Working Woman Tower Defense Code List 2023

Woman Tower Defense is a very interesting, power-packed game in Roblox. All Woman Tower Defense Codes we provide are updated to the latest date and they are working active codes.

You can redeem free items as rewards from these codes right away. 

The characters in Woman Tower Defense are powerful women who team up with zombies in an apocalyptic game world to protect their own people from the hordes.

The task in this game is to build strong towers so that the swarm of enemies can be kept away.

The towers range from Rubies and Amethysts to Hybrid and Guardians. 

What are Woman Tower Defense Codes?

With the help of our Woman Tower Defense codes you can have huge stacks of cash and XP in the game, so that the fortresses you build are stronger and you can defeat the beasts.

Sometimes the codes even help you ace the solo master mode without leaking any void.

There are also Woman Tower Defense codes for gold and free towers. 

All Woman Tower Defense Codes

All the codes are working at the time we are sharing with you.

Active Woman Tower Defense Codes 2023

  • Hyakuman! – Redeem for 1K Gold & 1K XP
  • JOHN – Redeem for 750 Gold & 500 XP

Woman Tower Defense Codes Free Gold

How to Redeem All Woman Tower Defense Codes? 

  1. Go to Roblox and start the Woman Tower Defense game. 
  2. Inside the game, click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the right side of the screen. It will pop up the menu with the game’s settings. 
  3. Right at the bottom of the Settings, you will find the ‘Codes’ section. Clicking on that will open a new window to enter the promo code.
  4. Paste your code into the text box.
  5. Press Enter and enjoy the rewards.

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Tips to Win Woman Tower Defense

  1. Make sure to place the short-range towers in the right place. The position of short-range towers is important as they are the first ones that you place in the game because these are least expensive.
  2. But some of them prove to be the most powerful. To maximize the efficiency of the short-ranged towers, location is the key.
  3. Find the turning points on the game map and place these towers, it will help you fire longer and hit more targets. 
  4. Use the slowing effect as many times as you can. It will be best used if you can place them before the groups of towers to inflict massive damage. 
  5. The long-ranged towers also need the right placement. To maximize their range, it is ideal to place them in the middle of the game map.
  6. We advise you to keep upgrading the towers so that the ranges can be increased as well. This will cover a larger area of the path on which the enemies walk. 
  7. Use special towers when necessary. You can maximize the abilities of the towers at your display in many ways.
  8. For instance, if you own a slowing or ice effect tower, use them before any massive army comes to attack. Poison towers are great to kill the targets at the beginning only. 
  9. Players who are sure that they can handle self-healing enemies should not scatter their towers too much.
  10. You don’t want them to get time to regain their health level. 
  11. No matter which game it is, having knowledge about upgrades becomes very important.
  12. In tower games also upgrading the tower is a necessity to move forward but figuring out which tower is worth upgrading is a big task.
  13. Sometimes upgrading the slow tower eases the gameplay and helps your defence at a very cheap price. This will save you from upgrading an entire group of towers. 

Other Tower Defense Games to Play

Apart from Woman Tower Defense, there are other Tower Defense games you can enjoy. 

1. Bloons TD 6 

Bloons Tower Defense has been a favourite since long and TD 6 is the latest version.

To win the game you have to pop as many balloons (or Bloons) as you can by utilising the special abilities of the monkey heroes. 

2. Plants vs Zombies : Game of the Year

This game was voted No. 1 according to Steam’s Top 150 Tower Defending games. It is a simple but very addictive game.

You need to plant flowers strategically so that they can attack the group of zombies marching towards the field.

By collecting falling suns and planting sunflowers you will be able to plant more foliage to stop the zombies

3. Kingdom: Two Crowns

Playing this game will fulfill your Game of Thrones fantasy. It gives you the option to play solo or with friends.

This fantasy game is sure to keep you engaged as you have a heavy task of creating a nation to defeat the army of enemies, called The Greed, coming to attack you.

In order to defeat them and establish a stable kingdom you will have to travel throughout the map, collect gold and convince followers to join you.

4. Frontline Zed

What would you do to escape a zombie apocalypse? In Frontline Zed, players have to defend themselves from the Zombies roaming in the United States.

Everyday is a new challenge as players have to search for weapons, ammo and other supplies, keeping in mind that they have to get ready for battle at night.

When the Zombies appear at night you will have to defend yourself. 

5. OTTTD: Over the Top Tower Defense

This is a strategic game with very realistic visuals.

Players are in charge of commanding a squad of heroes travelling through trans-dimensional rifts to fight against different alien creatures.

There are 7 available classes, among which you can choose 3 to place into the battle.

As the game proceeds and your characters gain XP, they unlock new combat abilities and skills. 

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Final Word

If you are looking for new Woman Tower Defense Codes, you can follow the developers on Discord or Twitter as they often hand out freebies.

Redeeming the codes can bring Woman Tower Defense codes free gold.

You can move forward in the game smoothly.

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