Mobile Legends Aurora Guide 2023 | Aurora Best Build 2023

Mobile Legends Aurora is one of the best Mages in the current meta. With the new changes in her passive, it has become even more easier to have better crowd control over enemies.

Aurora is also very useful when in delaying and annoying Enemy Hyper. Her continuous freeze will delay the farm drastically and also gives your team the opportunity to have an early gank.

So without wasting your time let’s get started.

Moreover, in this tutorial, you are going to learn more about

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So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Aurora Guide 2023.

Mobile Legends Aurora Lane

Aurora is played in Middle Lane as Support for Hyper Carry.

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Mobile Legends Aurora Skills

Passive Pride of Ice

Aurora has a stack based passive which can freeze all of her enemies when the passive is active.

She gains her gains her stacks only when she uses her Skills. Each cast of the skill will give her a stack of Passive.

Aurora gains a maximum of 3 Stacks which gets reset after using the passive ability.

Mobile Legends Aurora

Aurora has 20% extra damage on any frozen target.

Skill 1 Frost Shock

Aurora shoots an Ice Missile in the designated direction.

It deals Magic Damage in Area of Effect Manner. It also slows down the enemies hit by 25% for 1.5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Aurora

When passive is active, this will freeze all the enemies hit and deal 20% extra damage.

Skill 2 Bitter Frost

Aurora will hit a specific target with her ice magic. It will slow down the target by 80% for 1.5 seconds and deal Magic Damage.

Mobile Legends Aurora

When passive is active, this will freeze only your target and deal 20% extra damage.

Ultimate Skill Cold Destruction

Aurora casts her spell and summons a giant ice meteor which can hit in the designated direction.

This skill deals Magic Damage in the Area.

It slows down the enemies in the center by 90% for 1.5 seconds and by 60% to all the enemies in the surrounding area for 1.5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Aurora

When passive is active, this will freeze all the enemies hit and deal 20% extra damage.

Mobile Legends Aurora Skill Combo

Since Aurora has an amazing Ultimate Skill which provides Crowd Control Effect to all the enemies.

This combo is very Helpful in applying continuous Crowd Control Effects which makes sure that enemies cannot escape from you.

  • Use Skill 1 to freeze maximum of the enemies.
  • Use Ultimate to deal Enhanced Damage to all the frozen enemies.
  • Use Skill 2 on the Main Damage Dealer, thus making sure that he doesn’t escape from fight and dies during the fight.
  • Your allies will secure the kills.

This way you apply a total of 2 to 3.5 second of Crowd Control Effect which makes sure that your allies can deal finishing blow.

Mobile Legends Aurora

Mobile Legends Aurora Skill Level Up Order

Skill 11357911
Skill 22610131415

Mobile Legends Aurora Best Guide 2023

Constantly use Skill 1 to Harass enemies and force them to recall.

Continuous Ganking is part of Aurora’s game style. Use Flicker to give surprise Crowd Control Effects to enemies only if you can easily escape from fight.

You can also delay enemy hyper by directly ganking their Buff. As it has become easier to activate passive.

Use bushes for your advantage. Save your Flicker to escape, as Aurora doesn’t have any dash skills.

Mobile Legends Aurora Pros and Cons


  • Can deal very high damage in late game.
  • Can Freeze all of the enemies.
  • Has continuous CC.
  • 2nd Skill and Ultimate slows down the enemies greatly.
  • Has good AoE Skill.


  • No Escape Skill.
  • Squishy.
  • Her Skill can easily avoided (Except Skill 2).

Mobile Legends Aurora Best Emblem Set

Mage Emblem is the best emblem.

  1. Agility– It increases movement speed.
  2. Observation – It increase Magic Penetration.
  3. Magic Worship – It deals continuous damage to enemy when you deal more than 7% of Enemy Hp within 5 seconds.
Phoveus emblem magic worship

Mobile Legends Aurora Battle Spells

Flicker – It allows you to dash towards a designated direction.


Flameshot – It shoots a Magic Arrow which deals higher damage with increased distance.


Mobile Legends Aurora Strong and Weak Against

Strong Against Aldous, Esmeralda, Aamon, Fanny, Hayabusa, Yu Zhong, Yi Sun-Shin.

Weak Against Lancelot, Zilong, Benedetta, Wanwan, Kagura, Guinevere, Natalia.

Mobile Legends Aurora Best Build 2023

Aurora Core Items

  1. Genius Wand – It decreases Magic Defense on enemy, and also provides Magic Penetration.
  2. Lightning Truncheon – It is the main source of Damage. It will deal Burst type of Damage and deal additional damage based on your Mana. It also deals extra damage by spreading the Magic Damage to enemies as Lightning.
  3. Holy Crystal – It will drastically increase Magic Attack which works well with the combination of Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon.
Mobile Legends Aurora

Best Build for Aurora 2023

  1. Arcane Boots – It provides Magic Penetration.
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Genius Wand
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Divine Glaive – It gives huge Magic Penetration.
Mobile Legends Aurora

Aurora Best Build 2023 As Anti Heal

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Necklace of Durance – It reduces enemy Regeneration effect, which decreases durability of many heroes.
  4. Genius Wand
  5. Lightning Truncheon
  6. Holy Crystal
Mobile Legends Aurora

Top Build for Aurora against Burst Heroes 2023

  • Arcane Boots – It provides Magic Penetration.
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Genius Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood Wings – It gives huge Magic Power and also provides shield.
Mobile Legends Aurora

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