65+ Outdoor Games Name for Kids 2023

If you enjoy outdoor games and looking for different kinds of outdoor games to keep your kids engaged or any kind of outdoor games that can be played with friends or family, then is the article for you.

Outdoor games are not only fun but also increase team building spirits among individuals. Thus, outdoor games are not just for enjoyment but very beneficial for kids.

After reading this article, which talks about different types of outdoor games that can be enjoyed not only by kids but people of all ages, you would not require to read another article as this article covers all the information necessary for anyone seeking to know about different kinds of outdoor games which can be played in a group setting.

This article provides basic information about 20 outdoor games name which can be enjoyed by any number of people belonging to any age group. 

20 Outdoor games names for kids

Outdoor games are not only fun but also really amazing for physical activities, things that kids of these days have huge chances of missing out now.

The more outdoor games name for kids you are aware of, the better you can convey it to them.

Be it your cousin or nephew, or even your own son, this article is going to help you get into their minds and make them have activities that are interesting as well as beneficial.

Outdoor games, when played safely makes. Here I have mentioned 20 outdoor games name which can be enjoyed by kids in a group.

It is not just any ordinary outdoor games name list it also contains indoor outdoor game names which means some of the games can be played indoors as well. 

  • Scavenger hunt: Scavenger hunt is a game in which players or teams are sent out in a large but open area to gather a collection of common, absurd, or amusing objects; the winner is the one or team that returns earliest with all the items. In this game you can divide the players in two groups and the team that collects all the items first is the winner. This game is very popular among kids and it also helps in team building practices.
  • Hide and Seek: Hide and seek is one of the most popular family games. It’s a terrific way to get everyone outside and have fun and it’s easy to learn and quite engaging. There are some fantastic hide-and-seek variations that are a lot of fun if you want to get adventurous. One of these variations is playing hide and seek with a group. This is when you find someone and that player joins the hunt to search for the other people who are hiding. When playing reverse hide and seek, one person hides while the other players look for them. Outdoor games name list would not have been complete without mentioning this.
  • Frisbee golf: One of the most fun backyard games and outdoor games that can be played by individuals of all ages is Frisbee golf. This multifaceted sport combines aspects of traditional golf with the enjoyment of throwing a Frisbee around in nature. You can create your own course in your garden or discover ones already set up in parks and other outdoor areas. The game comes with a kit which you can set up in any open space and enjoy the game.
  • Kan Jam: Kan jam is also another game which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this game each player attempts to throw their disc into the goal of the opposing player. The game is won by the first player to score 21 points. The point counts as a draw and neither player receives a point if both players’ discs are in the goal at the same moment.
  • Giant Jenga: This is a simple game of stacking giant wooden blocks one after the other to make a tower and then removing the wooden blocks one by one without making the tower topple. As the goal is to remove as many wooden blocks as possible without ruining the tower. This one is one of the top indoor outdoor games name list in India.
  • Lawn Jarts: Lawn Jarts is a popular outdoor game that you can easily bring in your RV or play in your backyard. It was highly popular in the 1980s. It entails throwing weighted metal javelins into an opponent’s target board while standing a distance away. The goal is to try to land your jart as close as you can to the target’s centre hole. In the latest kit the javelins are made with plastic which is safe for everyone to use.
  • Badminton set: A fun but also entertaining outdoor game which is beneficial for people of all ages is outdoor badminton set. It includes large shuttlecocks that are made specifically for use outside, net and metal poles. This makes it suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you play this game as family or host a tournament this game is a very good choice.
  • Capture the flag: Another traditional outdoor game that has been played for many years by players of all ages is known as capture the flag. The idea behind the game is simple in this game you divide into teams and attempt to steal the flag of the enemy team while defending your own. It is a challenging game that demands quick reflexes, strategy, and teamwork. Keep reading the article below to know more about outdoor games name for kids.
  • Cornhole: The outdoor game of cornhole has recently gained popularity, with some variations even developing into a competitive sport. In this outdoor game beanbags are thrown through openings in a high platform. This game with a set of rules and regulations which must be followed by all the players or the players can make up their own once they start playing this game.
  • Horseshoe set: Horseshoe is one of the classic outdoor games which can be enjoyed by people when they go camping or at their backyard. In this game points are scored by stacking horseshoe on a stake. The player whose horseshoe is closest to the stake gets the most point. A player can use different techniques to score points in this game.
  • Flashlight tag: Who hasn’t heard of the classic game of tag but flashlight tag comes with a twist. In this variation of tag, players “tag” one other using flashlight rather than their hands or other body parts. In order to play this game, you will need a group of people, several flashlights or portable lamps, and large open area where participants may walk around freely to play this outdoor game. Divide the group into two teams, designate a “base” that each team must go to before being “tagged,” and then begin playing!
  • Outdoor dominos: Another fun outdoor game for kids to play is outdoor dominos. A set of dominoes and a level, open area where you and your family can play are required to play outdoor dominoes. Set up the dominoes, and then aim to be the first player to get rid of all of your dominoes by pushing or flicking them over one another to knock them down.
  • Laser tag: This game is quite similar to flashlight tag. Laser tag is a fun outdoor family activity if your kids enjoy running around and shooting toy guns at one another. The classic children’s game of laser tag is just as popular today as it was few years ago. This game can be played in a group and in a large outdoor area for the maximum fun.
  • Ladder toss: If you’ve never played Ladder Toss, you’ll love competing in this simple but exciting game with friends or family. All ages of children and adults can play this easy to learn game. For this game you will need a set of ladders, two balls, and rope to play ladder throw. Then, you and your teammates take turns throwing the balls at the ladders in an effort to hit them or get them around the rungs. When someone scores the predetermined number of points, the game is over. As fascinating as it may sound, if you even check it out in the outdoor games images with names chart, you would get an idea of how amazing this game may look, let alone the enjoyment while playing it. If you want a proper and detailed outdoor games images with names chart, click here.
  • Steal the bacon: Another fun outdoor game which can be played by kids is known as steal the bacon. You can play this game by giving each player a number and dividing your group into two. For instance, each team should have a one and a two. Place your “bacon” in the center of the lines that will serve as the teams’ boundaries. Any toy of your choice, including a ball, could serve as the bacon. Each team member attempts to get the bacon and bring it back over to their side of the field when their number is called. Whoever completes this task first without being tagged wins the game.
  • Tic-tac-toe: You can play this outdoor game by making a huge Tic-Tac-Toe board using chalk. When you’re done, there should be nine empty slots. This game requires two players to play; if you have more, you can hold a fun amicable tournament. Each player is represented by an X or an O. The goal of the game is to earn three consecutive Xs or Os and then eventually locate your trio in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. 
  • Musical chairs: All you need for musical chairs is some chairs, some music, and a group of three or more children. Chairs should first be arranged in a circle. There should be one less chair than the number of people in the game. Everyone enters the circle and circles it once the music starts. The goal of the game is to sit down as soon as the music stops by taking a seat. When the music stops, anyone without a chair gets kicked out. You need to take a chair out after each round. The winner of the game is the last player standing.
  • Ghost in the graveyard: The goal of the game is for the Ghost in the Graveyard is to try and tag as many players as they can. If you see the ghost while you’re running, you yell “Ghost in the Graveyard” and try to run back to home base before you get tagged. To play Ghost in the Graveyard, set up a home base in your yard. Ask for a volunteer to be the ghost. Once you’re ready, the kids run through the yard.
  • Dodge ball: This classic game from gym class just requires a ball and a minimum of three players. The objective is to hit every member of the opposing squad with a ball in order to eliminate them all. Divide your squad into two at first 2 balls should be placed on either side of the starting line. Each team rushes to the ball as soon as the game starts in order to begin hitting players with the ball in order to eliminate them. If one of the balls you throw is caught by another player, if a ball strikes you, or if you cross the centerline, you are out. The last team standing wins. Even older children who feel too cool for lawn games have a blast participating.
  • Flag football: In order to play flag football, all you need a football and a flag belt or flag for each player. You can also use an old t-shirt, socks, or bandana. Toss a coin to determine who starts the game with a kickoff and which side they’ll defend. The object of the game is to get your ball over the line and to do so without getting your flag pulled. If you have the ball and another player pulls your flag, the ball is dead. 

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What are the benefits of outdoor games?

Outdoor games have lots of benefits such as development of sensory skills, improvement of social skills, health and physical development. Therefore, it is important to engage kids in outdoor games from an early because of all the benefits it offers.

What are some of the preferred outdoor games in India?

Some of the preferred outdoor games in India are football, hockey, kabaddi, volleyball, etc. 


I hope this article on outdoor game names and indoor outdoor games name list in India provides you with all the necessary information required and different ideas about the fun outdoor games you can plan for your kids in order to keep them engaged and to reduce the screen time. 

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