How to play DB Super Saiyan Awaken 2022? & Working promo codes

DB Super Saiyan Awaken is the new game in the Dragon Ball game franchise that you must want to try.

This is basically a mobile game that can be played on the Android as well as an iOS device.

If you are new to the game, you will need a DB super saiyan awaken guide to exactly know what to do in the game.

A lot of gamers around the world that enjoy playing mobile games said that the skill is one of the great successes of Dragon Ball Z games for any platform in general.

The fact that there is a very good dragon Ball game for smartphones as well, is not that bad of a deal.

Along with the DB super saiyan awaken guide, you will also find some working promo codes that you can use to gain an extra advantage on the mechanics of the game.

More about the game and all the details that you need to know is given in the article below.

DB Super Saiyan Awaken 2022 Complete Guide

Anadarus Limited are game developers of this particular successor of Dragon Ball games in the smartphone.

Dragon Ball legends was a huge hit and this has the perfect potential to become as popular as that.

If you look at the game on iOS, you will find it being promoted by saying that there are thrilling battles and 3D graphics that one must experience.

Well, not all of that is wrong.

Even though the game does not let you do a lot or even play as any of the Dragon Ball characters, it does manage to give you the simulation of it.

This is a strategy game more than anything and the DB super saiyan awaken guide will give you a proper idea on how to play it.

It makes you think you are one of the Dragon ball heroes even without playing as one of them literally.

DB super saiyan awaken guide should start with letting you know that all the characters from the Dragon Ball Manga are in this game and you can use those characters.

Not necessarily play as one of them, but definitely use in a way.

There are battles that you have to be a part of, in order to progress in the game.

Many of the people that have played the game have said that this game has a very simple gameplay mechanic which is good for a smartphone.

So, a bunch of characters are available in the game out of which you have to choose your particular combination of characters that you think would be right for any particular battle.

Changing your squad is not a difficult task and you can keep on doing that and set your squad up every time before a battle.

This is way, you can try out new combinations for more difficult adversaries.

The most important thing about the DB super saiyan awaken guide is the fact that one must power up the characters in order to win battles.

That’s right and also answers to questions that may arise after reading this DB super saiyan awaken guide about the purpose of the game.

It really is to level up your squad and the characters in general.

The game becomes more exciting when you experience the amazing visuals that they promised from the very beginning.

The combat visuals are 3D and give you a feeling of homeliness if you have been a fan of Dragon Ball (whether it be Manga or the Anime).

Fans around the world have loved this game and that is for more reasons than one. 

The gameplay also requires you to go to another level in order to beat more diligent challengers.

You are supposed to build an alliance with your friends in this game which becomes very exciting.

Once you start taking up more difficult challenges, you would really reckon the power of having a good Alliance with their teams being properly leveled up as well. 

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DB Super Saiyan Awaken Codes 2022- Working

If you have been looking for DB Super Saiyan Awaken Codes, you are in the right place.

The game is not that popular yet which is why not a lot of codes are circulating around the internet forums.

The two working DB Super Saiyan Awaken Codes are:

  • DB666
  • DB777

These codes are the ones that are currently working and the way to redeem these is also easy.

Firstly, complete the tutorial that the game requires you to.

After having completed it, you will realize that you can click on any corner of the screen.

Click on “Setup” for the pop-up window to appear and then click on “other”.

This will lead you to the page where you have to redeem the DB Super Saiyan Awaken Codes.

All you have to do is fill in the code in the text box and if it is working, then you will receive a mail that will allow you to claim the rewards.


This was a completely detailed article about how to play DB Super Saiyan Awaken.

A lot of the gamers around the world do not have an idea about the game but the people that have played it have become fans immediately.

That goes to say a lot about this game.

Released around a year ago, this game gives a nice sense of friendship when you build Alliances with your friends and take on the enemies.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable game and you should try it out if you are a smartphone gaming enthusiast.

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