Warframe Promo Codes 2023 | Free Promo Codes, Platinum Code & Glyphs Code 2023

Warframe Promo Codes 2023: Warframe promo codes are codes that are easily redeemable for free to get access to various items and warframe glyphs to boost your game in Warframe.

In this article, we have compiled an explicit list of various active Warframe promo codes that you can use.

Redeem these warframe free promo codes right away to obtain different warframe glyphs as well as weapons for free on your PS4, PC, or Xbox One.

Normally, you can most easily receive various warframe glyphs through promotions.

Earlier, there were a vast number of warframe codes that could be accessed for free, however, now, the majority of the promotions feature a collaboration with Twitch.

Now without any further ado, let’s dive right into the list of free warframe codes.

Active Warframe Promo Codes 2023

First things first, what exactly is the warframe promo codes 2023?

A Warframe promo code is a unique code that you can use to unlock various items like weapons, warframe glyphs, and boosters in the game.

These codes generally come with an expiration date and you won’t be able to use them once they have expired.

These warframe free promo codes may also be linked to particular accounts and will work only for those accounts to which the warframe promo code was initially sent.

Active Warframe Item Codes 2023

  • Golden Hand Decoration Code – PARVOS
  • Syandana, Palette, & Affinity Booster – Code – WF-GCX-2021

Active Warframe Glyph Codes 2023

Warframe promo codes Working 2023

  1. MissFwuffy
  2. LadyTheLaddy
  3. WarframeRunway
  4. ColdScar
  5. ColdTiger
  6. CopyKavat
  7. DasterCreations
  8. FloofyDwagon
  9. KavatsSchroedinger
  10. L1feWater
  11. MHBlacky
  12. PammyJammy
  13. RagingTerror
  14. ShenZhao
  15. StudioCyen
  16. TheGamio
  17. Vamppire
  18. Voli
  19. Zarionis
  20. DNexus
  21. DayJobo
  22. Avelna
  23. CephalonSquared
  24. AeonKnight86
  25. Macho
  26. AGayGuyPlays
  27. WarframeCommunityDiscord
  28. iFlynn
  29. GermanCommunityDiscord
  30. BrazilCommunityDiscord
  31. Woxli
  32. VoidFissureBR
  33. Endotti
  34. ConclaveDiscord
  35. VoltTheHero
  36. AdmiralBahroo
  37. AshiSogiTenno
  38. Bricky
  39. Brozime
  40. Golden
  41. ElDanker
  42. VAMP6X6X6X
  43. CGsKnackie
  44. H3DSH0T
  45. MrWarframeGuy
  46. KingGothaLion
  47. FromThe70s
  48. Emovj
  49. Eduiy16
  50. DillyFrame
  51. Sn0wRC
  52. ToxickToe
  53. Sherpa
  54. Vernoc
  55. Gara
  56. AnnoyingKillah
  57. VVhiteAngel
  58. TioRamon
  59. Smoodie
  60. NoSympathyy
  61. Joriale
  62. Sapmatic
  63. ReyGanso
  64. PostiTV
  65. RebelDustyPinky
  66. DeepBlueBeard
  67. Aznitrous
  68. AngryUnicorn
  69. BlackOni
  70. BigJimID
  71. BurnBxx
  72. Bwana
  73. Char
  74. CohhCarnage
  75. DanielTheDemon
  76. Deejayknight
  77. DeuceTheGamer
  78. DimitriV2
  79. DjTechLive
  80. DKDiamantes
  81. ExtraCredits
  82. Frozenballz
  83. GrindHardSquad
  84. Homiinvocado
  85. AnjetCat
  86. MrSteelWar
  87. GlamShatterSkull
  88. MichelPostma
  89. SarahTsang
  90. JoeyZero
  91. LeyzarGamingViews
  92. LilLexi
  93. LynxAria
  94. Makarimorph
  95. MCGamerCZ
  96. AlainLove
  97. McMonkeys
  98. MikeTheBard
  99. Mogamu
  100. OriginalWickedFun
  101. ProfessorBroman
  102. Rahetalius
  103. Reddit
  104. Shul
  105. SkillUp
  106. Strippin
  107. TacticalPotato
  108. TeaWrex
  109. TotalN3wb
  110. Triburos
  111. Kr1ptonPlayer
  112. Kiwad
  113. IWoply
  114. InfoDiversao
  115. Hydroxate
  116. Elnoraeleo
  117. Rippz0r
  118. OrpheusDeluxe
  119. EmpyreanCap
  120. TioMario
  121. PokketNinja
  122. FrostyNovaPrime
  123. SerdarSari
  124. Tanchan
  125. Amprov
  126. Ikedo
  127. RainbowWaffles
  128. RoyalPrat
  129. TinBears
  130. Xenogelion
  131. TennoForever
  132. K1llerBarbie
  133. WarframeWiki
  134. FacelessBeanie
  135. Cpt_Kim
  136. Pyrah
  137. OddieOwl
  138. RustyFin
  139. RelentlessZen
  140. TrashFrame
  141. DebbySheen
  142. HotShomStories
  143. MadFury
  144. JustRLC
  145. FeelLikeAPlayer

How can I redeem Warframe Promo Codes?

It is extremely easy to warframe redeem codes and unlock warframe free glyphs.

To enter the promo code warframe in-game, you will have to navigate through the Market while staying in your Orbiter.

From there, choose the option of ‘Redeem Code’ and type in your desired codes for warframe.

Press enter, and that’s all! You will receive your new piece of item.

How can I redeem Warframe Promo Codes

It is worth mentioning that generally, these warframe free promo codes initially become active in the game just for PC players.

It may take up a few more days for new codes for warframe to become available for others.

Thus, if you are someone who plays on a console and doesn’t see a new promo code warframe working yet, have patience.

You will be able to use them as soon as your respective platform gets updated with the fresh patch of warframe promo codes.

How do you get the free sword in Warframe?

How do you get the free sword in Warframe

Method 1

To be able to get access to the free sword in warframe, you will first have to be able to access the Market.

To do so, just play through the game’s opening part. Ultimately, when you will finish off the tutorial part, you will gain access to the ship.

And right there in the front cockpit space, you will find the way to the Market.

Method 2

Another way to get access to the free sword in Warframe is to go to the official webpage and type in the promo code there.

You will see a text box on the page where you have to enter the promo code warfare to get warframe free glyphs and other items. Don’t forget to log in first.

After getting access to the warframe webpage or the ingame market, you will give to enter the promo code warframe “FREESWORD” in capital letters.

After you’re done with these steps, you will have the Heat Sword unlocked in an instant. The sword features on it, Orokin Catalyst, and looks pretty good.

It works decently for those who have just started their journey in Warframe and who would want to miss out on a free item?

Having unlocked this Heat Sword, go on and get access to the Arsenal and equip the sword on your Warframe.

Active Warframe Platinum Codes 2023

There are no warframe free platinum codes available nor can you purchase Platinum at any discounts.

The only way to access Platinum for free is by referring a friend.

When they’ll purchase some amount of Platinum for the first time, you’ll be getting 10% of the specific amount.

For discounts, the only means is your luck in Daily Tribute where you can receive discounts up to 75%.

Active Warframe Platinum Codes 2021

Having said that, be careful of scammers. A lot of people or websites may promise to give you warframe free platinum codes, however, the fact is these are all scams.

Warframe free platinum codes simply do not exist.

Make sure that you always log in through the official website of Warframe and never provide your login info to anyone who asks for it.

Active Warframe Free Codes 2023

Generally, warframe promo codes are used to unlock free glyphs. Nevertheless, many codes can be used to access a lot of other interesting stuff.

These codes may either be permanent or may come with an expiration date.

Whatever it is, you can use each of these warframe promo codes just once. They are however available on every console.

How to get Warframe promo codes?

Promo codes are usually provided to users during Devstreams.

The Digital Extremes team also sometimes shares them on Warframe’s official Twitter handle: @PlayWarframe.

Keep a lookout for warframe promo codes now and then to keep yourself updated with new events and to find more codes.

Many websites also provide warframe promo codes and promise to provide them for free at zero cost.

The most you may have to do is sign up through their websites like some gaming or gaming gear websites.

You may also consider following the Warframe forum to stay updated with the active warframe promo codes.

The following are the warframe codes that you can use to unlock warframe free glyphs.


With that, we wrap up our list of free warframe codes 2023.

All of the above-mentioned warframe promo codes are active and you can easily redeem them in Warframe to access a variety of items and free glyphs. Have fun!


Warframe where to enter promo codes?

To enter the promo codes in the game, in your Orbiter, navigate through the Market.
From there, choose the option of ‘Redeem Code’ and type in your desired promo code warframe, and enjoy the free stuff.

What is Warframe glyph?

A warframe glyph is a style icon that you can place on surfaces during different missions where it will work to show a pre-chosen picture.

These glyphs also work as icons or avatars for the players in the game.

What are Warframe glyph codes?

Warframe glyph codes are warframe promo codes that you can use to unlock free glyphs and a variety of other items.
We have mentioned a huge number of active warframe glyph codes in the article above.

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