Raid Shadow Legends Tier List 2023 | Raid Shadow Legends Best Champions

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List: Raid Shadow Legends is a great strategy role-playing game which notices your champion collection while competing with monsters as well as more champions in the victory battle.

As you will collect extra Champions, you will be required to choose which ones to retain and which ones to eliminate considering that you are provided with a huge list of Champions to choose from.

Fortunately, we are here to assist you to dissipate any difficulty.

This Raid Shadow Legends tier list will help you to choose some of the exemplary champions for you.

Whether they’re rare, epic, or legendary, our list centralizes on the top best champions and will help you decide which champions you should fight with.

Understanding the game

Before we go on to look at our Raid shadow legends tier list, there are also some basic elements that you must be aware of if you’re not already.

To succeed in fighting, you first need to know about affinities in Raid: Shadow Legends.

There are a total of four affinities, each of which offers certain pros and cons.

  • Magic (Blue): Strong to the Spirit (Green), weak against the Force (Red)
  • Spirit (Green): Strong to the Force (Red), weak against the Magic (Blue)
  • Force (Red): Strong to the Magic (Blue), weak against the Spirit (Green)
  • Void (Purple): Equally strong in all the situations

Apart from affinities, the champions also play a distinct role, namely:

  • Attack – these are your DPS battalions that can damage enemies massively.
  • Defense – They buff your team and are very useful in fighting.
  • HP – These are the units of your tank. They are good for wiping off the damage from your opponents so that your assailants can freely proceed.
  • Support – They concentrate on healing and the survival of your party.

Raid Shadow Legends Tier List 2023

Raid: Shadow Legends focuses on diversification among aberration groups. In this article, we have provided distinct lists for the champions in legendary, epic, and rare raid shadow legends characters.

Having said that, let’s now look at the Raid Shadow Legends tier list.

Raid Shadow Legends tier list: Legendary

Raid Shadow Legends tier list Legendary

Raid: Shadow Legends – Legendary Champion Tier List 2023

Arbiter (Void Affinity)

Arbiter support champion is a powerful all-rounder with outstanding base statistics who revives dead allies, debuffs opponents, and buffs up allies through her fantastic pace.

Bad el-Kazar (Force Affinity)

Bad-el-Kazar can discard any debuff from your squad, buff your squad’s loss, and revive allies. It is certainly one of the most powerful support champions of the game.

Big’Un (Magic Affinity)

This champion works great for dealing with serious damage, with the chance to amaze enemies, and cause debuffs.

Dracomorph (Magic Affinity)

This champion deals with great damage as well as releases a heap of debuffs that will stack on the opponents in a high attack.

The Baleful Eye is a debuff of Dracomorph which could be the most forceful debuff capability in the whole game.

Duchess Lilitu (Spirit Affinity)

Duchess Lilitu, another support champion, remains alive for a long period with a vast volume of health.

She can operate as a protector as well as a supporter with balanced ease, with her reviving skills and squad buffs.

Krisk the Ageless (Void Affinity)

This defense champion specializes in keeping your entire squad alive in nearly every situation for a long period, with their buff and debuff choices.

Lyssandra (Spirit Affinity)

This is another amazing support champion who is always an excellent choice to disrupt your enemies while developing your turn meter.

Martyr (Spirit Affinity)

You can use Martyr confidently in all situations with incredibly great statistics in the entire game.

Her skill of Bastion of Faith that helps to buff your squad with increased defense and counterattacks is a special highlight.

Ma’Shalled – Spirit Affinity

This powerful champion of attack can quickly turn the wave of fighting by ripping off buffs from enemies along with healing capability.

Nethril – Spirit Affinity

They may not have extraordinary statistics and pace, but Nethril does shine in its distinct way of abilities.

When you lower your turn meter, Nethril can harm, stun, and poison. In nearly any mode, they are therefore exceptionally versatile on the whole.

Raglin – Void Affinity

Raglin is an amazing support champion for perfect and even use in every dungeon.

While grinding, it can heal your team for improved survival and get turns of your characters quicker.

Siphi the Lost Bride—Void Affinity

Siphi the Lost Bride harms opponents and heals the allies with even aplomb.

Being one of the quickest raid champions, you will use Siphi the Lost Bride for her striking abilities whenever you can if you get her on your squad.

Turvoid – Void Affinity

Turvoid is a champion of the attack who can buff the pace and damage while simultaneously causing damage to the enemies.

When you kill your target, you can even eliminate the cooldown from the strongest attack so that you can do even greater damage.

Valkyrie (Spirit Affinity)

Prepared to be incredibly well in defense, Valkyrie can damage the enemies constantly, so that they are quickly and effectively diminished.

Venus (Void Affinity)

Venus is outstanding in nearly every mode and any battle with its improved defense and striking speed.

She is great for Cupidus because of her Pure Partner skill with a special synergy.

Warlord (Void Affinity)

This one has an enormous bar in health and amazing defense so you can handle damage throughout the day and continue moving.

Protection of the Gods skill of Warlord is among the most significant skills in Raid: shadow legends.

Zavia (Force Affinity)

The final Champion on the legendary list comes Zavia. This champion of attack has incredible strength and can constantly poison the enemies, providing you with a key edge in fighting.

Raid: Shadow Legends – Epic Champion Tier List

Madame Serris (Void Affinity)

When you plan a grinding spot, this incredible support champion will work perfectly. They’re amazing at making enemies quite easier to tackle, because of their ability to fear foes, stealing buffs, and discarding all opponents’ buffs.

Miscreated Monster (Magic Affinity) 

Miscreated monster can keep the squad alive as it shields them to protect them and heal themselves. They’re amazing in nearly every mode with extraordinary flexibility.

Peydma (Void Affinity)

Peydma, great for grinding, can lessen opponent attack and defence while at the same time, stealing buffs. This will help them to stay alive and aid you to knock your enemies.

Sinesha (Force Affinity)

Another support champion on the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List is Sinesha who works excellent when grinding.

It can knock your enemies during the healing of your team. It is a great choice for people who need to have a competitive perimeter.

Stag Knight (Spirit Affinity)

Stag Knight support champion makes a great debuffer to help you to jump over your enemies and make them a little squishier.

Tayrel (Magic Affinity)

While Tayrel is said to be one of the defending champions, their statistics and capabilities give them considerable flexibility, enabling them to take on nearly any role.

Tayrel is a perfect all-rounder with their abilities and statistics.

Raid Shadow Legends tier list

Raid: Shadow Legends – Rare Champion Tier List

Apothecary – Magic Affinity

You will want to look for more powerful raid shadow legends best champions than rare the majority of the time, but Apothecary the one to stand out.

Top through the grinding as well as dungeons, they can help you straight away in your late game with a slight boost in your pace.

Athel (Magic Affinity)

You can choose Athel at the beginning itself as they specialise in handling destroying significant hits while they also buff their attacks.

That suggests that you will be able to tackle huge damage if you acquire all of their skills correctly. This independently makes Athel greatly workable in the late game, when properly used.

Kael (Magic Affinity)

Kael is an attack champion who can handle severe damage for entire squads. You can also use Kael for grinding where it works the best at.

He can be used right from the beginning till the end of the game with slight attention and care.

Raid Shadow Legends Champions Tier List Overview

The perfect rankings cannot be drawn, because in every specific circumstance each raid shadow legends best champions may be beneficial if you have a suitable team structure and a great set of equipment with decent statistics.

The champions of this Raid shadow legends tier list are classified according to their utility and distinguishing the champions of similar rarity.

They are also graded by how all of them synergize with different champions based on how they buff the team and debuff opponents to make the battle and victory more efficient for everyone.

It takes account of their performances in different scenarios as well.

In the end, we hope that now you have a clear idea of which raid champions you need to look out for.

This raid tier list will guide you and assist you throughout your playing journey if you use it right. Have a great time playing and winning!

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