Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build & Guide 2023

Welcome to Mobile Legends Aulus new hero guide tutorial. Aulas a late game hero & unexpected damage in late game.

Moreover, in this tutorial, you are going to learn more aulus build and emblem 2023.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other MLBB heroes like Natan, Sun, Freya, Uranus, Kaja, Hanzo, Nana, Clint, Hanabi, Badang, Alpha, Johnson, Beatrix, Argus, Zhask, Yve, Paquito, Balmond, Gatotkaca, Valir, Mobile Legends Tier List.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Aulus Guide.

Mobile Legends Aulus Lane

Aulus is very good when he is played in experience lane.

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Mobile Legends Aulus Skills

Passive – Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirit

Aulus gains a passive stack everytime he does a basic attack. Each passive stack increases his physical attack by 9 and physical Penetration by 3 for 5s.

This Passive can max stack upto 4 times. At max stacks, Aulus gains 15% Movement Speed.

After reaching max stacks, his weapon starts to glow increasing his basic attack damage to 125%. All of this passive effects can be triggered on any targets.

Skill 1 – Aulus, Charge!

Aulus, Charge!

If you press and hold this skill, Aulus Movement speed will increase by 45% for upto 4s. If you release this skill before it ends, it deals damage to surrounding enemies and slow them down.

This Skill creates a shield in front of him, this will reduce the damage received from front by 30%.

He will still take full damage if the damage is received from the side or from behind.

This damage reduction doesn’t work on True damage like turrets and Lord.

Skill 2 – The Power Of Axe

The Power Of Axe

This skill deals physical damage to all enemies in its area. After using this skill, he will gain 1 enhanced basic attack. This enhanced attacks have 140% attack speed.

If this skill hits enemy heros, Aulus will gain 2 enhanced attacks for each hero hit. This enhanced attacks can max stack upto 6 times and these attacks lasts for 5s.

This enhanced attacks also regens HP based on his total physical attack. This effect can be triggered on jungle monsters but it cannot be triggered on minions.

Skill 3 – Undying Fury

Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build & Guide 2023

This skill creates a Lava path, it deals continuous Physical damage and slows down the targets in it.

Everytime you upgrade his ultimate skill it will improve aulus abilities.

Ultimate Upgrade Benefits

Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build

Mobile Legends Aulus Battle Spell

Execute is my primarily recommended spell.


You can also use Flicker or Arrival as secondary options.


Mobile Legends Aulus Emblem 2023

Fighter Emblem for aulus

Use fighter emblem on aulus. Use the talent points on physical attacks and physical penetration.

Use Disabling strike talent slow downs will increase your attack by 30%.

Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build

Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build 2023

This is my recommended aulus build 2023. This best aulus ml build in 2023.

Best Build for Aulus 2023

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. War Axe
  3. Brute Force
  4. Corrosion Scyt.
  5. Windtalker
  6. Immortality
Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build
Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build

Mobile Legends Aulus Skill Combo 2023

Mobile Legends Aulus Best Build

Skill – 1 – Skill 2 – Basic Attacks – Skill 3

Use this combo when enemies displacement skills are on CD.

If Enemy doesn’t have dash skills, you can initiate with ultimate too.

Mobile Legends Aulus Skill Upgrade Order

  • Skill 1 – Max Last
  • Skill 2 – Unlock and Max First
  • Skill 3 – Upgrade when Available

Mobile Legends Aulus Guide & Tips

At level 1, unlock skill 2 and pick Exp lane. Aulus has comparatively low damage output early game. It’s hard to straight up 1v1 while laning.

Try to dodge enemy skills using your skill 1 and dominate your lane. If enemy laner is stronger than you, play defensive. After level 4, use ultimate to clear lane and try to push.

Use skill 2 to trigger enhanced attack and push faster. Remember, Aulus reaches his max potential only after you max his ultimate.

You will get this 1s animation when you release the skill 1 before it ends to bypass this animation, drag and cancel the skill.

While in a fight, try to save your skill 1 it will be useful later to chase or escape.

That’s all for this guide, hope you learnt something Thanks for reading.

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