Working Retro TDS Codes 2023

Retro TDS Codes: We have compiled the list of updated Retro TDS codes so that you don’t have to search them everywhere.

You will get all the working codes here for this Roblox tower defense game to get a much-needed head start.

With the codes, you get a decent number of Robux (Roblox’s in-game currency) so that you can build the defense easily.

The coins will help in buying reliable weapons like mini-guns and snipers to kill off the zombies marching to eat your brains out.

The concept might seem familiar, but the gameplay is very interesting. 

Working Retro TDS Codes

Active Retro TDS Codes 2023

  1. GOLDEN – Redeem this code to get Coins (NEW)
  2. FIREDUP – Redeem code for $100 in-game currency
  3. BACKONLINE – Redeem code for $100 in-game currency

What are Roblox Retro TDS Codes? 

As with any other Roblox game, the codes are free redeemable items so that your character gets several boosts and goodies in the game.

But what mainly helps are the coins that you get from these Retro TDS codes.

You can spend them in the game’s store to buy exclusive items like outfits and power-ups. 

All Retro TDS codes provide a good amount of cash so that you can keep your inventory stacked up.

The coins from our codes will help you buy essential things from the game’s store.

You can get your hands on new soldiers to strengthen your army and get the firepower ready so that you can protect your tower from the wave of undead enemies. 

So, our working Retro TDS codes are great to get you some extra coins to spend lavishly.

Otherwise, earning these coins takes a lot of grinding and you have to complete difficult quests or even spend your real money to buy Robux.

Roblox Retro TDS codes are the only way to earn coins without any effort. 

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How to Redeem Roblox Retro TDS Codes? 

The process to redeem all Retro TDS codes is very simple and identical in both PC and mobile devices. 

1. Open Roblox and go to Retro TDS

2. On the left side of the screen you will see the Shop icon. It will be just above the backpack icon. 

3. On the next window you will see a text box asking you to “Enter a code.” Paste any of the codes there. 

4. Tap on the Redeem button and you will see the coins added to your cash balance. 

Best Towers in Roblox TDS 

Our working Retro TDS codes can be used to get some of the best TDS Towers. 


You might be thinking why we need a tower that has no offensive capabilities.

But the Farm is actually a money-generating tower available at the store for 2000 coins.

This itself will not deal with any damage, however, it will help you strategically make money so that you can buy expensive towers and upgrade sooner.

When the wave starts, the Farm helps you earn money so that you can boast about obtaining expensive towers like Ranger, Turret and Accelerator, which other players get at later stages in the game. 

DJ Booth

This is another tower which is not for dealing damage but it brings a great advantage for other towers.

You get it from the store for 4000 coins. What DJ Booth does is increase the range of other towers, while playing music from its speakers.

Every tower within its range gets a boost from this at level 3+. 

It synergies extremely well with other towers that do not showcase a wide range, like Accelerator. So, it completes what other towers lack.

Remember that this tower will not be attacking any enemies and one player can have only one DJ Booth.

Be very careful when you place this tower because you should only be utilizing it when the effectiveness can be maximum. 

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Golden Cowboy

If you ever get an upgrade for Golden Cowboy from all Retro TDS codes, grab them asap.

It is one tower that provides excellent damage output. Although it lacks in fire rate, but that aspect can be overlooked.

Cowboy tower can only be unlocked on the map as it is not available in the store. When you win Badlands on Fallen Mode, the Cowboy gets unlocked. 

After reaching level 2+ Cowboy gains the power to give you supplementary money on every 5th shot. On every fourth shot, you get the Golden skin.

How much money you will get is randomly generated depending on the wave, while the minimum is always $10, the maximum depends on the wave.

At the starting of the game, the maximum money that can be earned is $60. After that, with each wave the amount of maximum money is increased by $1.

Golden Boy can be a great Tower for anyone who doesn’t want to use Farm. 


You might know the Ranger by the name Outlaw. This cliff tower has a very long range and the cost of building it is 8500 coins.

You can only get access to this tower when you reach level 15. Even though the fire rate of Ranger is low, players love it because of the high damage it causes.

As Ranger is a cliff-tower, it can easily detect flying enemies but and don’t expect it tell you where the hidden enemies are.

When you reach level 3+, Ranger gets the power to damage lead enemies

Remember that one player can place only 10 towers. If you want to reach the maximum level, Ranger can prove to be the most expensive tower, even costlier than Accelerator and Turret.

Therefore Ranger should be placed in the middle or towards the end of the game, when the difficulties get harder. 

Final Words

If you are looking for more Retro TDS codes, you can follow their social media platforms of the game, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, everywhere.

We share the codes after gathering from all the trustworthy sources.

However, limited time period and once they expire you cannot use them anymore.

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