Mobile Legends Floryn Guide 2023 | Floryn Best Build 2023

Welcome to Mobile Legends Floryn new hero guide tutorial. Floryn a good support hero, & very helpful in team fight.

Moreover, in this tutorial, you are going to learn more about

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So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Floryn Guide.

Mobile Legends Floryn Lane

Floryn is very good when he is played in Mid lane as support hero.

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Mobile Legends Floryn Skills

Passive – Dew


When floryn is in the healing fountain, she can give her passive equipment to one of her teammate.

After giving it to a teammate, you have to wait 30s to change it to a different teammates.

Mobile legends floryn

This shared item doesn’t take existing equipment slots. Your teammates can still build 6 other items. Floryn herself also has her passive equipment.

But, it has different attributes than the one she shares with teammates.

Since her passive item takes default slot, she can only build 5 other items. She can’t sell her passive equipment.

mobile legends floryn

She also have passive stacks, it will start to accumulate at constant rate from beginning of the game. Hitting enemy with skill will accelerate the accumulation.

This passive max at 1000 stacks. At max stacks, her skills and passive equipment will be enhanced.

After 1000 stacks her skill 1 range increased.

Mobile legends floryn

Skill 2 explosion radius also increase. Skill 3 removes anti lifesteal and reduction effects.

Skill 1 – Sow


This skill deals magic damage to a single target and heals Floryn and nearby allies. The healing effect can be triggered on Jungle monsters too.

If the enemy goes too far away from floryn after using this skill, then the healing effect won’t work.

Skill 2 – Sprout


This skill travels to a certain distance and explodes. If there’s target in the path it deals magic damage and explodes in the same spot.

The explosion stuns all the enemies in its radius for 1s and deals magic damage. The stun effect can be triggered on Jungle monsters.

If this skill explodes without hitting a target first, then it won’t have stun effect.

Skill 3 – Bloom


This skill heals floryn and all her teammates twice. This skill doesn’t have a range limit. Floryn can heal her teammates anywhere on the map.

While using this skill. the targets around allied heroes will take magic damage and slowed down.

Mobile Legends Floryn Best Battle Spell

Flameshot for floryn


I mainly stick with Flameshot, you can also have Flicker as an alternative option.

Mobile Legends Floryn Best Emblem Set 2023

Support Emblem

Use Support emblem on floryn. Spend talent points on Movement speed and healing effect. Use focusing mark talent it will help your allies to deal more damage to enemies.

focusing mark

Mobile Legends Floryn Best Build 2023

This is the build that i mostly use. This build has max 45% cooldown reduction.

Best Build for Floryn 2023

  1. Demon shoes
  2. Fleeting Time
  3. Enchanted Talisman
  4. Necklace of Durance
  5. Ice Queen Wand
Mobile legends Floryn Best Build
Best Build for Floryn

If you want defensive build, you can use this.

Floryn Best Build 2023 as a Defensive

  1. Demon shoes
  2. Fleeting Time
  3. Necklace of Durance
  4. Oracle
  5. Immortality
Best Build for Floryn

Mobile Legends Floryn Skill upgrade order

Skill 1 – Max First

Skill 2 – Max Last

Ultimate – upgrade whenever available

Mobile Legends Floryn Guide & Tips

At the start, right after spawning. Share your passive item to your teammate. I usually give it to jungler.

You probably will have to change this to different hero after reaching max stacks.

Then buy roam boot as your first item. Make sure you have Favor blessing.

Unlock skill 1 first if you’re going to invade, unlock skill 2 if you’re going to poke.

At early game, your main goal should be to max your passive stacks as soon as possible.

So, whenever you roam around. Use your skills on monsters/minions to increase your stacks faster.

Once you reach 1000 passive stacks, switch your shared item to a teammate with highest physical magic attack.

mobile legends floryn

To check who has highest physical magic attack, open scorecard and switch to attributes tab.

mobile legends floryn

Since the shared item scales in %, it’s most effective to give it to hero with highest attribute.

Item/Emblem effects can trigger through your ultimate damage.

Focusing mark and Necklace can help your teammates a lot even if you’re not near them.

Always keep on Eye on this spot, it will show all your teammates HP in one spot.

mobile legends floryn

You can also check mini-map, but if heroes are close. The HP indicators will overlap.

So, i prefer to look at mid screen top bar, when you see HP reducing here you can just click your ultimate.

That’s all for this guide, hope you learnt something. Pls comment any suggestion.

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