Secret Tricks How to Play Hunt Royale 2022 & Promo Codes

Hunt royale is an online action RPG game that is available for Google Play Store and the App Store. The hunting grounds are supposed to be conquered and that is the main task of the game.

There are a lot of unique features that are involved in the combat you would have to face teams of similarly crafted fantasy characters.

This is often considered as an epic experience across every time you face an opponent team, they are people that you are competing against and not the computer.

As it can be guessed, you have been looking for a lot of smartphone games to play. Hunt Royale is definitely a great option.

If you do not have much idea about this game, this Hunt Royale Guide is what you exactly need.

Everything that you must know before beginning to play Hunt Royale is given in the article below.

This also includes Hunt Royale cheats and Hunt Royale Redeem code.

Hunt Royale Guide 2022

The gameplay of Hunt Royale revolves around the Battle Royale format which has hints of tower defense as well, unsurprisingly.

Whether it be the task to upgrade the characters that are available for any upcoming battle or be it the battle itself, this game provides an experience that is unmatched.

Any Hunt Royale Guide would be incomplete without mentioning the plethora of game modes that it offers; considering that it is a smartphone game.

There are 5 different game modes that you can play on your iOS device or Android device prior to downloading it from the native store given to you, as per your UI.

Most importantly, “Hunt” is a game mode that can top the list of most played game modes among the five, if there was even a survey.

What you have to do in this game mode however, is survive and manage to kill the most amount of enemies, since that is the parameter to judge the amount of rewards you get after the game.

There are game modes such as Co-Op, Bounty Hunter, Duel, Boss Hunt as well. 

Most of the Battle Royale games do not have a respawning feature which is the reason why you must keep on healing the character that you are playing as.

If the character that you were playing as is leveled up, the chances of you and your team winning are higher.

Do not worry as you are always matched with people that are at your level which makes the game play not so difficult, yet not so easy.

Hunt Royale Dungeon Guide is also what you should have an idea about.

This is basically the co-op mode where you can enjoy this game with your friends.

The task that is assigned to each team in this game is to cross as many Dungeon floors as you can and every single one of them requires you to apply different strategies and the health score assigned to any character at any particular floor varies.

Hunt Royale Dungeon Guide also must let you know that if you pick a particular fantasy character out of all the characters that are available in the game, it does not necessarily mean that the next team member cannot choose the same character for the next floor. None of that is interlinked.

Accessible by the clan room of players, this is a PVP mode that makes the game much more enjoyable as well as a task to complete.

Since this mode is difficult to access since the leader or co-leader has to spend 500 bricks in order to be able to upgrade the room, the reward that you get for completing every single floor is commendable.

Definitely something that can motivate you enough to follow the Hunt Royale Dungeon Guide and aim to excel in that game mode.

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Hunt Royale Cheats 2022: Hacks That You Must Know

Hunt Royale Cheats may be of various kinds. You can download a modded apk from the Google search engine.

The benefits that you receive from doing this are a lot of game resources that will prove beneficial for you in the near future.

However, this is not the only thing you can do in the name of cheat codes.

A Hunt Royale Redeem Code can also give you rewards that would make you feel like these are no less than cheat codes.

Hunt Royale Redeem Code Details 2022

If you have been playing this game for a long time and are now looking for Hunt Royale Redeem Code that is working currently, the list will help.

Hunt Royale redeem code 2022

  • HUNT333
  • Hunt Royale Redeem Code Reddit is also a great option that you can opt for.

Reddit is a forum where you get answers to a lot of questions and the Hunt Royale Redeem Code Reddit community also keeps you updated with any new ones.


This game is a very exciting one which immerses you in its world with a lot of combat involved.

Playing Hunt Royale is an experience as good as it gets. Enjoy the game.

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