

3. Shapes 

This is a game which needs utmost concentration as it requires you to trace a shape projected on your honeycomb.

To get the shape out, you will have to constantly keep clicking along the line.

You cannot click out of it or on a spot that has already been filled.

In case you mistakenly click on the wrong part too many times, your honeycomb will break, leading you to lose the game. 

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4. Musical Chairs

The classic kids’ game is back with a variation. You have to walk around a series of chairs placed in a circle.

As long as the music plays, you will have to keep circling around the chairs without stopping.

Once the music stops, you’ll have to sit on a chair as soon as possible.

If you are the last one standing in the end of the game, you lose. 

5. Red light Green light

The eerie Red light Green light game is also present here, and it’s a very interesting one to play.

It is a race which you have to finish before others. But there’s a twist.

At the finish line, standing under the tree is an enormous creepy doll which keeps turning towards the tree and towards the players from time to time.

When you see the doll turning her head towards you, stop immediately and stand still in whatever position you are.

If she detects any movement you will be eliminated. Once she turns away you can continue running till you finish the race. 

6. Tug Of War

Everyone is of course aware of the game.

All the players will be divided into teams and every member of the team should keep smashing the button that appears on screen especially during the game.

Pressing the button means pulling the rope. So the team who will be the fastest in mashing the button will win the game.

Every player of the team will be the winner and move on to the next level and players of the other team will be eliminated. 

7. Marbles 

This game is more like an egg-hunt where players have to find 10 marbles before others in order to win.

You can see the marbles as tiny white dots spread all across the platform.

To collect them, just walk to the marbles and a button will appear on the screen.

Hold that button for a few moments.

Final Words 

One way to find new Shark Game codes is to follow the developers of the game on Discord or Twitter.

Whenever there is a celebration, or the game reaches a new milestone, the creators distribute new codes.

Apart from that, we keep updating the codes, so keep following us for new codes.

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