Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Guide 2022| Layla Best Build 2022

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Revamped Layla in the game.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Layla Passive & Skills, How to Gank? You will know Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Build 2022 & Emblems, ML Layla Best Spell

MLBB Layla Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Layla 2022 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Revamped “Layla”?

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First, let’s talk about what’s new with this revamped version. What’s New With Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Skills:

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Mobile Legends Revamped Layla 1st Skill- Malefic Bomb

Now when she hits an enemy whether a minion, jungle creep or hero her Basic Attack Range will be increased for 3 seconds along with a bonus 60% increase in Movement Speed.

Layla 1st Skill Malefic Bomb1
Mobile Legends Revamped Layla

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla 2nd Skill- Void Projectile

It’s almost the same as back then but now if she hits an enemy with it they will be applied with a Magic Mark. Attacking heroes with Magic Mark she’ll deal more damage.

Layla 2nd Skill-Void-Projectile2
Mobile Legends Revamped Layla skill 2

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Ultimate- Destruction Rush

Leveling this skill up will increase the range of her 2nd skill/Void projectile and Basic Attack, back then it was just her basic attack’s range that was enhanced.

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How to Use Layla Skills?

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Passive

Malefic Gun: Layla’s Basic Attack damage will increase depending on how far she is to her target, the farther the target the more the damage she’ll deal, damage will scale from 100% to 140%.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Passive1

Tips: Keeping your distance to the enemies will not only keep you safe from sudden gank from the enemy’s roamer and jungler but will also increase your damage because of Layla’s passive.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Skill 1

Malefic Bomb: This skill is burst type skill, Layla fires a skill shot forward that deals physical damage to enemies hit.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Skill-111

If Layla hits an enemy hero, creep or minion she will gain an additional Movement Speed of 60% that decays fast, along with that she also gains a bigger range for her basic attack.

The bonus effect only lasts 3 seconds.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Skill 2

Void Projectile: This skill is an Area of Effect skill, Layla fires an energy sphere that deals physical damage to targets hit, additionally the energy sphere will leave Magic Marks to enemies hit.

If Layla hits an enemy with Magic Mark they will be slowed by 30%  and will receive more damage.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Skill-21

Tips: It’s best to hit the enemies with this skill first before barraging them with basic attack since they will receive more damage because of the Magic Mark.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Skill 3

Destruction RushThis skill is also an Area of Effect skill, Layla fires an energy blast in a straight path in a blink of an eye. Leveling up this skill will also increase Layla’s basic attack range and 2nd Skill/Void Projectile.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Skill-31

Tips: This skill benefits from the newly added feature Camera Shift, activate it in the settings so you can see the end of this skill’s range to aim toward the targets that are far easily.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Best Builds 2022

You don’t meet the same kind of battles every match so it’s best to have multiple layla build for multiple situations.

Here are the recommended builds for ML’s Layla, but remember to have these core items ml layla best build.

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Layla Best Build 2022 – best Core item for layla

  1. Swift Boots- 710
  2. Berserker’s Fury- 2350
  3. Scarlet Phantom- 2020
MLBB-Revamped Layla Best-Builds-core-item5

Use this Layla Normal Build only when the enemies don’t have that much Crowd Control on their side.

This build deals decent attack speed and high critical rate that will melt enemies quickly in the middle quarter of the game best build layla.

Best Build for Layla 2022 – Best Build for Layla Revamp

  1. Swift Boots- 710
  2. Scarlet Phantom- 2020
  3. Windtalker- 1870
  4. Berserker’s Fury- 2350
  5. Haas’s Claws- 1810
  6. Blade of Despair- 3010
MLBB-Revamped Layla Best-Builds-normal-build6

Use this Layla Lifesteal Build when the enemy has heroes that deals great Damage Per Second layla mobile legends build 2022.

This build grants Layla a lifesteal early in the game so that she can deal damage while regaining her health against the enemy’s DPS heroes mobile legends layla build 2022.

Best Layla Build 2022 

  1. Swift Boots- 710
  2. Haas’s Claws- 1810
  3. Scarlet Phantom- 2020
  4. Berserker’s Fury- 2350
  5. Blade of Despair- 3010
  6. Twilight Armor- 2100

This is my recommendation Layla Best build High Damage 2022.

MLBB-Revamped Layla Best Builds-lifesteal-build4

Use this Layla Anti-Assassin Build when the enemy has an assassin or fighter that specializes in dashes and mobility like Ling and Lancelot the Wind of Nature item will nullify their physical damage but will still allow you to deal damage to them layla item build 2022.

Best Build for Layla Mobile Legends 2022

  1. Swift Boots- 710
  2. Berserker’s Fury- 2350
  3. Scarlet Phantom- 2020
  4. Wind of Nature- 1910
  5. Endless Battle- 2470
  6. Blade of Despair- 3010

You can use this best build of layla in the game as per required teamfight.

MLBB-Revamped Layla-Best Builds-anti-assn7

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Battle Spells

  • Flicker: Layla may have received a mobility in her 1st skill’s bonus but it’s still not considered as an escape skill which is why she needs Flicker as her spell.

Since Layla is a squishy hero she needs to have at least one blink skill that will allow her to go in and out of team fights but since she does not have any, Flicker will cover up for her lack of blink skill.

  • Inspire: This spell is only a secondary option when you have a duo teammate who will tank for you and whom you can trust to protect you from early to late game.

Layla’s basic attack that is enhanced depending on the range is her main damaging skill and because of that she needs Inspire to allow her to fire rapidly for a short time even without attack speed items.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Best Emblem Set 2022

Best Emblem for Layla 2022

Marksman Emblem– This emblem talent and combination is the best to maximize Layla’s potential in the game since it contains the attack speed and critical chance that she needs to deal massive damage layla emblem 2022.

Mobile Legends Layla-Best-Emblem-marksman8

For the first row allocate 3 points for the Fatal for an additional 3.60% critical chance and for the 2nd row allocate another 3 points for Doom for an additional 13.50% critical damage.

For the Emblem Talent Weakness Finder is the most suitable since the 90% movement speed loss and 50% attack speed loss dealt to the enemy is a great counter for the enemy Marksman that you’ll face in your lane layla emblem build.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Best Laning and Rotation

Unlike the previous season you should go straight ahead for the Gold Lane instead of going to the Red/Orange Buff because of the newly implemented Jungling and Laning update.

In this new patch only heroes with Retribution can buy Jungle Items that provides Exp and damage reduction bonus from Jungle creeps, it is recommended to have one jungling hero per team only.

The new patch also introduced the Gold and EXP lane, in the first 3:40 minutes of the game there will be a siege minions that carries extra Gold and EXP that can be obtained only if you eliminate the said minion, after 3:40 there will be no more minions that provides those bonus.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Best-Laning-and-Rotation9

Another feature added is the extra gold gained from primary towers when their shield is being damaged and you are nearby.

The gold gained depends on how much damage on the shield the tower is receiving. Around 4:00 minutes the shield will be gone if it’s not yet destroyed.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Best-Laning-and-Rotation-twr1

It is crucial to remember that EXP lane isn’t fixed on Top Lane, same goes for the Gold Lane, the EXP Lane will always be the side where the turtle will spawn.

To avoid confusion it’s best to look at the minimap early in the game to see which lane you need to go.

Mobile Legends-Revamped-Layla-Best-Laning-and-Rotation-mini-map1

That being said, Layla should proceed directly to the Gold Lane, it is recommended that she stays with a tank.

Don’t take the jungle creeps because not only it will take up too much of your time leaving your lane bonus useless it will also make your jungler have insufficient gold and exp to gank your lane and other lanes because you took their creeps.

You may be wondering why take the Gold lane not the EXP lane, well that’s because Layla is a Marksman that relies too much on item for her to deal damage.

The Gold lane will allow her to save up gold easily because of the bonus gold obtained from that lane along with the turret’s shield gold benefit.

For the 1st 3:40 minutes of the game focus on getting the gold bonus of from the minions and avoid chasing the enemies or you might ganked by their jungler.

If you managed to maintain your lane around 4:00 minutes then you probably have secured a core item already, you should now go and participate in team fights.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Guide – How to Gank?

As a marksman you are the team’s main damage dealer but you should also remember that as a marksman you are also a squishy hero with low HP so it’s best to play stealthily and seek protection from your tank or fighters.

Charging first or alone in a fight will likely result to your death so you should always let your tank or fighter to initiate the attack so they could absorb all the damage and Crowd Control the enemy while you are free-hitting the enemies from behind.

Since you are the main damage dealer you are also the main target of the enemy team because of your potential to wipe them all out in the end of a clash.

To ensure your safety stick with your tank all the time so you could last longer in team fights and to contribute to kills and support more for more items and exp.

Mobile Legends Revamped Layla Guide – Tips and Tricks

Layla’s passive states that the farther she is to the enemy as long as they are in her range they will receive more damage so it’s best to keep your distance to ensure both safety and high damage.

When using Layla’s 1st Skill you should keep in mind that when you hit an enemy either minion, hero or creep you will receive a bigger range and additonal movement speed for a short time, with this if you cannot reach an enemy shoot a nearby minion then your range will get bigger and you’ll likely be able to shoot the enemy now.

For Layla’s 2nd Skill the Magic Mark plays a huge factor, when you have applied the said Magic Mark it’s best to deal damage to the enemy as much as you can since they will receive more damage because of the Magic Mark.

Lastly for Layla’s 3rd Skill it’s best to use the Camera Shift option from settings so you could easily scope and aim towards the enemies.

You can use this skill as an opener but it’s better to use this for enemies that are running away from a team fight who usually has a low HP.

Layla Ultimate Camera-Shift-option3

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That’s all for this How to Play Mobile Legends Revamped Layla guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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