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Welcome to a New Hero Natan guide. In This post we are going to featuring Mobile Legends natan.

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So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Natan Guide.

How to Use Natan Skills?

Passive – Theory Of Everything

He has a unique basic attack, it deals magic damage to all enemies in the path and it returns to him dealing damage again.

His skills and basic attack can benefit from both physical and Magic items. Any physical lifesteal or Penetration will be converted to Magic Lifesteal and Penetration.


When Natan or his clone hits a target using skills, he will gain a passive stack which will last 5s. This passive can totally stack upto 6 times.

Each of this stack increases his attack speed by 15% and Movement speed by 7.5%. At max passive stacks, he will gain 90% Attack speed and 45% Movement speed.

Passive stacks can be gained from Monsters and Minions too.

Skill 1 – Superposition

Its a very Simple skill, it just deals magic damage to all enemies in the path.


Skill 2 – Interference!

This skill deals magic damage and push enemies back. After reaching the end it explodes and deals damage again also knocking back enemies.


This skill works on Jungle monsters and minions too.

Skill 3 – Entropy?

This Skill will create a clone of himself 8 yards away, this clone lasts for 8s. During this state, his camera view area also increases.

Mobile legends natan skills

In this state, you can use this skill again to dash towards your clone. This dash has 2s cooldown.

This clone will copy all of Natan’s Movement and skills in Reverse. Clone can go through walls.

Clone only deals 30% of Natan’s damage. The Clone’s basic attack doesn’t have a range limit. It will attack the same target Natan does.


If Natan goes too far away from clone, the clone will disappear. The link between clone and Natan will turn red when you’re too far away.

Mobile Legends Natan Battle Spells 2023


Natan has very low escaping ability. So, in my opinion, Flicker is the best spell for him.



Natan passive makes it easier to farm early game. So, using him as a Hyper is also a decent option.


Mobile Legends Natan Best Emblem Set 2023

Use Marksman Emblem on Natan

Use the Talent points on Critical chance and Critical damage.

Use Weakness Finder Talent it increase Movement and Attack speed like his passive.

Weakness Finder

Mobile Legends Natan Skill Combo

Use Skill 3 first then use skill 2 then use skill 1 & basic attack.

natan skill combo

Note– Use Ultimate dash only if necessary.

Mobile Legends Natan Skill upgrade order

  1. Skill 1 – Unlock & Max First
  2. Skill 2 – Max Last
  3. Skill 3 – Upgrade whenever available

Mobile Legends Natan Best Build 2023

I recommend using full physical on him. Because, his basic attack and skills scales highly on physical attack.

Natan Best Build 2023

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. Scarlet Phantom
  3. Berserker’s Fury
  4. Wind of Nature
  5. Malefic Roar
  6. Immortality
natan best build
Natan Best Build 2023

Mobile Legends Natan Guide & Tips

At level 1, unlock skill 1 and pick gold lane. When using skill 1, make sure it hits maximum targets as possible to increase your passive stacks.

If you’re Hyper and taking red buff, hit both monsters with your skill 1 instead of just 1.

While jungling or clearing mionions, don’t use your skill 1 and skill 2 away after using a skill wait at least 3s before using next skill.

This way you can preserve you passive stacks. While laning try to always stay on max passive stacks, even if you got ganked you can escape with high movement speed.

While pushing use ultimate to push faster, place the ultimate where you expect enemies so that you will have extra vision.

You can also use ultimate to check bushes or to check Lord/Turtle from a safe distance.

Since Natan’s basic attack is Magic damage, Wind of nature can’t stop him. But he can use it against other MM’s.

During fights, make sure both skills land on targets. Max passive stacks is important for his damage output.

At early game, stay away from Assassins. At late game, they won’t be a problem if you use combo’s correctly.

That’s all for this Mobile legends Natan guide, Hope you learnt something from this article.

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