How to Twitter GIF Download In Your Smartphone & PC 2023

Twitter GIF Download: Have you been meaning to find ways for Twitter GIF download? Well, you have just hopped to the right article. 

One thing that we see the most on the Twitter app than anywhere else is their popular reaction GIFs.

Reaction GIFs are essentially the GIFs that are used for responding to other people’s texts or comments without having to type a word.

Twitter features a whole search engine for GIFs that makes it incredibly simple for the users to find exactly the right GIF at the right place and right time.

This search engine works on some pretty easy suggestions such as “Applause”, “Love”, “Disagree”, “Agree”, and much more. 

As you would know, one’s likely to come across hundreds and thousands of GIFs on all platforms that you may like.

Though, the downside here is that the process of Twitter GIF download on your phone or computer is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

If you try to download Twitter GIFs and right-click on your desktop site, you will get the option for copying the GIF link, however, that is all you are going to get through this. 

Why is it so hard to save GIF from Twitter for offline use? Is Twitter GIF download on smartphones or computers even possible?

Well, the unfortunate answer to these questions is no.

Nevertheless, you will be able to download GIF images or save them on your device in the MP4 format and use it that way.

In this article, we will enlighten you on how to save Twitter GIF images. 

Note: Readers must keep in mind that the below-mentioned methods are for animated Twitter GIF download, and do not work as an actual Twitter video downloader.

You can confirm with the written ‘GIF’ in the still image’s bottom-left corner in case it is not playing already.

Twitter GIF download for Mac

The simplest and less-complex method of Twitter GIF download works for a PC. The following are all the steps explaining how to do so: 

  • First and foremost, you must get your Mac device and head to the tweet that includes the specific GIF that you wish to save on your device. You may use the Twitter feed, comments page of a post, or directly on the reply page of a person.
  • Next, Two-finger click on the written “GIF” and then click on the option of “Copy Gif Address.”
  • Now tap on the “+” icon that you must be able to see to the right of all your currently open tabs just at the top for opening a new tab.
  • After this, you will need to head to, paste the Twitter GIF URL that you just copied in the provided box named “video URL”. Then simply click on the option to “Download”.
  • On the fresh page, two-finger click on the option of “Download Link” and tap on “Save Link As…”. 
  • You can then name your file accordingly and choose any download location of your choice. Once you are done with that, click on the “Save” button. 
  • Make sure to confirm that your Twitter GIF download was completely successful.
  • Head to and make sure that you reach the tab named “Video to GIF” and after that, on the secondary tab named “Video to GIF.
  • Tap on the “Browse” option for finding the file that you just downloaded on your device.
  • Now select the particular downloaded video here and then tap on “Open” for adding it to EZGIF.COM.
  • Hit the ‘Upload video!’ option for converting the MP4 format of your file back to its original GIF format.

You must keep in mind that when you repost your GIF to Twitter it will reconvert the specific GIF back to the hybrid format of Twitter, just like it does with all the other animated GIF files.

Note: The reason you will not be able to use EZGIF independently is primarily because of their main tab -> secondary tab webpage errors out or/and does no good at all after pasting the URL from the Twitter app.

What used to help before unfortunately does not work anymore. Hence, you will need to come back to the EZGIF tool for converting the MP4 format to the GIF format.

In case, for any reason, you are not able to have EZGIF to work on any of your devices, you don’t need to worry about it.

There are a plethora of other sites available on the internet that do the job almost as efficiently as EZGIF for converting your Twitter GIF download. Here are some of them:

  1. TWDownload
  2. DownloadTwitterVideo
  3. OnlineConverter

There are plenty more as well and you can easily find them online. 

Twitter GIF download for Windows

Best Easiest Way To Twitter GIF Download In Your Smartphone & PC 2021

Twitter GIF download for Windows is more or less the same process as Mac as it also makes use of a browser. The following are all the steps to explain how to download GIF from Twitter on Windows

  • First and foremost, you must head to any browser on your Windows device that you may wish to use, head to the official Twitter site, and search for the particular GIF that you want to save on your device.
  • Right-click on this GIF and choose the option of “Copy Gif Address.”
  • Click on the “+” icon that you must be able to see along with all the other tabs and move to a new tab. 
  • Now head to and paste the URL of the GIF that you just copied in the provided “video URL box.” Choose the option of “Download” as soon as it is ready.
  • A fresh page is now going to appear on your screen. Right-click on the option of “Download Link,” and then select “Save Link As…”
  • Give the file a decent name of your choice or you can also go with the one that is preselected by the site. After that, click on “Save.”
  • Make sure to check if your Twitter GIF download was a success.
  • Head to and make sure to first reach the “Video to GIF” tab and then the secondary tab of “Video to GIF”.
  • Click on the option of “Browse” for locating your MP4 media file that you just downloaded.
  • Next, tap on this downloaded video and click on “Open” for adding it to EZGIF.COM.
  • Click on the “Upload video!’ option for converting the MP4 back to the GIF format.

Twitter GIF download for Smartphones

Unfortunately, Twitter GIF download for your mobile devices is far more of a complex process as compared to Twitter GIF download for your computers.

The primary reason behind this is the barriers of operating systems in mobile devices. 

Nonetheless, many people are dependent on their smartphones for nearly everything, and it is no surprise that even the Twitter app offers a way better user experience when using it in the palm of your hand. 

For the below-mentioned couple of methods for Twitter GIF download, we are going to use the Twitter application for Android, together with some other tools for helping you unlock the Twitter GIF downloader on your mobile device. Let’s have a closer look: 

Easy and Simple Solution: Using The Mobile Browser

The most natural as well as the easiest solution so far for Twitter GIF download has been simply copying a particular GIF, similar to the above-mentioned method.

It is not at all hard to copy the video link within Twitter and EZGIF also offers a mobile website which makes it incredibly simple for all of you to save the desired GIF on your mobile device.

To learn more about this method, follow all the easy steps mentioned below to download Twitter GIF files to your smartphone: 

  • Start your process to download GIF from Twitter by simply locating the particular GIF. 
  • Tap on that tweet that includes the GIF. 
  • Tap on the specific GIF within this tweet for opening it in a full-screen format.
  • Click on the share option that you must be able to see right at the bottom, and then click on the option of “Copy Link.” For Android users, you are going to get a notification as soon as the link gets successfully copied on the clipboard.
  • With this copied link, head to the browser on your mobile device and go to, which offers a distinct mobile website that works just as mentioned above.
  • Paste your GIF link in the provided box, however, make sure to not tap on the “Convert” option. The issue with copying the GIF link from the share menu on Twitter is pretty obvious: the copied link is going to comprise an invite just in front of it for “checking” out the associated tweet.
  • Scroll down the link and clear everything there is before the ‘https://…’ part of the GIF link.
  • Click on the option of ‘Upload video!’.
  • Now continue to tap and hold this GIF that you just created.
  • Click on the option of ‘Save Image‘ for downloading the content directly on your device.

Another Solution: Using Dedicated Applications for iOS or/and Android

Apart from the mobile website offered by EZGIF, there are also a variety of other non-website applications that you can download and install on your Android or iOS devices for accomplishing your Twitter GIF download just as effectively.

These applications feature the ability for you to download and save the desired content on your mobile device versus downloading them through a web browser, however, it is worth mentioning that it is a much safer option to use a web browser. 

Nonetheless, there are a plethora of tested as well as approved applications available online, in case you wish to make use of a dedicated application for doing the exact job.

Ads, however, have a great role to play in these applications.

So if that’s not a concern for you and you are okay with coming across a few ads on your application, these applications should work fine for you. 

For Android

For all the Android users, the application is Tweet2GIF which undoubtedly functions in more or less the same manner as the Video-to-GIF web application by EZGIF, however, this one functions as a separate application.

One disadvantage of using this application is the low-quality GIF conversion, but otherwise, it is pretty nice overall!

All you need to do is tap on the convert option just one time for gaining access to the GIF, not converting it, and then downloading it.

Secondly, as the process works within the interface of the application, the GIFs are pretty simple for all the users to download and save than they would otherwise be.

The GIFs were saved in slightly lower quality as compared to other platforms, however, otherwise, it is certainly a reliable option. 

  • First and foremost, you must locate the GIF that you wish to download and click on it within the related tweet on the Twitter app for opening it in a full-screen format. 
  • Click on the option of ‘Share‘ that is present just at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click on “Copy Link.”
  • Now go to Google Play Store on your device and search for Tweet2GIF.
  • Click on the option to download and once it has been successfully installed on your device, simply launch the application.
  • Paste the link of the Twitter GIF that you just copied from the tweet.
  • Click on the option of ‘Download GIF‘ for saving a copy on your mobile device.

For iOS

For all the iOS users, the application is GIFwrapped, which features a pretty incredible search engine for GIF on iOS mobile devices.

It also allows the users to convert their desired Twitter GIFs into a shareable format.

  • Download GIFwrapped on your device.
  • Copy the link of the GIF on Twitter that you wish to download and paste in the feature of “Use the Clipboard” in the GIFwrapped app. 
  • Next, save this GIF to the library. 
  • Using the in-built share feature in the app, you can choose to either post as well as share this GIF to any other application on your device. 
  • As GIFwrapped makes the library available within its application, it is pretty simple to have stuff locked down and have it readily available to use. 

Twitter GIF Download In a Nutshell 

If you had been looking for answers to the question of “How to Save Twitter GIF”, we are pretty sure that all the above-mentioned methods and Twitter GIF downloader tools must have cleared your head by now.

With your new Twitter GIF downloads, you will be able to post as well as share these interesting GIFs anywhere you may wish to.

These GIFs have a crucial role to play in today’s online world and also get downloaded way faster than other media types. 

No matter what device and method you are using, it is always important to know the right ways to download GIF from Twitter.

It is a bit silly for Twitter video downloader tools to not work in the same way for GIFs, nevertheless, with the above-mentioned methods, it has now been made incredibly simple to download Twitter GIFs on a variety of devices. 

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