Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide 2024: Strategies to Dominate the Game

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering lineup strategies in “Last Fortress: Underground,” a game where strategic planning and the right combination of heroes can mean the difference between survival and defeat.

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As of the latest update, the game has evolved, introducing new heroes and challenges that demand a fresh look at how we assemble our teams.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or a seasoned player aiming to refine your strategies, this guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into forming effective lineups that will help you dominate both in resource gathering and combat scenarios.

Understanding Lineups in Last Fortress

Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide
Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide

Lineups in “Last Fortress: Underground” are more than just a group of heroes; they are the strategic backbone of your gameplay.

A well-thought-out lineup can leverage the strengths of each hero, creating a synergy that enhances your performance in various game aspects, from resource gathering to combat.

The Role of Lineups

  • Strategic Advantage: The right lineup can exploit the weaknesses of opponents in PvP battles or optimize resource collection in non-combat scenarios.
  • Hero Synergy: Combining heroes that complement each other’s abilities and strengths leads to more effective teams. For instance, pairing a hero with high damage output with another that can apply debuffs to enemies can significantly increase your combat effectiveness.

Maximizing Hero Potential

Each hero in “Last Fortress: Underground” comes with a unique set of skills and abilities. Understanding these and how they can complement each other is key to forming an unbeatable lineup.

For example, some heroes excel at front-line defense, absorbing damage and protecting more vulnerable damage dealers, while others might specialize in healing or buffing allies.

Building Your Foundation: The Basics of Lineup Formation

Before diving into specific lineup strategies, it’s crucial to grasp the basics that will serve as the foundation for all your lineup decisions.

Hero Roles

Understanding the role of each hero (e.g., tank, damage dealer, support) and how they contribute to the lineup is fundamental. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Tanks: Heroes that absorb damage and protect the team. They’re essential for keeping your damage dealers safe.
  • Damage Dealers: Heroes that focus on dealing damage to the enemy. They can be specialized in single-target or area-of-effect (AOE) damage.
  • Supports: Heroes that provide healing, buffs, or debuffs. They can turn the tide of battle with their abilities.

Starting Tips

  • Balance is Key: A balanced team with a good mix of abilities is crucial. Ensure you have at least one tank, a couple of damage dealers, and a support to start.
  • Prioritize Upgrades: Focus on upgrading your first truck to maximize its potential early on. This means selecting a core team of heroes and investing resources into leveling them up and enhancing their skills.

Non-Combat Lineups: Maximizing Resource Efficiency

Efficient resource management is key to progressing in “Last Fortress: Underground.” Here’s how to optimize your lineups for non-combat tasks.

Last Fortress Lineup Guide 2024

Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide
Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide

A. Gathering Lineups

Resource gathering is essential, and the right lineup can significantly increase your efficiency.

Strategies for Resource Gathering:

  • Speed and Load: Two critical factors that determine your gathering efficiency. Speed dictates how quickly your heroes can collect resources, while load determines how much they can carry back. Optimize both to maximize your resource intake.
  • Hero Selection: Choose heroes with bonuses to gathering speed or load capacity. For instance, heroes with skills that increase the speed of gathering or the amount they can carry can drastically improve your efficiency in resource collection.

Optimizing Your Gathering Lineup:

Research Enhancements: Invest in research that boosts gathering speed and load capacity. This can often make a more significant difference than the individual hero abilities.

  • Efficient Gathering” research in the “Fortress Upgrades” => “World Exploration” tree (+40%).
  • All For One, One For All” research in the “Power Up” => “Faction Enhancement” tree (+20% when 4-5 heroes of the faction in the gathering lineup).
  • Efficient Gathering” research in the “Alliance Techs” => “Alliance Commemoration” tree (+20% on Alliance Duel Gathering Day).
  • A fully repaired city grants +50% gathering speed on its territory.
  • A VIP level 15 grants +22% gathering speed (lower levels grant less).
  • A Gathering Boost provides +50% buff (excluding z-coins).

Solari Heroes Gathering Speed Buffs

  • Laura Chen grants a truck that can be used for gathering and does not require heroes.
  • Grace grants a maximum of 20% gathering speed increase for z-coins (third skill).
  • Mario grants a maximum of 20% gathering speed increase for iron (second skill).
  • Pheidias grants a maximum of 20% gathering speed increase for stone (second skill).

Combat Heroes Gathering Speed Boost

  • Minutemen: Brom and Cindy (+15% each)
  • Vindicators: Matthew (+20%) and Ivan (+15%)
  • Wildlings: Dean (+15%)
  • Watchers: David (+25%) and Park Ji-Mi (+20%)

Hero Synergy: Look for heroes that offer synergistic bonuses to gathering. For example, some heroes might increase gathering speed when paired with heroes of the same faction.

Fast as a Hare” battle order can be initiated by the alliance’s R4 or leader to increase the gathering speed of all alliance members by 20% for 12 hours.

Fresh fish soop” (need Russel) provides a +5% gathering speed bonus for eight hours. Warning! It will override any active buffs for gathering speed.

The 3-star “MineshaftPolicy card provides a +20% speed boost and +5% more when fully upgraded.

Intermediate upgrades in the Season Policy tab (green World branch) provide a 1% boost. You can get up to a 14% boost by getting all these. Here, you choose between a Speed and a Load boost, so when you get one, you can’t get the other. Also, the choice cannot be reversed.

Optimizing Your Gathering Lineup Load

  • Upgrading your APC to deploy more troops per one hero (100 max. at level 20).
  • Load Optimizations” research in the “Fortress Upgrades” => “World Exploration” tree (+50%).
  • Load Optimizations I” research in the “Lineup Boost” => “Deployment Queue” trees (+20% each).
  • Load Optimizations II” research in the “Lineup Boost” => “Deployment Queue” trees (+20% each).
  • Load Enhancements” research in the “Alliance Techs” => “Alliance Commemoration” tree (+20%).
  • Alliance skill “Pack Training” grants a 25% load increase at level 12 (the previous system of passive buffs was reworked – Update 1.298.001).
  • There is a territorial buff that grants a 2% load increase.

Solari Heroes Gathering Load Buffs

  • Erica grants a maximum of 10% load buff (second skill).
  • Mario grants a maximum of 10% load buff (fourth skill).

Combat Heroes Gathering Load Buff

  • Wildlings: Irma (+20%)
  • Watchers: David (+20%)

The 3-star “Coach Reinforcement” policy card provides a +20% load boost and +5% more when fully upgraded.

Intermediate upgrades in the Season Policy tab (green World branch) provide a 1% boost. You can get up to a 14% boost by getting all these.

Here, you choose between a Speed and a Load boost, so when you get one, you can’t get the other. Also, the choice cannot be reversed.

Optimizing Your Gathering Lineups in Last Fortress: A Strategic Guide

Creating the perfect gathering lineup in “Last Fortress: Underground” is crucial for maximizing resource collection and ensuring your fortress thrives.

Here’s how to strategically assemble your teams for optimal gathering efficiency, with examples to get you started:

Pre-Research Lineup Composition

Before unlocking the “All For One, One For All” research, the composition of your gathering lineup is flexible, allowing for a mix of heroes for maximum load and speed. Consider these examples:

  • Truck One: Park Ji-Mi, David, Dean, Ivan, and Matthew
  • Truck Two: Irma, Cindy, Brom, Doris, and any other hero
  • Truck Three: Any heroes

This approach focuses on lumping together all available gathering heroes to maximize resource collection efficiency.

Post-Research Lineup Optimization

After completing the “All For One, One For All” research, optimizing your lineup based on faction synergies becomes crucial for enhanced efficiency:

  • Truck One: David, Park Ji-Mi, Dean, plus any 2 Watchers for a faction bonus.
  • Truck Two: Matthew, Ivan, Irma, Kate, plus any Vindicator for improved performance.
  • Truck Three: Brom, Cindy, Doris, plus any 2 Minutemen or 1 Minutemen and 1 hero from any faction for versatility.

This strategy leverages faction bonuses to increase gathering speed and load, significantly impacting your resource collection rates.

Additional Tips for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Incorporating Travel Speed Heroes: Adding a hero that boosts traveling speed to your second and third trucks can slightly increase efficiency. This is optional but can be beneficial for quicker resource collection.
  • Flexible Hero Replacement: Travel-speed heroes can be replaced with any other hero from the same faction, allowing for flexibility in lineup composition based on the heroes you have available.

By carefully selecting your heroes and considering their faction synergies, you can significantly enhance your gathering operations in “Last Fortress: Underground.” Whether you’re focusing on pre-research flexibility or post-research optimization, the key is to adapt your strategies to the resources and heroes at your disposal.

B. Zombie Defense Lineups

Defending against zombies requires a lineup that balances offensive power with sustainability.

Effective Zombie Defense:

  • Healer or Shielder: Including at least one healer or shielder in your lineup can significantly reduce troop losses, allowing you to take on zombies of higher CP with fewer casualties.
  • Hero Skills: Utilize heroes with specific skills that enhance zombie fighting capabilities. For example, heroes that offer bonuses against zombies or can debuff zombie defenses can be particularly effective.

Crafting the Ultimate Zombie Defense Lineup in Last Fortress

In “Last Fortress: Underground,” assembling a robust zombie defense lineup is crucial for minimizing troop losses and maximizing resource gains.

Here’s how to build an effective team to combat the undead menace, with strategic hero selections and lineup examples:

Selecting Your Core Heroes

Choosing the right heroes is the first step in forming a formidable zombie defense lineup. Consider these points:

  • Primary Healers: Jessie and Alisa are top choices due to their healing capabilities, with Park Ji-Mi as an alternative. However, Jessie and Alisa are preferred because Ji-Mi’s utility skill slightly reduces her effectiveness.
  • The Role of Healers: A healer in your lineup ensures fewer troop losses during zombie encounters, making them indispensable.
  • Legendary Addition: Including Legendary Harman can significantly enhance your lineup’s strength.

Ideal Zombie Defense Lineups

Your lineup should be strategically composed to balance offense and defense:

  • Harman + Jessie + Quinn + Your Best Two Heroes (Tank and Back Row): This setup offers a solid foundation. If hero levels are low, adding a Wildling or two Vindicators can secure a 3-hero faction buff. Kin Ogawa is a suitable choice for this purpose.
  • Alisa + Harman + Quinn + Your Best Two Heroes (Tank and Back Row): Similar to the first lineup but with Alisa as the healer. Adding two heroes from the Minutemen, Wildlings, or Vindicators factions enhances this lineup with a faction buff.
  • Alternative Without Quinn: If Quinn is not available, focus on creating the strongest possible lineup with either Jessie or Alisa as your healer.

Expanding Your Lineup

As you progress, introducing Penny and Mira into your lineup can be highly effective for cleaning up and rallying against zombies:

  • Versatility for Mopping Up: Utilizing Penny and Mira allows for efficient zombie mopping and rallying, especially useful in later game stages.
  • Dual Lineup Strategy: Post-Season 2 (S2), consider using two lineups—one with Jessie and one with Alisa—to mop up zombies simultaneously. This approach maximizes m-coin collection despite taking more time.

Additional Tips

  • Durability Management: Switch between trucks when out of durability to maintain efficiency in zombie mopping.
  • Jessie and Harman for Expeditions: The combination of Jessie and Harman is also effective for expeditions, offering a versatile option beyond zombie defense.

By following these guidelines and adjusting your lineup based on available heroes and game progress, you can create a zombie defense strategy that minimizes losses and maximizes gains, ensuring your survival and prosperity in “Last Fortress: Underground.”

Building a Zombie Defense Lineup:

  1. Balance Your Team: Ensure you have a good mix of damage dealers and defensive heroes. A common mistake is focusing too much on offense and neglecting defense or healing.
  2. Utilize Special Abilities: Some heroes have abilities specifically designed to counter zombies. Prioritizing these heroes for your zombie defense lineup can provide a significant advantage.

Mastering the Art of Siege: Building Your Destruction Heroes Lineup

In “Last Fortress: Underground,” laying siege to a city requires not just brute force but a meticulously crafted Destruction Heroes Lineup.

This lineup is specifically designed to break through the walls of neutral cities, a crucial step for expanding your territory and resources. Here’s how to optimize your Destruction Heroes Lineup for maximum impact:

Understanding Destruction Power

  • Destruction Power: This metric determines the amount of damage your lineup can inflict on a city wall. It’s a critical factor in planning your siege operations.
  • Checking Destruction Power: Access your lineup’s destruction power by navigating to your trucks or APC/garage, selecting “Lineups,” and observing the “Destructive Might” indicator.

Key Heroes for Your Destruction Lineup

Selecting the right heroes is vital for maximizing your siege capabilities:

  • Watchers: Patrick and Winston are essential for their skills that boost destruction power.
  • Vindicators: Betty brings valuable destruction abilities to the table.
  • Minutemen: Coleman’s skills are crucial for enhancing your lineup’s siege potential.
  • Skill Optimization: Aim to upgrade these heroes’ third skill to level four for optimal destruction power without overinvesting in non-essential upgrades.

Strategic Hero Selection

  • Fifth Hero Choice: Incorporate a Watcher hero if you’ve completed the “Common Hatred” research in “Faction Enhancement” for an additional boost.
  • Research Enhancements: The “Common Hatred” research provides a 10% bonus to destruction power when a faction bonus is active, requiring at least three heroes from the same faction.
  • Special Abilities: Pearson, a Solari hero, possesses a skill that can increase your lineup’s destructive might by up to 20%, making him a valuable asset for siege operations.

Execution Tips

  • Focused Attack: Deploy your Destruction Heroes Lineup specifically for attacking city walls to ensure you’re dealing the most damage possible.
  • Hero Development: Generally, avoid leveling up these heroes beyond what’s necessary for their siege role, as their primary value lies in their ability to enhance destruction power.

By carefully selecting and optimizing your heroes based on their destruction capabilities and supporting them with strategic research enhancements, you can significantly increase your effectiveness in sieges.

This focused approach allows you to efficiently breach city defenses, paving the way for conquest and expansion in “Last Fortress: Underground.”

Combat Lineups: Strategies for PvP and PvE Success

Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide
Ultimate Last Fortress Lineup Guide

Combat is where your lineup strategy is truly tested. Understanding the current meta and how to build effective combat lineups is crucial.

A. Understanding the Meta

Understanding the “meta” — the most effective strategies and hero combinations popular among players — is crucial in “Last Fortress: Underground.”

Here’s how the game’s meta evolves and how you can adapt to maximize your competitive edge:

Evolving Meta and Hero Focus

  • Early Game (S0-S3): Initially, the focus is on back-row attackers such as Kelly, Rebecca, Galande, Marlen, and Laurel. Upgrading every hero is not feasible without significant investment, leading players to prioritize specific heroes early on.
  • Mid-Game Shift (Post-S4): The meta transitions to AOE (Area of Effect) heroes like Heytex, Elaine, Benson, and Ricardo, reflecting a shift in strategy to deal with grouped enemies.
  • Late-Game Dynamics: Introduction of heroes like Casino and a shift towards shield-based strategies with Victoria, Eva, Penny, Harman, and Buri, indicating the game’s strategic depth and the importance of adapting to new meta trends.

Strategic Principles for Hero Upgrades

  • Damage Dealer Priority: Focus on upgrading your damage dealers first, ensuring they are at levels 90-100, while tanks can remain at levels 70-75.
  • Skill Upgrades: Similarly, prioritize the skills of your damage dealers to maximize their effectiveness in battle.
  • AGI Management: Agility (AGI) plays a crucial role in determining attack order and targeting:
    • Lower AGI for Tanks: Ensure at least one tank hero has lower AGI than your damage dealers to absorb hits effectively.
    • AGI Optimization: Utilize statues of honor and gear adjustments to fine-tune the AGI of your heroes, allowing for strategic positioning and targeting in combat.

Adapting to Meta Changes

  • Countermeasures: Knowing the current meta allows you to prepare counter-strategies, such as assembling lineups specifically designed to overcome popular hero combinations.
  • Flexibility in Upgrades: Be prepared to adjust your focus based on meta shifts, ensuring your lineup remains competitive across different game stages.

Key Takeaways

  • Stay Informed: Keeping abreast of the evolving meta is essential for strategic planning and effective resource allocation.
  • Strategic Upgrades: Prioritize your resources on heroes that align with the current meta, focusing on damage output and AGI management to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Adaptability: Be ready to adapt your strategies and hero focus as the game progresses and new heroes alter the competitive landscape.

By understanding and adapting to the meta in “Last Fortress: Underground,” you can strategically select and upgrade heroes to build a formidable lineup capable of facing various challenges and opponents throughout the game’s stages.

B. Backrow-Focused Damage Dealers S0 to S4

Focusing on eliminating enemy backrow heroes can be a game-changer in combat. These heroes often deal the most damage but have lower health, making them vulnerable if you can reach them.

Key Heroes:

  • Identify heroes that specialize in targeting or dealing massive damage to backrow enemies. For example, heroes with long-range attacks or abilities that bypass front-line defenses can be crucial for taking down high-value targets in the enemy’s backline.

Strategies for Backrow Targeting:

  1. Positioning: Place your backrow-focused damage dealers in positions where they can quickly target and eliminate enemy backrow heroes without exposing themselves to unnecessary danger.
  2. Protection: Ensure your frontline is strong enough to protect these valuable assets. A well-protected damage dealer can often be the key to victory.

Strategic Hero Selection for Dominating Back-Row Attacks

In “Last Fortress: Underground,” targeting and eliminating the opponent’s back-row heroes before they can decimate yours is a pivotal strategy.

This approach hinges on selecting the right heroes and forming lineups that can swiftly bypass or directly target back-row adversaries.

Here’s a breakdown of heroes across factions that excel in this strategy, along with tips for assembling your frontline defense.

Key Heroes for Back-Row Targeting

  • Minutemen:
    • Rebecca is notable for her high damage output and can be fully upgraded by the end of Season 2 (S2) with minimal investment, remaining effective in later game stages.
  • Vindicators:
    • Blanche, known for her significant damage, often plays a supporting role alongside other faction heroes or with Enrique or Ricardo for enhanced effectiveness.
    • Kate serves as an early-game option until stronger heroes are accessible.
  • Wildlings:
    • Marlen and Kaya, though Kaya’s lower damage output makes her less viable after the initial seasons.
  • Watchers:
    • The trio of Laurel, Galande (from Season 1), and Kelly forms a potent combination frequently utilized in player lineups.

Frontline Defense and Support Heroes

  • Tanks:
    • Minutemen: Bolton and Mira (from Season 3) are standout choices, with Mira being particularly recommended for her versatility in later lineups.
    • Vindicators: Enrique and Ricardo (from Season 2) offer debuffing capabilities and bonus damage, respectively.
    • Wildlings: Harman and Buri (from Season 6) provide solid tanking options, with Buri being highly recommended.
    • Watchers: Roland and Lunn, with Lunn being an exceptional non-Elite tank choice.
  • Supports:
    • Minutemen: Alisa and Mira can fulfill healing roles, enhancing your lineup’s sustainability.
    • Vindicators: Chu (from Season 6) has been noted for her effectiveness.
    • Wildlings: Jessie and Eva (from Season 6) are excellent healers, with Jessie often preferred for her superior healing capabilities.
    • Watchers: Suzuki Ren offers a valuable debuff despite being considered sub-par due to one non-combat skill.

Strategic Lineup Combinations

  • Balanced Approach: Combining 3 damage dealers with 2 tanks or incorporating a tank and support provides a well-rounded offense and defense.
  • AGI Management: Ensuring at least one tank has lower AGI than your damage dealers is crucial for drawing enemy fire and protecting your key attackers.
  • Faction Buffs: Assembling heroes from the same faction can unlock additional bonuses, enhancing your lineup’s overall effectiveness.

Seasonal Lineup Examples

  • Season 0: Focus on utilizing available heroes like Lunn, Ji-Mi, Rebecca, Kelly, and Qian Qian for a budget-friendly yet effective lineup.
  • Season 1 and Beyond: Gradually integrate heroes like Galande, Ricardo, Blanche, and Mira as you progress, tailoring your lineup to the evolving meta and the heroes you’ve developed.

By strategically selecting heroes that specialize in back-row targeting and supporting them with a robust frontline, you can create lineups that are not only effective in taking down key enemy targets but also resilient against incoming attacks.

This balanced approach to hero selection and lineup formation is essential for achieving victory in “Last Fortress: Underground.”

C. AOE (Area of Effect) Lineups Season 5+

As the game progresses, AOE damage becomes increasingly important for dealing with multiple enemies, especially in scenarios where you’re facing large groups of zombies or in PvP battles where positioning can affect multiple targets.

Building an AOE Lineup:

  • Focus on Heroes That Can Deal Damage to Several Enemies at Once: Heroes with AOE abilities can drastically improve your combat efficiency by damaging multiple enemies with a single attack. This is particularly effective against tightly packed enemy formations.
  • Synergy Is Key: Look for heroes whose abilities complement each other. For example, combining heroes that can pull enemies together with those that deal explosive AOE damage can create devastating effects.

Mastering AOE Lineups for Late-Game Domination in Last Fortress

Area of Effect (AOE) lineups, crucial for dealing damage to multiple enemies simultaneously, become increasingly vital as you progress in “Last Fortress: Underground.” While not part of the early game meta, AOE strategies gain prominence in later seasons, requiring careful planning and hero selection. Here’s how to effectively build and utilize AOE lineups for late-game success:

Transitioning to AOE Strategies

  • Early Game AOE: Initially, AOE lineups might not be viable due to the difficulty in acquiring many AOE-capable heroes.
  • Late Game Shift: By Season 4 (S4) and beyond, AOE becomes a critical strategy, especially against back-row focused damage dealers prevalent in the meta.

Key Heroes for AOE Lineups

  • Minutemen: Focus on Benson, Chihiro Fujiwara, Kobayakawa, and especially Heytex by Season 5 (S5), who becomes a pivotal AOE hero.
  • Vindicators: Enrique and Ricardo are staples in AOE strategies from Season 2 (S2), with Chu joining the ranks by Season 6 (S6).
  • Wildlings: Marlen and Elaine offer strong AOE and debuff capabilities, with Kin Ogawa and Eva further strengthening the lineup in later seasons.
  • Watchers: Laurel and Suzuki Ren provide versatility, with Macklin becoming a key player by S6.

Strategic Hero Combinations

  • Initial Combinations (S0-S1): Pairing heroes like Benson, Alisa, or Marlen with tanks such as Bolton or Harman can set a strong foundation for AOE tactics.
  • Core AOE Heroes (Post-S2): Ricardo and Elaine emerge as central figures in AOE lineups, effectively combined with heroes like Marlene, Blanche, and Betty for comprehensive damage and control.
  • Optimizing AOE Lineups (S5 and Beyond): Heytex’s introduction revolutionizes AOE strategies, with combinations like:
    • Heytex, Mira, Bolton, Benson, Elaine
    • Heytex, Mira, Benson, Ricardo, Elaine
    • Additional variations featuring Buri, Buccaneer, and Koba to adapt to specific challenges.

Building Effective AOE Teams

  • AGI Considerations: Maintain the principle of having tanks with lower AGI to ensure they absorb damage, allowing your AOE damage dealers to unleash their full potential.
  • Hero Acquisition: Prioritize saving faction cards and recruitment points to secure key AOE heroes like Heytex as you approach the later seasons.
  • Tactical Flexibility: Be ready to adjust your lineup based on the specific enemies you’re facing, leveraging the unique abilities of your AOE heroes to maximize damage and control.

By strategically assembling your AOE lineups with these heroes and principles, you can dominate the battlefield in the later stages of “Last Fortress: Underground.”

The shift towards AOE tactics requires patience and planning, but mastering these lineups ensures your success against a wide array of enemy formations and challenges.

Casino Meta Lineup Combo, Gear & APC

The introduction of Casino to “Last Fortress: Underground” significantly shifted the game’s meta, centering many strategies around his unique abilities.

Here’s how to optimize your lineup and gear to leverage Casino’s game-changing skills effectively:

Core Lineup Composition

  • Casino: The linchpin of this strategy, capable of drastically reducing enemy focus and preventing skill use in crucial rounds.
  • Essential Heroes:
    • Heytex: Your primary damage dealer, essential for his high output.
    • Buccaneer: Valued for his damage and stunning capabilities.
    • Chu: Provides healing and damage, offering tankiness beyond typical support roles.
  • Optional Additions:
    • Ricardo and Enrique: Offer additional damage or defense, respectively, with a 4-hero faction buff.
    • Mira and Benson: Enhance healing or AOE damage, with Mira affecting the faction buff balance.

Strategic Replacements

  • Roger, Blanche, and Bolton: Serve as potential substitutes for Buccaneer, Mira, or Ricardo, though they may not offer the same level of synergy or effectiveness.

Optimal Gear Selection

  • Essential Gear:
    • Super Core: Crucial for Casino, enhancing skill activation and damage mitigation.
    • Resolute: Increases Heytex’s survivability and damage potential.
    • Alpha Bless: Ideal for Ricardo or a secondary tank for added resilience.
  • Optional Gear:
    • Castle: Well-suited for Chu, complementing her damage mitigation abilities.
    • Ripper and Spike: Boost Chu’s damage or enhance Casino’s damage return capabilities, respectively.
    • Tycoon: Casino-specific gear that significantly boosts his effectiveness.

LUK and Attack Order Considerations

  • Casino: Should have the lowest LUK to ensure his skill activates at the optimal time, reducing enemy focus effectively.
  • Chu: Needs the highest LUK for early healing benefits.
  • Ricardo and Heytex: Positioned to maximize damage output based on their LUK values.
  • Buccaneer: Positioned to trigger Heytex’s rockets, requiring careful LUK management.

Positioning for Maximum Impact

  • Front Row: Adjust based on whether your strategy prioritizes damage (Ricardo) or skill timing (Casino and Heytex).
  • Back Row: Chu’s placement is critical for early healing, with flexibility for Casino based on survivability needs.

APC Selection and Configuration

  • Armed Chariot and Iron Fist: Offer builds focused on damage or defense, respectively.
  • World Protector: A defensive choice that may also enhance Heytex’s damage output.
  • Demon APC: Considered for matchups against other Casino-centric lineups, emphasizing strategic speed adjustments.

By meticulously crafting your lineup around Casino and selecting gear that complements the unique strengths of your heroes, you can dominate the battlefield with a well-executed Casino meta strategy.

Experimentation with positioning and APC configurations will further refine your approach, ensuring your lineup is optimized for the challenges of “Last Fortress: Underground.”

Victoria Meta Lineup Combo, Gear & APC

The Victoria meta emerged as a powerful counter to Buri-centric lineups in “Last Fortress: Underground,” leveraging the potential to stack shields on Victoria for increased damage output.

Here’s how to optimize your lineup around Victoria for maximum effectiveness:

Core Strategy with Victoria

  • Victoria’s Role: Central to this strategy, Victoria’s damage potential escalates with each additional shield, making her a formidable force even without direct kills.
  • Objective: Focus on stacking as many shields on Victoria as possible, enhancing her survivability and damage output.

Essential Heroes and Their Roles

  • Eva: Offers buffs, debuffs, some healing, and crucially, the ability to finish off heroes weakened by Victoria.
  • Heytex: Acts as the primary damage dealer, stepping in to finish what Victoria starts.
  • Harman: Provides essential shields and damage reduction, contributing to the faction buff.
  • Buri: Key for damage reduction and distribution, ensuring Victoria’s shields remain intact.

Gear Recommendations

  • Alpha Bless (3): Essential for Victoria, Harman, and Buri, maximizing shield effectiveness due to their higher HP.
  • Super Core: Increases skill frequency, best equipped on Eva for optimal focus management.
  • Resolute: Enhances Heytex’s survivability and post-activation damage, making him even more lethal.

Optimizing Attack Order

  • Victoria’s Priority: Ensure she attacks first to maximize damage output before her shields are compromised, requiring the highest LUK stat.
  • Subsequent Attacks: While the order of other heroes is less critical, positioning Heytex with the next highest LUK can effectively secure kills after Victoria’s assault.

Strategic Positioning

  • Front Row Adjustments: Place Harman and Buri based on the enemy’s formation, ensuring optimal shield protection and damage distribution.
  • Back Row Setup: Eva’s placement is crucial for leveraging focus gains, with Victoria’s position adjusted based on enemy Buri’s presence to avoid premature skill activation.

APC Selection for Enhanced Performance

  • World Protector: The ideal choice for this lineup, enhancing the effectiveness of Alpha Bless gear through increased VIT and HP.
  • Plunderer: A less optimal alternative, used only in the absence of World Protector.

By carefully assembling your lineup around Victoria and equipping your heroes with the right gear, you can create a shield-stacking powerhouse capable of withstanding significant damage while dishing out even more.

This strategy not only counters Buri-centric teams but also establishes a formidable defense and offense mechanism, making it a critical approach in the evolving meta of “Last Fortress: Underground.”

Example AOE Lineup:

  1. Initiator: A hero who can cluster enemies together or weaken their defenses.
  2. Main AOE Damage Dealers: Heroes with powerful AOE attacks that can capitalize on the initiator’s setup.
  3. Support: Heroes that can either buff your damage dealers or debuff enemies to increase the effectiveness of AOE attacks.

D. Faction-Based Lineups

Leveraging faction bonuses can provide your lineup with the edge needed to overcome challenging opponents.

Each faction offers unique bonuses that can enhance your heroes’ abilities when they are grouped together.

Faction Synergy:

  • Assemble Lineups Based on Faction to unlock powerful bonuses. This often involves using heroes from the same faction to activate specific buffs that enhance their collective performance.
  • Balance Within Factions: While focusing on faction bonuses, ensure your lineup remains balanced in terms of roles. Even within a single faction, you need a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and support heroes.

Example Faction-Based Lineup:

  1. Tanks and Frontline: Choose tanks from the same faction to benefit from faction-based defensive bonuses.
  2. Damage Dealers: Select damage dealers from the same faction to maximize offensive synergy.
  3. Support: Include support heroes that can heal or buff your frontline and damage dealers, ensuring they also align with the faction to maintain bonuses.

Advanced Lineup Strategies

To truly excel in “Last Fortress: Underground,” consider the following advanced strategies that go beyond basic lineup formation.

Research and Upgrades:

  • Prioritize Game Research that complements your preferred lineup strategy. This can include research paths that enhance your heroes’ damage output, defensive capabilities, or resource gathering efficiency.
  • Hero Upgrades: Focus on leveling up and enhancing the skills of your core heroes. Skill upgrades can significantly impact a hero’s effectiveness in their role.

Adapting to Meta Shifts:

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with game updates, new hero releases, and community discussions to understand how the meta is evolving.
  • Be Flexible: Be prepared to adjust your lineups and strategies as the game evolves. Flexibility is key to staying competitive.

Common Lineup Mistakes to Avoid

Even experienced players can make mistakes when forming lineups. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

Overlooking Synergy:

  • Don’t Just Focus on Individual Hero Strength; consider how heroes work together. A lineup of strong heroes without synergy can be less effective than a well-coordinated team of average heroes.

Neglecting Research:

  • Failing to Invest in Relevant Research can handicap even the strongest lineups. Make sure your research aligns with your lineup strategy to maximize effectiveness.

Additional Resources

For those looking to dive deeper into “Last Fortress: Underground” strategies, here are some resources:

  • Hero Guides and Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest hero guides and game updates to refine your strategies.
  • Community Forums and Discussions: Engage with the community to share tips, discuss strategies, and learn from experienced players.


Mastering lineup formation in “Last Fortress: Underground” is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation.

By understanding the basics, leveraging effective strategies for both combat and non-combat scenarios, and staying informed on the latest game developments, you can optimize your lineups for success.

Experiment with different combinations, learn from each battle, and don’t be afraid to adjust your strategies as you grow in the game.

Remember, the right lineup can turn the tide of battle and lead you to victory.

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